Tuesday, November 26, 2013

~ Don't Eat or Drink Toooo Much Turkey"~

                       Hi Y'all !From_Aaron's Hilltop Farm, North Central Texas!
In East Texas, Folks always said around this time of the year..."Don't Eat or Drink to much Turkey"! Being a kid, I never knew exactly what that meant but it was sure catchy! Fast-forward to Adulthood....now I know. I can buy into the Eat part tradition....

Eat now...pay later! But,I've come to disagree with that 'stuff yourself" mentality during the "Open Eating Season"_November through January!

And,I have Never,Ever bought into this "Drink Turkey" Thingies...

VS....Eat Turkey...
                                 ~ Turkey Dudes on the hunt for Dudettes ~

I have come to the conclusion that "A
Being Thankful Binge" suits me to a "T".

No longer can I hum the tune...
Over the hill and through the woods
To Grandmother’s house we go.

The new song...."Over the freeway & through the TRAFFIC, I'll go to my Sister's Home this year for the Thanksgiving Feast"! I have already informed her that I will NOT be overindulging in buttery, sugary, saturated-y fatty, etc..."stuff" & no yesteryear's of "Second Helpings".This has been my new "Mantra" since the Summer....& it works! 

Eat small amounts of the foods you love, Pace yourself,slow down & Drink plenty of water!!!

Here's hoping "YOU" count "YOUR BLESSINGS",enjoy your Family, Don't eat or drink too much Turkey, & have some fun on the first feasting of the...



XOXO, The Sage Book Whisperer.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Scared the Shitacky outta me when I saw this on the news 11-13-2013!

Yes,indeedy_imagine driving down the street,road,etc..and this puppy is just above your head! They are called "Roll Clouds".Need I say more....

So,let me do some explaining.According to folks that know this kinda stuff_A Roll cloud is a kind of Arcus Cloud_which is a low, horizontal cloud formation. Roll clouds and shelf clouds are the two types of Arcus clouds. A Shelf cloud is usually associated with the leading edge of  a thunderstorm outflow _while_ Roll clouds are usually formed by outflows of cold air from sea breezes or cold fronts in the absence of thunderstorms.

Here's a shelf cloud with a thunderstorm....

It is my understanding that a Roll Cloud is a low,horizontal,tube -shaped, and relatively "RARE" type of Arcus Cloud.They differ from shelf clouds by being completely detached from other cloud features. Roll clouds usually appear to be "rolling" about a horizontal axis. They are a solitary wave called a "SOLITON", which is a wave that has a single crest and moves without changing speed or shape. One of the most famous frequent occurrences is the Morning Glory Cloud in Queensland, Australia which can occur up to four out of ten days in October!  Yes!,that's 4 days out of 10...I'd be on the next flight out of "The Queens-Land"! Here's a look-see taken from an airplane......

A "Morning Glory" cloud is a "Roll Cloud" that can be up to 620 miles long, up to 1.2 miles high, often only 330 to 660 feet above the ground and can move at speeds up to 37 miles per hour. Sometimes there is only one cloud, sometimes there are up to eight consecutive roll clouds....Do you have that visual, yet?

The Morning Glory is often accompanied by sudden wind squalls, intense low-level wind shear, a rapid increase in the vertical displacement of air parcels, and a sharp pressure jump at the surface. In the front of the cloud, there is strong vertical motion that transports air up through the cloud and creates the rolling appearance, while the air in the middle and rear of the cloud becomes turbulent and sinks.

So,I'm thankful we didn't have "The Motherlode of Roll Clouds"_nevertheless_I'm sure folks in the East Texas towns of Tyler,Longview,etc..(my home base BTW)_had a "WT? Moment"_when they saw this...

On November 4th in Canyon,Texas miles, miles away from East Texas_ yet another Roll Cloud.Wanna hear what it sounds like ?

Todd Mask captured it on video, describing the cloud as "rolling like an ocean wave" and "like a horiztonal vortex.

All this Roll Cloud business_got me to thinking /humming  a TV Show theme song from my childhood..."Rawhide"...just sayin'

More importantly_First Canyon,Texas_Now East Texas_"Is Texas primed for adding this "Rare Roll Cloud" event to it's LIST of Scary Weather  conditions"? I will.....

Just in case, I need to stock up on "Charmin' Tissue"...

For ...

Guess I'll Roll outta here...Happy Friday!

Friday, November 8, 2013

"ABC's Future ~SCANDAL EPISODE"~...The Pope Goes to RE-HAB!

Am I the only one that "GETS" this concept? Every Thursday Night my phone, chores,
computer stuff, basically my Life is put on
"Texas Hold em" from 8-9 pm Central time
as "ABC's Scandal & Ms.Pope take over my
Universe! What I'm beginning to notice is_this
continuous concept that for everything Good or Bad, a Large Glass of Wine_OR_a Bottle of Wine is the "Panacea for all Ills" ...as I sip this wonderful_

& listen to the Soundtrack of the movie "The
Stone Merchant"...

... & type this Blog post..it will be short!!!!

Last night,I guess I was more aware of Ms.Pope's Wine Bottle & Wine Glass size with
the news of her off screen Preggers(congrats!)to her. Now I know all that is TV_has to be GRAPE JUICE, Right? Anyway...seems when  there's a problem or a happy moment we see....

The eyes say it all...there's lots of buzz about this on the net as well. BECAUSE_ it's NOT only Ms.Pope _but WOW_they can throw down on booze...Mellie,Capt.Jake,Cyrus,Quinn,Harrison,
_And President Fitz will "Sip a Tumbler of Whiskey" in a minute! Huck's already in Re-Hab_ "Hi,My name is Huck, I've been sober for 2 seconds! Scandal is NOW called "The Premier Drinking Game Show".

Then there's "Let Me Count The Ways Ms. Pope Drinks & Why"...all dressed in white mind you_

Soooooooo,here's the scoop on Wine Bottle Sizes_

Mmmmm,I think this glass is "The Pope's" size! Or this...

                   "The Pope's Wine Glass"

...And ,RARELY this_

WHAT? A cup of Joe....."Get the Rope"_there
needs to be a HANGIN"!

If you must know...here's some Wine Bottle sizes information:

Let Me Count The Ways to drink_


Heart Wine Glasses...w/Veins & Arteries...

I'm of the "Persuasion" that this TV Show gives one a reason to tie one on! Alcoholics in the Making.... I do like this show BUT NOT for that reason_just good writing and acting!

Well, the music is on the last cut, guess it's time to fill my second glass of Cabernet...

....Happpppy Friday ! Remember Your ABC's



Monday, November 4, 2013

~I'm Feelin' Mighty Salty...>.< !

How could something so beautiful and tasty be so bad for you?

Southwest Bolivia,world’s largest salt flats sit atop a vast pool of brine on the Salar de Uyuni.

Salt!  "Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? "

So,I had my annual checkup with my new DOC 
_she reminded me that "EVERYTHING" we eat has salt & I should have no more than 1500 mg per day...that's a Hamburger & Fries_which is a treat  every six month's for me! But, that does NOT matter since any food consumption in today's world leads to far to much SALT. I've been ASSAULTED...

                                             "Salt Flats in Bolivia"

"Our appetite for salt and the meanings we attach to it have linked the ages. Salt literally gives us life, and reminds us of the origins of all life in the primordial sea. It has motivated the pious, the warlike, the superstitious and the revolutionary. It has shaped history and inspired storytellers, artists and cooks. It is a commodity, a "cure" and a medium for artistic carving. Although it is essential to many modern industrial processes, the basic methods of producing salt haven't changed for centuries — boil, evaporate, mine."

"The human body contains about four ounces of salt. Without enough of it, muscles won't contract, blood won't circulate, food won't digest, the heart won't beat. But scientists disagree over how much is too much. For years many researchers have claimed that salt threatens public health by contributing to high blood pressure. Recently, though, other researchers have begun to rehabilitate salt's reputation, claiming there's no reason for doctors to recommend reducing sodium intake for people with normal blood pressure. In fact, doctors at one hospital have discovered that a treatment for chronic fatigue includes salt supplements and plenty of pickles and other salty foods."


I've always watched in awe of people like Martha Stewart & Other Chefs_add salt & more salt when cooking_WHY?_when there's already enough salt in the food. I never add salt when cooking,or after cooking & always look at the number of mgs per serving of Salt,wash canned foods....BUT I guess I'm going to have to dig a little deeper. The Culprit for sure is...

I'm a Texan, I Love Chips & Salsa alone or served with...

..+Rice & Beans & a bottle of Hot Sauce on the side! Guess all the chips & salsa stuck around in my system when the Doc took my Blood Pressure _to say the least the top number was high! So, I got a scolding from my new Russian Female Doc...Love her!
                                        Nope!Not Snow..Salt Flat in Bolivia   

Salt is LIFE, acts as a food preservative,flavors foods,etc. Humans have been preoccupied with it since the beginning of recorded history.Obtaining salt either politically or militarily,has influenced the histories of countries in Asia,Africa,Europe,South America and the Middle East.Indeed, salt was used as a form of currency and had greater value than gold in some ancient societies. Even religious and magical significance has been attributed to this mineral.

                                         "Hawaiian Sea Salt from the Alaea Sea"

                                            "Indian Black Salt or Kala Namak"

                                               "Coarse Salt aka Sali Grosso"
Sodium exists in many foods that are commonly consumed in Western diets including processed sandwich meats, cheese, canned vegetables, pickled foods, salty snacks, and soft drinks. Other sources of sodium are not as well recognized: condiments, sauces, baking soda, baking powder, and bread. In restaurant foods, fast-food meals, and Chinese cuisine the sodium levels can be very high. It is in fresh and frozen Veggies and fruits but to a lesser degree. My favorite "Processed Food"_"Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar Chips"...What's a girl to do?
                                                        "Smoked Sea Salt" 

                                                             "Fleur de Sel"
BEWARE of these other salts under the names of_ potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium nitrate, sodium benzoate, and sodium acetate_ added to foods during commercial processing!!!!!

Which brings this point to consider:
" High dietary sodium intake (1) overloads the kidneys' capacity to excrete sodium and results in fluid retention, (2) increases endocrine gland secretion (3) inhibits cell membrane function, (4) increases the sodium concentration inside cells and calcium levels in the smooth muscles that encircle blood vessels,which (5) subsequently increases the resistance to blood flow and blood pressure...results in HYPERTENSION." 


 SALT..."What's a Girl To do?"

Like I said...I'm Feelin' Mighty Salty >.<!