Wednesday, August 1, 2012

~Memorable Road Trips ~ Part 1~

Well, folks I've been planning my next "Road Trip"! They are always packed with lots of stuff to see,lots of food to eat, and loads of fun.It is no secret that my favorite form of transportation is _"The Train". I love trains!As a Hospital/Medical Sales Rep.,I grew tired of feeling like just another sardine jammed packed on an airplane _jittery about the takeoffs,in-flight turbulence and the landings...were always a "Charmin Tissue Moment",indeed! Although,I will fly on occasion_for Road Trips_it's the Train,Baby! My dream trip is from London to Venice,then to Tuscany....I'm gonna make that happen on this beauty_The Motherload" of all trains..."The Orient Express"_
                                                           "The Orient Express"

This is the first post _the first of several_on my Memorable "Road Trips" .This one was with a friend that flew from DFW to Nashua,NH in June go trekking with me!This will be a classic Over-the-Road Driving Trek! My husband and I were moving back to Texas in August 2001.The agenda was jammed all aboard for this ride!

Pam & Harriet's 2001 Adventure
Tea,Tour and Lecturer (Isabella Stewart Gardner Impersonator) at The Beauport Sleeper-McCann House in Gloucester,Ma. Here's my Road Buddies_
                                     That's me in Blue Hat,"Impersonator" & Harriet

Ann,Harriet,and Danielle_Ann & Danielle are two more friends that joined us from NH.for Tea.

This was one of my favorites rooms _"The Golden Step Dining Room"_windows open to Gloucester Harbor,check out this 8 ft ship model on a Chinese funeral table with grinning dragons.Take a Photographic Tour here_

After driving across Massasschuetts from Gloucester into Connecticut,finally reached my dear friend
John Harney of Harney & Sons Teas.

He was right we got lost in Salisbury,Ct...seems I passed his home twice! We had a lovely Dinner around the table with his family,conversations galore,hugs & more hugs,John teaching me how to eat an Apple New England -Style,his lovely wife making a most wonderful pot of Verbena Tisane,and  my favorite guest room ready for slumber!John made us breakfast next morning ,and we're off to visit his facility.Note** John became my Mentor for the Tea business I started in 1994_"Let's Talk Tea"..we've been friends since!

                                                    Pam, John Harney at Tea Shoppe  

                                        Harriet,John Harney in backyard of....

                                            John's Family 1800's Home..simply beautiful

 Headquarters of Harney & Sons_(photo taken on another trip in Fall 2006) 

After a delightful morning,we headed off to Lenox ,Ma with a few stops in between.Our first stop

New Canaan,Connecticut_good thing I was driving my truck_found a whole bunch of "must have stuff",including a 1940's Sleigh bed w/ back board beading stamped with Rhode Island makers mark!Whoa!...RI was known in the early history of America for it's furniture making.."An Antiques Roadshow Moment"!

From there we headed to our next stop_"The Norman Rockwell Museum" in beautiful picture perfect Stockbridge,Ma. Strolled through admiring his work and visited his cottage where he painted_with things as he left them.
                                           Norman Rockwell Museum,Stockbridge,Ma.

                                              Norman Rockwell's Painting Cottage

Next on our agenda_a place I've visited four times_"The Mount",Lenox,Ma..My first tour during initial stages of restoration of this most beautiful home of  "MY ALL TIME FAVORITE" author,Edith Wharton!

I've read just about all of her written word and other books about her!Think...Age of Innocence,The House of Mirth,Ethan Frome,The Custom of the Country,Old New York,The Buccaneer's,In Morocco,The Decoration of Houses.....LOVE her writings! We toured _yet_ again!They had a display of "The House of Mirth" clothing on third floor which had just been restored.After the tour & "The Mount" brand tea_we walked the grounds in AWE!..saying..."we are not worthy to be in such a beautiful place_let's ask if we can stay"....

                                          The Mount home of Edith Wharton

With much screaming& hollering  over having to leave_we headed to our next night's rest.The Knoll Bed and Breakfast Inn,Northampton,Ma.It is a spectacular 1910_12 room Tudor designed home in Florence,a suburb of Northampton.Ma.We did a driving tour of the area colleges, Smith, Amherst,Mt.Holyoke,U of Mass. & Hampshire_never seen so many college students in my life!!! We called it an evening....really,really tired!

                                                     The Knoll Bed & Breakfast Inn

                    Breakfast was lovely next morning in the Dining Room_pleasant stay!

So,we're headed North_but decided to pop in on Historic Deerfield & Yankee Candle.

                                                   Historic Deerfield Village

                                                    Yankee Candlemaking Museum

Continuing on_driving the highways and byways of the beautiful state of Vermont,passing through Brattleboro (one of the towns in my Medical Sales Territory),on to Dublin,NH_just had to pop in my favorite place to visit my friend Linda_"Yankee Magazine"...

                                                                 Yankee Magazine

                                      My friend Linda hard at work_Yankee Magazine

Finally,back to Nashua,NH! What a wonderful Road Trip. It seems as if it were yesterday.Until next time...plan a Road Trip or two....

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page".
                                 ~ St.Augustine~


Maricia Johns said...

Before I started to read, I took my time to look at the wonderful, beautiful pictures. I will have my bags packed for your dream trip.

Maricia Johns said...

Before I started to read I had to look at the wonderful pictures. I'm packing for my dream trip, just keep me posted.

The SageBook Whisperer said...

Soror,be sure to take the "Photographic Tour of Beauport Sleeper-McCann Home".Looking across the Gloucester Harbor while having tea with friends was an unbelievable moment in time!Pack your bags,let's go on my dream trip!