Friday, September 7, 2018

How I Spent MY Summer of 2018_"On the Trail of Spies, Colluders,Offshore Banking,Espionage Russian -Style".


An EPIC Summer of....
Suspense,Intrigue,Trickery,Art of the Deal(aka lies),Frame-ups, Conspiracy theories,Collusion,War of Words,etc..! 

NOPE,I'm not talking about the Headline News.All from the writings of "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold...John le Carre'.

John le Carre',aka_David John Moore Cornwell.
An British Author..Extraordinaire! During the 1950's and 1960's, he worked for both the Security Service and the Secret Intelligence service in the UK.His third novel,The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1963) became an international best-seller and remains one of his best-known works. Following the success of this novel, he left MI6 to become a full-time Author. 

In his novels you're getting a glimpse into an occupation that begs to meme present day Headlines.

I chose these books for Summer 2018:

1. Absolute Friends 
                           "Absolute Friends"is almost autobiographical. 

John Le Carre' was an agent of the Cold War Espionage team UK.

International espionage that spans the lives of two friends from the not-torn West Berlin of the 1960s to the grimy looking-glass of Cold War Europe to the present day of terrorism and uncertain new alliances that aren't always what they seem to be. 

2. Single & Single 
This is a story of corrupt liaisons between criminal elements in the new Russian states and the world of legitimate finance in the West. an intimate portrait of two families: one Russian, the other English; one trading illicit goods, the other laundering the profits; one betrayed by a son-in-law, the other betrayed, and redeemed, by a son. Carre' knows this territory better than anyone else as he lived it in Real Time as a agent. 

3.Our Kind of Traitor  

Not only did I read this book by I purchased the movie.EXCELLENT. 

Big-Time Money Launderer_Dima_ is ready to rat out the Russian Criminal Brotherhood.compatriots and expose CORRUPTION throughout the so called legitimate financial and Political Worlds. 

4.The Constant Gardener 

Yet another movie by the same title I purchased.Vaguely based upon a story that played out in Nigeria

Tells the story of Justin Quayle, a British diplomat whose activist wife is murdered. Believing there is something behind the murder, he seeks to uncover the truth and finds an "International" conspiracy of corrupt Bureaucracy and Pharmaceutical money.A brutal & unfortunate look into how Pharmaceutical Corporations use poor people in Africa as guinea pigs for Drugs that are NOT approved for Human use & the profits by the Shareholders & Executives made thereof. 

Here are the remaining Books to be read.It will finish out this web of  "BIG LIES & SPIES"!

5.The Tailor of Panama 
Panama—the young country of 2.5 million souls which, on December 31, 1999, will gain full control of the Panama Canal—is a Casablanca without heroes, a hotbed of drugs, laundered money and corruption.For what is a tailor for, if not to disguise reality with appearance? What is truth if not the plaything of the artist? And what are spies and politicians and journalists if not themselves selectors and manipulators of the truth for their own ends?

6.The Night Manager 

The movie was GREAT! Now for the read.

Espionage novel published in 1993. Le Carre' first post-Cold War novel, detailing an undercover operation to bring down a major international arms dealer.It is an unholy alliance operation between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade.  

7.A Legacy of Spies 

This is his latest published in September 2017.Intelligence operations that were once the toast of secret London, and involved such characters as Alec Leamas, Jim Prideaux, George Smiley and Peter Guillam himself, are to be scrutinized by a generation with no memory of the Cold War and no patience with its justifications. Summer of 2018 has given me an insight to the real workings behind many of the "Headline News"stories of today. I like the fact it's written by someone who in fact was part of the Secret Service of the UK. I can't imagine that he does NOT have knowledge of some of the twist and turns of these Criminals that have perpetrated these scenarios again & again_continuing the traditions today.

What began as 
                    A Dossier  

With many,many....

And always money under the table....

Offshore accounts and..


Undercover Operatives with "Fake"Intel...

ENDS up with this....

More importantly.... until COMPLETION of Reading & Investigating....I am in a STATE OF DOWNLOADING...

Sunday, April 8, 2018


A Confession by The Sage Book Whisperer

I've been thinking about this for some time. I decided to come clean about my Secret Affair.It began very innocently_don't they all. I admired them from a distant_not wanting to get close_for I knew I'd give in to the lure of Love.Yes,LURE,something that tempts or attracts with promise of pleasure or reward. I knew in my Heart that this would be a....

For years I'd instructed the Universe to pay $130,000 per year to keep them quiet.I never signed the Confidentially Agreement....NOT binding,Right? I had been "colluding" for many years with others.My European Connection was through Germany.My German Friends visited in 2016 and caught me in the act.....they wanted to join in this affair as well. So,I sent them "SEED" money and a Dossier of a timeline...I'd been exposed! They deposited my SEED money & Dossier in  a safe on one of their trips Offshore.This is "suppose"to be the most secretive way for safe keeping and Future Investments. They are filed in said "OFFSHORE" Country under Dossier "BLAUBONNETS".

I was intercepted by my Husband _Special Counsel,John Mac-KILT-US_who found out what was going on while he tended his MAC-Cact-Us one I was BUSTED! 
~John Mac-Kilt-Us standing by his Mac-Cact-Us & Mac-Ant-Us Beds~

The Legend of my Affair was Secret no more! For years I'd secretly "grabbed" them by the stem,smelled them,kissed them_they never seemed to mind. BUT_never did I lay with them. I knew better because there could be SNAKES leaking information. They have never failed me even through "STORMY" Texas weather. NOW, the Storm clouds are rolling in...,I might have to change to Orange is the New Blue. 
Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Wildflowers 

Texas Bluebonnets & Maroon Bluebonnets.Yes they come in that color also! 

There you have it,I'm in LOVE with "Lupinus Subcarnosus" aka Texas Bluebonnets!The State Flower of Texas as designated in 1901.Bluebonnets are not just the state flower _Texas has also designated an official Bluebonnet Tartan Bluebonnet City & Trail in (Ennis ,Texas)Bluebonnet Festival in Chappell  Hill,Texas and  a Bluebonnet Flower Song. 

To my surprise and delight...the Bluebonnet has YET another History.The Bluebonnet was a woolen hat dating back to the 15th Century.It was the customary working wear of Scottish Laborers and Farmers.During the 18th Century the Bonnet was,to outsiders,the most readily identifiable Scottish piece of clothing.The Tartan would occupy this role in the following centuries. It was associated with the Scottish Lowlands where it was sometimes called the "scone cap". 

The Jacobite rising of 1745 or 'The '45' ."The Year of Charles") refers to the attempt by Charles Edward Stuart , also known as "Bonnie Prince Charlie" or "the Young Pretender" to regain the British throne for the House of Stuart. It was the last of a series of rebellions that began in 1689 with further revolts in 1708, 1715 and 1719. 

"45" LOST BATTLE TO TAKE OVER THE Poetic for #45 Today....Ye Ole Pretender.

                    Bluebonnets in Scotland 
More information on Scotland's Bluebonnet 
can be found here: 

My Story has been told.I'm feeling pretty good to get that off my chest.However,I continue to photograph My Dearest Bluebonnets Daily.The BACKGROUND photo & the other two photos came from my File of Bluebonnet.What started as a couple seeds about 3 years ago...has taken ROOT_here at Aaron's Hilltop Farm.Here's a few others...


Monday, March 12, 2018

Growing up Deep in the Heart of East Texas:"The 1910 Slocum Massacre" Series #3

Grant's Colony in Huntsville,Texas is South on Texas Hwy. 19 about 48 miles_lets traveled back to Crockett.From Crockett,Texas traveling on Texas Hwy.19 North just 24 miles is a small town called Slocum,Texas.

In My to speak! An Act of Genocide in East Texas. 

{There are several theories as to what motivated the massacre. According to an account in the Semi-Weekly Courier Times of Tyler, the incident was attributed to a dispute between black businessman Marsh Holley — father of Lusk and Alex Holley — and a white farmer over an unpaid debt. Marsh’s father, Jack Holley, owned several hundred acres of land and sold goods from his store to both black and white customers. He was among those who escaped the violence, leaving behind all he’d worked for. 
         Jack Holley lost his son—and everything he owned—in the massacre.

Another account involved Jim Spurger, a white man alleged to have instigated the event because he reportedly didn’t want to take orders from a black boss on a road maintenance crew. Some said the killings were simply a land grab, as they believed white residents begrudged the prosperity of their black neighbors. 

Another theory, according to newspaper reports, claimed white residents believed black people were planning an attack against them. “The third and the most serious reason which is believed to be directly responsible for the tragedies is the seemingly baseless and unfounded wild reports and rumors which gained currency and which were magnified as they were repeated from mouth to mouth,” read The Dallas Morning News on August 1, 1910. “These were to the effect that the Negroes were preparing to rise and kill all of the white people.” } Source: TIMELINE MAGAZINE Editor: Coshandra  Dillard  

Then as now it was spun by_NEWSPAPERS_across the States _& deemed a Violent Race War, a Race Riot....OTHER than what it really was_"AN UNPROVOKED MASSACRE BY THE WHITE COMMUNITY ON THE BLACK RESIDENTS."
Inaccurately, the Associated Press story reported that 200 black men were arming and more bloodshed was expected. According to the report printed on newspapers front pages across Texas – the armed Negroes were “intent on cleaning out the entire white population.” WRONG!

When this drew NATIONAL attention,a group of Ministers in Washington,D.C. pleaded with President Taft to do something about the violent acts of Whites against Blacks. 

The "MOB KILLINGS" went on for several days until the Texas Rangers stepped in to preserve Law & Order. The details of what happened are very disturbing.All of it was based on lies that the African-Americans in that community had created a mob to kill White people. It was just a matter of Southern White principal and racial hierarchy that the White mobs committed acts of genocide on the Black community. 

The murders of eight men were reported. However, many others were killed in back woods,etc...and never accounted for. Eleven White men were arrested. The Grand Jury indicted seven men. The case was moved to Harris County but were never PROSECUTED...."PURE EVIL". All known victims were unarmed and most were shot in the back;no whites were injured.

Slocum resident Henry Rogers recalls what he knows of the massacre that threatened to rid his town of its black residents more than a century ago. (Ron T. Ennis/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT via Getty Images)....

Of course,this HISTORY in Texas and America has been "SWEEP UNDER THE RUG"...(To conceal something in the hopes it won't be discovered by others). More than one hundred years after the slaughter, the incident was detailed in E.R. Bills’ 2014 book, The 1910 Slocum Massacre: An Act of Genocide in East Texas.  

This  book is an excellent source of what happened in the...1910 Slocum Massacre. The Bibliography is very resourceful for further study. Many may find this event unimportant in the History of Racism in Texas and America. I find it very disturbing_especially when I grew up next door to another Generation of Holley's.They were relatives of Jack Holly whose photo is shown above. It is painful to know that in 2018 certain people and their Press sources repeatedly spin the "Black Lives Matter Movement" as a Hate Mob.Just as the group of men lied about the MOB status of the African-Americans in Slocum!

PURPOSE OF BLM....Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. BLM regularly holds protests speaking out against police killings of black people, and broader issues such as racial profiling,police brutality,and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system.THAT IS THE MEANING OF BLM . 

Slocum,Texas...Act of Genocide in East Texas...24 miles from Crockett_Deep in the Heart of East Texas....