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Memorable Road Trip~Part 4:SeaCoast of NH & Maine~

Greetings Readers! Dedicating August to sharing some of my most "Memorable Road Trips" has stirred my Memory Bank.I shall continue to do so throughout the year. Today we shall visit the Historic Seaport of Portsmouth ,NH,travel to Cape Elizabeth for the Portland Head Lighthouse,shop until we drop at the Freeport Maine Outlet Village and visit another Uncle & Aunt in Boothbay Harbor,Maine.The Strawberry Banke Museum was visited at a separate time_but I decided to group them together since they're in the same area...Enjoy!

Part 1
Arriving in Portsmouth,NH beware there's a "traffic circle"(round & round we go)_ that may take some clever maneuvering to get out of...I panicked! Conquered my fears when my husband said_just drive like a Texan_yee-haw! So we made it out of the circle,checked out many of the "Historical Homes", i.e., John Paul Jones,Moffatt-Ladd Home,Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion & Gov.John Langdon to name a few.Finally,arriving at our destination "Strawberry Banke Museum". The first three photos depict the Summer_we were there in the Fall!More info at:

I fell in love with this "Garden Seat"_told my husband to figure the blueprint out plus the "Colonial Garden Gates"_not shown here.I want this.He paints,builds stuff...creative man,he can figure this out
I'm sure.
  That's me standing in the front in white blouse....why was my husband so far away?

The Port area....
John takes a look-see at the Portsmouth Naval Yard across the water...on a very crispy morning!

Native Americans(Abenaki & Algonquain) nations inhabited the territory of coastal New Hampshire for thousands of years before European contact.The first known European to explore and write about the area was Martin Pring in 1603.The village was settled by English immigrants in 1630 and named Piscataqua, after the Abenaki name for the river. Then the village was called Strawberry Banke after the many wild strawberries growing beside the Piscataqua River_a tidal estuary with a swift current.   Fishing,lumber and shipbuilding were principal businesses of the region. With Kitterry,Me nearby,home of the Portsmouth Naval husband had a warm feeling being all ex-Navy!

I first learned of this area via Black Historian Valeria Cunningham after a spot on her Radio Show in Concord,NH. She lives in Portsmouth,NH. Enslaved Africans were imported as early as 1645 and were an integral part of building the city's prosperity.Portsmouth was part of the "Triangle Trade" that made significant profits from slavery.She is co-author of a great book_below_I'm still in contact with her,lovely lady,read about her recent Honor...

Lovely day spent in Portsmouth_topped it of with some Fish & Chips at a local eatery.

Part 2
My husband promised me when we left Texas at the end of May 2000 that we would celebrate my birthday with a delayed "Birthday Picnic" at The Portland Head Lighthouse,Cape Elizabeth,Me_upon arrival in Nashua,NH! He did not disappoint.I guess he'd heard for sometime about my love of lighthouses and this one in particular! So,in June we decided to make a run up to Maine for a picnic at the lighthouse,a shopping spree & visit his Uncle & Aunt nearby in Boothbay Harbour,Maine.So here's the trip....The drive up as I remember it was so beautiful! We had tea sandwiches,tea sweet treats and a large thermos of my favorite_"Texas Breakfast Tea"_my own brand for my business,"Let's Talk Tea".Here's some photos and the webpage_check out the live Web Cam_

The Portland Head Lighthouse_construction started in 1787 completed in 1791.Located at the entrance of the shipping channel into Casco Bay,an inlet to the Gulf of Maine.
I'm checking out the Original Fresnel lens(1855)_they used Whale Oil lamps prior to the lens.

Standing on the walkway watching the white caps roll in and out!

Sorry,that's my thumb....

Found John on the grounds after getting lost in time in the Museum & Museum Shoppe.He was ready to go!Sorry,Buddy.

One last look see......

This was so cool_I about lost my mind,I wanted to stay,never'd have to drag me away screaming and kicking_but John manage to change my mind by saying _let's go shopping....I gathered my composure,walked to the car and said "let's roll"! Whenever I feel the need to escape,I watch my collection of Lighthouses of America DVDs...I heart lighthouses.

Next stop L L Bean Outlet in Freeport,Maine. By this time we already had a couple pairs of Bean Boots_love them_still wear them,but Wow!_the Outlet was amazing!

Freeport,Maine_formerly a shipbuilding town was transformed into a shoe manufacturing town when Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912 started a shoe company in his brother's basement creating a mail-order business and the World Famous "Bean Boot"( a waterproof boot).Now,the whole town of Freeport is an Outlet. Living there must seem like a hugh outdoor shopping mall with some 140 shops,i.e.Talbot's ,Jones of NY,Coach,Polo,L L Bean(anchor),etc.. restaurants,specialty food shops and my favorite_"Wicked Whoopies" home of the whoopie pie..delicious! Although my husband was NOT excited about a $5_one scoop of Ben & Jerry's Ice cream...he talked about that price all the way back to Nashua!

Could NOT resist "Claire Murray's "shop.I love the creative genius in her items_especially the hand hooked rugs_here's an example_
A hand hooked Botanical Round rug

Lacecap Hydrangea Hand Hooked Rug

Nantucket Needle Work Pillow..
Home Accessories ,Handbags,Pillows,Place mats,etc...Visit her shop online here:

I reckon' we were "plumb tuckered out"! That's Texian Talk for exhausted.We managed to get our energy going again after a nice meal of Lobster Roll Sandwiches & chips and a little Chocolate for dessert.A tiny amount of Tea was left_we filled our mugs and headed for John's folks place.What a beautiful estate_walk out onto the patio to a body of water! Boothbay Harbor is located on a peninsula in the Gulf of Maine part of the Atlantic Ocean.His Uncle & Aunt settled there after WWII_he was a Retired Lt.Commander Navy Officer.

A view of the Harbour near downtown area.

Well,that makes for a couple of enjoyable trips along the Seacoast of New Hampshire and Maine! I so love New Hampshire,my second home state. I will continue to share "Memorable Road Trips" throughout the year.Hope "Your August 2012" was a Good one.......

See you on Friday.....Namaste,~The Sage Book Whisperer~

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