Monday, January 30, 2012

Gardens of the World w/Audrey Hepburn

Do you admire beautiful gardens? What kind of plants/trees grow in your Garden? Have you ever seen a canopy of Tree Orchids fluttering in the wind;A Tulip Tree(origin Africa)_most beautiful flowering tree in the World(to me);Birds of Paradise;heard of a Crown Imperial Tulip that smells like a skunk's perfume; Or the virus that causes different Tulip colors;And that Tulip mania (1636-1637) cause the first economic/speculative bubble ever recorded _similar to the America's Wall Street Crash of 1929 for the Dutch?

Folks, pour yourself a glass of Pinot Noir or your choice of beverage,put your feet up and travel around the World with Audrey Hepburn. Audrey explores the many types of Gardens,the History and Evolution of Gardens,unique plants & trees from all over the World...right in your Living Room! If you love beautiful Gardens purchase this pleasure on Amazon..there's a link_all 330 minutes,3-DVDs and a special documentary on the "Audrey Hepburn Tulip"dedication ceremony at Keukenhof,Netherlands(her family home).For purposes of this Blog,I'll just list the different kinds of Gardens and show some pictures of my favorites_although they were all pretty spectacular! Gardens_Roses & Rose Gardens,Formal Gardens,Country Gardens,Public Gardens & Trees,Flower Gardens,Tropical Gardens,Japanese Gardens,Tulips and Spring Bulbs.

             Alhambra Spain_only intact Islamic Pleasure Garden
           Alhambra Doorways from one Garden Room to another
                                     Alhambra Commons
                            Giverny Claude Monet Gardens

                              Tulips and Bulbs at Keukenhof,Netherlands
   George Washington's Mt Vernon,Herbs,Flowers,Veggies  and Trees
                              Mt.Vernon's Boxwood Garden
                           Giardino di Ninfa ,Italy
                               Rose Rooms of Alhambra_Spain
                     Saiho Ji Japan_beautiful Moss Garden_no flowers
                             Tintinhull House England
                          Audrey Hepburn Tulip

                    Dedication Ceremony for Audrey Hepburn Tulip

And last but not less..I loved the Tree section_Audrey recited this Poem by Henry Cuyler Bunner:
What does he plant who plants a tree?He plants a friend of sun and sky;He plants the flag of breezes free;The shaft of beauty, towering high.He plants a home to heaven anigh For song and mother-croon of bird In hushed and happy twilight heard_The treble of heaven's harmony_These things he plants who plants a tree.

When was the last time you walked through a beautiful Garden?

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