Friday, August 24, 2012

This Week's~"ErMahgerd Moments"~

Hope you had a great week! I was as they say in East "Hog Heaven" on Tuesday 8/21/12.Why???

That's correct_it was 68 degrees,cloudy & raining_in AUGUST in TEXAS! Holy Crap!What did we do to deserve this. Thank You Weather Gods! MOVIE DAY for the Kid! Netflix had just sent my selection of  the "Catherine Cookson Collection DVDs.Popcorn & snacks(check),Wine(check),Water(check must get my 8 glasses a day & some),phone off(check) we go!

Setting is 19th Century England,rural Northumberland area,rainy,cloudy...I GOT WASTED ON MOVIES_Marathon!

ErMG!...A Politically Correct Calendar of  "Normal" Texas Weather...

ErMG!...Contrast my "Movie Day" to a great idea to end the Summer of 2012 for the Kids! I love the Drive-In movies! How about this Backyard Drive-In? Or do something a little different_(seating-wise,maybe ,maybe not)_ for an Adult Movie Drive-In!

ErMG!..Imagine my surprise!I'm headed to Paso Robles,California via Amtrak in October for a "Wine Country Tour". There's a new person in Paso.I will find him...
              "The Paso Robles Wine Man"

As in my most favorite person...


Speaking of Wine..just about everyday around 6:30 pm my friend and I have what I named_"A Wine-Side Chat"_she's on the patio by her pool_it's Summer_I'm inside chilling under the AC.She sent this to me this week...tooo funny!


ErMG!...My BFF Joan of (Mad Men)_aka Christina Hendricks was spotted strolling Beverly Hills Monday in jeans and frayed jean blouse_BUT_on her arm a $23,980 Silver & Black Tote by "Isabella Farbod Barsum"...
Mmm,did Joan buy it or was it a gift OR a RENTAL? How would you spend $23,980? A couple more $ she could have purchased Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen's "The Row Backpack" tote/purse for $39,000.....Really? I need to start making purses yesterday!

Yet another costly little number showed up at a Downtown store in Syndey,Australia _photo compliments of my friend Zig who lives...DownUnder for the past 8 years!
Now that's what you call  an "Outback Kanga-Vu"! What's your guess on the price tag? Mine...a GAZILLION Dollars +TAX...unless I can get an offshore deal on the tax thingie..seems to be the way to go these days!

ErMG!...Saw these two photos of beautiful young girls_they left me BREATHLESS...the eyes have it!

ErMG!... Fall is in the air!Time to think of Fall Projects,here's a couple that are awesome...
Pumpkins + spray paint +crayon + a candle= Fun Time!

Lovely!Many places this could enhance.Only thing is I love Corn Candy_it's a special Fall treat for this might not last long..just sayin'.

I find this a darling idea for the Fall_this yellow or bright orange color would spell~ FALL~ my favorite time of the year!

ErMG!...A beautiful work of Art...
Indeed,a Trompe L'oeil beauty...I love this Art form.My husband painted my Farm Kitchen Pantry door to look like a cupboard_even with a teabag hanging from the cup and a written journal open for reading....I heart him!                 

ErMG!..Finished the week off with another good movie ! Matthew "Home Grown Uvalde,Texas"McConaughey was awesome in this role. You need to see this,it's an edge of the seat kinda movie! The title might make you think "Abe Lincoln"gentle LawyerMan_nay,it's the ride,baby! No office for this dude.He does "Bizness" from the Lincoln C. while this song by Bobby "Blue" Bland plays in the background.."Ain't No Love In The City".

Until next Time...keep smiling!
Much Love & Peace~The Sage Book Whisperer

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