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Memorable Road Trip~Part 3: "A White-Knuckle Ride to the Top of Mt.Washington(6288ft.)"

Another Road Trip! My husband and I would open the big "Rand McNally Road Atlas"(map book) to New Hampshire,close our eyes and point to a spot on the map.Wherever it landed,that's where we'd go with a picnic basket full of goodies and a big thermos of Tea_we were good to go most weekends. We pre-planned our trips with a "To Do~To See List".This trip was a two-day let's get started!

Day 1
We're headed to the highest point in New Hampshire_Mt Washington(6288ft.) in the White Mountain National Forest! I-93 North takes us to our first stop_
WOW!!!"The Old Man of the Mountain", nicknamed the Great Stone Face or Profile, was located in Franconia Notch State Park. Discovered in 1805, the rocks that made up the profile collapsed on May 3, 2003.The Profile was a natural rock formation that was formed by a series of geologic happenings that began an estimated 200 million years ago. It hovered majestically 1,200 feet above Profile Lake. The Old Man was made of five separate granite ledges arranged horizontally to form a man’s profile. From chin to forehead, the Profile measured about 40 feet and was 25 feet wide.On May 3, 2003, the Old Man of the Mountain collapsed during the night hours....:-(!


Kangamangus Highway_that's a cool name,is the main traffic mover & there was alot of traffic.Franconia Notch State Park allows you to travel through dense wooded areas. I kept looking for the "Last of the Mohican's".I can see why early Landscape Painters chose this area as well..beautiful!

Entering the Landing area for the drive to Mt.Washington_I'm thinking_we need to change drivers! I was NOT about to drive to 6228 ft.!!!Glad we bought jackets because little did we Texans know that it was gonna be cold at the top plus breathing would be a little difficult.Anyway,the Ranger gave us the cassette to listen to for the drive up_AND told us to be sure to rest your Brakes at each stop point!I'm like ,what the what is he talking about!  Here's the Entry Point_
That's the mountain top behind us....After coming to the first Brake Rest_I looked up at Mt.Washington..the cars headed that way looked like tiny toy cars! That's when the "White-Knuckle Syndrome" set in.Time for John to drive_big mistake_he had a little to much fun with his Texas Cowboy antics_saying getty-up,yee-haw, we drive up a road big enough for one small toy car!He said,"I've never,ever seen you speechless"..I really wanted to hurt him!
You will notice,John has a jacket +cap on now.This is where it became difficult to breath.

That's the "Cog Train" bringing in a new group of visitors! This train has alot of smoke & the Engine pushes the train (from behind) to the 6228ft destination!Now,I love a train ride but_I'll pass on this one!
Check this record out_as you can see I've put another sweater on,a jacket,I even had my gloves_the Sun was shining bright_but it was cold! 231 miles per hour wind (1934) and I think they have broken the record since 2000 when we visited.

This lady and I struck up a conversation_we found out that we shared May 17th as our birthday!Awesome at the Top!

You could see Boston,parts of  NH & Maine...Hell the World!John's all buttoned up_I'm being brave for the photo.We visited the Museum inside the Visitors Center,did a little shopping,stood at the top of the area designated as "The Summit"_then headed back down...Amazing! I love this postcard of the "Resident Cat" in Winter_
Link with a Web Cam_real time here:

Next stop,The Flume.So,John wants to take the Tram to get a better view...I was like NO!!! I'll shop,check out the Museum at the Flume and get my "Sensibilities "back after "The Drive".He took the Tram_

..he was so excited about the view! Don't know if I could have survived another "White-Knuckle Moment"separated by only a couple hours! I took on the "Visitors Center"_

The Van took us to our next location_"The Flume".WOW,we were in for an adventure...never heard of a flume,never saw one,etc.We crossed the bridge and I'm checking out the Emergency Exits_a habit from being on many flights!

The Walk-About of a lifetime begins_here's a couple of pictures but the video will blow you away.The vision of that walk,the peace,the serenity,picking up the tiniest pine cones I'd ever seen,the mist,the magic_is a memory that lingers today in my mind and soul!

                             I captured this picture while walking through this magical place.

                           This video dated 10/2010 captures the sound very good.
We called it a day...headed to the hotel...what a day!

Day 2
Headed South_stopped in N.Conway briefly to shop at the Outlet Mall,continuing on to Center Conway,taking Hwy 113 to Chocorua,West Ossipee and Tamworth. Around one curb,we had a WOW Moment_a cottage home flying the Texas Lone Star Flag.We stopped at a Nursery & picked up loose White Birch Bark for a Craft Project.

Time to stop in Tamworth to visit Dr.Remick's Farm and Museum which sits in a valley_so you're able to get a good view of The Ossipee Mountains.Dr.Remick's Farm was great to explore_seeing some of the early instruments used for surgery & office visits_trust me_"we've come along way,baby"!Loved all the Antiques_even a drum from the American Revolutionary War was on display.

Here's a link:
Afterwards,we drove through White Lake State Park_a very secluded park,met a couple walking their dogs_surreal moment.

Heading out,we took Hwy 109 to Lake Winnipesaukee,aka "The Lakes "areas.First stop was The Old Country Store and Museum in Moultonboro.Fell in love with this place_especially the fellow that greeted you at the entrance.

And the Goodies...

And the museum..

Traveled next to Center Harbour and Holderness.We were in search of the place they filmed "On Golden Pond"(1981).When visiting Holderness,NH one can take a boat tour of Squam Lake and view the filming sites from the movie.There is also a restaurant called "Walter's Basin," which is named after the trout called "Walter" that Billy catches with Norman.

Squam lake was a very serene area_but,it was time to head back.We were so close to "Castle In the Clouds"...maybe next time!


Yet,another great "Memorable Road Trip"....there's more to come in August.Until next time..

~Here's Travelin' with You~
                        The Sage Book Whisperer

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