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I'm In A Viking ~Christmas~ State Of Mind.......

Yes,that is correct! I have exactly 5 weeks to plan a "Scandinavian Christmas Party"for our 12th Annual Christmas Around the World party.We'll be able to add another stamp to our Passport Party Book! We have had many_but not all are included on this Blog.I'm working on sharing others to post soon. Here's a look & see:

Today_"MORE"memorable moments at the"Russian Zakuska Christmas" 2010. The names have been changed(my friends) to protect the innocent ones! I blame it on the "Vodka Tasting"!

The Menu~

A Zakusha , is a Russian term for hot and cold hors d'oeuvres, snacks, appetizers served before meals.Usually presented buffet style, it often consists of cured  meats and fish,various pickled vegetables such as beets, cucumbers,hard cheeses, caviar and breads. I added several other items that research showed would be served at such an affair.

My Zakusha Buffet~

Appetizers: Fish: Sardine Pate,Tomato w/minty Sardines,Herring canapés. Meats: Deli Turkey & Kobe Beef. Pickled Veggies:Beets,Okra.Mixed, "DRUNKEN VODKA TOMATOES",Cornichons & Apricot Canapes. Hot: Potato Pancakes w/chives & sour cream and "BORSCHT SOUP".

Salads:Texas Caviar,Russian Sauerkraut,Hermitage Slaw,Deviled "Jilly P " Eggs.
Entrees: Beef Stroganoff & Cabbage Rolls_Helga taking photos!

Lemon Vodka Cake,Ameretto Cake,Balena,Mandola & Pfeffer-Nusse Cookies served on Amber Dishes.
Beverages: Vodka Tasting, Sparkling Juice and Russian Caravan Tea

~Many thanks to the ladies for bringing their favorite Russian
dishes to the Russian table~

The Vodka Tasting~

There were 12 different Vodka's _they were all "TASTED"! I chose to literally have a dropper full in my mini-Russian tea glass shown on the left. I am NOT a fan of Vodka...I Love RED Wine! Tastings like this become HILARIOUS at some point. 

I invited the Regional Mgr.from Candoni Wines to conduct a Wine Tasting for my birthday party themed "Under The Tuscan Sun"(2011). I'm gathering those photos to Blog about later! Don't miss it! My friend Jilly P. was in charge of the Vodka Tasting,because..."I Know Nothing,Nothing" as the Luftwaffe prison-camp guard Beloved Sgt.Schultz (Hogan's Heroes)_often said when asked a question. 
                             Russian Caravan Tea in Russian Tea Glass & Holder
The Décor~ My intent was to create an "ambience"of 
the "Russian Tea Room". 


Other Décor~

The Names Are Changed To Protect The Innocents~ we all had Russian female names & chose to dress in a Russian Style. Oksana,
Natasha,Helga,Ekaterina,Raina & my aka Sasha! Each name had a meaning_can you figure out Raina "The African Queen"? 

We listened to Russian Music_& being Christmas time we sang Carols! BUT...the cream De La Crème was the singing of
"From Russia With Love"...that I dare NOT place that video on this blog _which included a creative dance by Raina which we all agreed represented the Afro-Russian Bolshoi Ballet Company! Did NOT sound like this....

BTW...Before the party got started Oksana & Sasha decided to pose...I'm dressed as a Russian Sailor.

And Oksana & Natasha (Boris Badenov of Rocky and Bullwinkle ) _his sidekick!

What a Wonderful Time we had at my rendition of "A Russian Zakusha Christmas Party"(2010)!

Our Watch Cat Guard...My Hank "The Cowcat"

Next stop,Scandinavia(Denmark,Norway & with
 an emphasis on Sweden~Peace Out!!!

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