Friday, September 28, 2012

~This Week's~ErMG! Moments~

ErMG!_I am Outraged over this week's controversy...


Global Bacon Shortage 'Unavoidable' Next Year 2013, Says U.K.'s National Pig Association

                                                         ~Bacon StarBurst~

By Friday..9/28_

There Will Be "No" Bacon Shortage

British trade association press release sent the Internet "BACON LOVERS"into a senseless panic!

I dare they send me into such a New York,Texas Bacon State of Mind!Do they not know...has no one told the World...I Love Bacon,ET Phone Home as there will be BloodShed over Bacon Shortages!!!!!!
Now,this is serious folks_I became addicted to Bacon at an early Dad's fault_hey,gotta blame someone_but it's true.In the Piney Woods of East Texas_my Dad would buy several packages per week of this 1/2 to 3/4 inch of Cracked Pepper Bacon with a crispy rind when fried for our enjoyment!

                                       Crispy Pork Rinds with Tabasco...yum!
We'd take road trips to Center,Texas at a Roadhouse Stand just for this Bacon!Everywhere you'd drive...back roads,main roads,highways,Interstate_there was always a "Smokehouse with Bacon".

                                    "Bacon HolyLand"

Do Not Mess with an East Texan and their Bacon! Now,I liked the sides grits & eggs(which I hate eggs now),waffles or pancakes or BLT Dagwoods,Bacon cooked in veggies,Pork rinds w/ Tabasco,just plain slices of Bacon,Bacon & Mustard Sandwich,Bacon on Salad,Baked Potato & Bacon...You Get it Bacon Goes with everything!As a kid ,I was in for the ride_just
"Start Me Up".....

As time went on_and especially after starting my career in Medical/Hospital Sales_I learned there's such a Damn thing called Cholesterol,High Blood Pressure,Heart Problems,etc..
So,I had to Change My Evil Ways....
About 10 years ago,I successfully completed a Self-Imposed  "12 Step Bacon De-Programming"! I did NOT totally give up Bacon_but narrowed it down to twice a year.
March _for St.Pat's Day Party_Bacon goes well with Colcannon (an Irish tradition).And,my husband's Irish & likes Colcannon with Bacon!As a matter of fact I Blogged about "Bacon Get Me Bodied" in March.Read about it here:
During Christmas Holidays,I'll eat Bacon.Yep,been doing that for 10 years...I'm good with that! Haven't even been tempted to taste some of the outrageous things that Bacon shows up in:
                                                Bacon Candied Martini
                                                    Edible Bacon Roses
                                   Bacon Chocolate Turtles...will try one day!
                                         Dark & Milk Chocolate Covered Bacon
                                   Burger King's Bacon Sundae
                                       Bacon Ice Cream Sandwiches
                                                      Bacon Pie

            Bacon Cupcakes..I might be tempted if the filling is Red Velvet..just sayin..

                                         My favorite Bacon of all times_Irish Back Bacon

                                         Bacon Salad Cups...I will make this!!!!

Soooooo,when some British News release suggested that the shortage of bacon was near_2013-I was WT???Turns out they're just bracing the British folks for a price hike.Creating havoc,people hoarding bacon,Bacon fights in the Meat Dept of Grocery stores,pushing & shoving,Bacon Gang Wars,Bacon Bombings,Bacon Drive Bys,Bacon Mobs,etc....

Now_NBC confirms they just got on the band wagon to preach the Gospel as well!All Hogwash....

ErMG!_Extra!Extra! The President Steps in_"Third World War Averted"!

I'm thinking my next "Bacon-eating Session" for Christmas would NOT happen...I would have a Relapse, for sure_back to Bacon Re-Hab...Doesn't seem right to disturb my Zen-Bacon Moments with such BS!I'm still kinda mad...just sayin....

Yet,I Pray You_"All's Well That Ends Well"..~Shakespeare~


Monday, September 24, 2012

~FunDay~Sunday~Cooking Class~

What a great time had by all_yesterday! My brother and his wife drove out from the city(Dallas) to pay us a visit! He's my older brother(first born)_the one that protected his little sister when we were growing up from life's dangers,etc.Always protective of me_it seems the clock has turned a little bit!You see,I've been telling my brother for a couple years to "Step Away From The Sugar"! Recently,he had a health scare from his sweet tooth_so now he wants to listen to little sis!

My husband and my brother should have invested in stocks for:
                                                    "Blue Bell Creameries"

...which opened it's doors in 1907 in Brenham,Texas.But!_As popular as this ice cream brand is_there's no "Stock Symbol" for this company as they are STILL a privately held company owned by sons & grandsons of the founding father,E.F.Kruse.

Back in the day_these fellows delivered the goods on a horse & buggy! Although Blue Bell is only available in about 26% of the nation’s supermarkets, it ranks as one of the top three, best-selling ice creams in the country.BB products are sold in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming.

My Favorite way to eat BB ice cream_& really the only time I eat ice cream is when these two are paired together.Otherwise,I'm not a big ice cream lover.
                              Blackberry Cobbler and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

So,I was determined to show my brother how to make a sweet ice cream-like treat without all the "stuff" that does a body NO good!

He'd purchased a new Food Processor upon my instructions_so he bought that along with him. BTW,Black & Decker Food Processor(his choice) are reallllllllly noisy.I love my Kitchen Aid Food Processor_less noise.

But,before we started the task of an ice cream-like treat_I wanted him to taste another treat! I've been making "Butternut Squash Pie" for a couple years.One year we had a bumper crop here on the farm of Butternut Squash...per usual my husband had planted enough to feed a city_and it's only two of us! My brother did not think this kind of pie sounded appealing_squash...WTH!
                                              Butternut Squash
So,this was hands-on...had my brother peeling the squash_you really need a Veggie peeler for the job_he was about to toss the seeds away_NO,NO!,I exclaimed_I will rinse & loosen them from the insides_dry,toss with some spices(cayenne pepper & sea salt)& a dash of Olive oil and roast them in the oven_a NICE treat & healthy munchable!My brother was like _Really? Continuing,I diced in cubes,rinsed and covered the squash with water_cooked until tender,then let cool.

While the pie crust was "blind-baked"= crust,fork piercing +parchment paper on top+dry beans_allows the crust to bake evenly for 15/20 minutes_I combined 2 eggs+a dash of Nutmeg,Cinnamon & Allspice_+ Vanilla & Fiori Di Sicilla( _+ a can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk Fat Free in Blender_then added Butternut Squash_it will be like a custard_pour into pie crust_cook until middle is set.
               Finished product_Butternut Squash Pie_delicious!!!!

My brother & his wife wanted to cook the pie in the old Cookstove_I said "You do realize that it's 92 degrees outside?_this stove heats up to 500 degrees_the regular stove will do the trick"_so they passed on that idea!It is Late Summer in Texas...only in the 90's!

Next Project was_                    Banana Ice Cream & Cherry Sorbet_
Check Archives for the Blog on_"I Scream For Ice Cream & Bellydancing...Don't Ask"_April 30,2012 

His eyes popped when he had a taste of the Banana Ice Cream_BUT_when I made my favorite one with Cherries_he had that "Wild Stare of Gone Crazy Look"that only "SugarHolics" like my brother & husband possess! What he DOES NOT realize_is that this really sweet treat is FRUIT_no sugar added! Who Knew....don't tell him it's healthy.

We had some really good laughs_and did I mentioned that in between the Cooking Class_
The Dallas Cowboys played,deep philosophical conversations were exchanged on various subjects:
Zen Doctrines,Biblical Stories,Middle Eastern Cultural Traditions,Wine Tasting Trip,Spices,etc

Then a Walkabout to visit the Farm's boys & girls_

And check out my Meyer Lemons_just about ready to pick_
                           Meyer Lemon growing at Aaron's Hilltop Farm

...and then we sit a spell on the front porch_

AND_they're off to the city_"Big D"_asking could they come stay on the Farm with us! My brother declared_"My Little Sis got skills in the kitchen"! What a Funday Sunday  Cooking Class.....Life is Good!

~A Sister & Brother relationship is a little bit of Childhood that is never lost~

Friday, September 21, 2012

~This Week's~ErMG! Moments~

Let's get this party started...

ErMG!...What is it! Barf Bag,Lunch Bag or Purse?
This just in... Jil Sanders 2012 Menswear Collection of a Brown Paper Bag(Vasari Purse) in leather for men at $630.
& Women's Brown Paper Bag coming in around $290.Just so you know_this bag is actually made of brown paper which has been laminated with a protective coating, stitched in brown thread at the sides with holes for ventilation_(wouldn't want your Sammie to go bad from need of air).

Extra!Extra! Both Bags are snapped up quickly in retail stores.

Extra!Extra!Extra! Craft Project for Weekend..making a batch from my extra brown paper bags from the Grocery Store_they'll be ready MONDAY_will that be Paper or Plastic PLUS_I'll throw in

ErMG!...a pair of these strings at no Extra cost...
Pure hand woven Limited Edition Mr.Kennedy 19K Silver or Gold Shoelaces _24 CARAT GOLD LACES X 2 - $19,000_ LIMITED TO 10 UNITS
                                 THEY WILL BE DELIVERED BY SECURITY AND
                                                 LACED FOR YOU ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

My Deal sounds pretty good_Right?

ErMG!...I was pretty upset that an Official Sign would have a misspelled word since I'm such a History Buff...look closely!
                                                                     Hint:State of Mind "Histerical" Committee

ErMG!...Fashion Perfection!Carmen Dell'Orefice!This is what 82 yrs young looks like...
                                Front Row at Chado Ralph Rucci Spring Show 2013

                                                      Red Dress Collection 2005
NY Fashion Week Spring 2013_last week_ was graced with this beautiful 82 year old creature walking two Runway Shows and bonding with Olympian Ryan Lochte.Carmen Dell'Orefice has such grace and style...when I grow up I want to be just like her! View a Photographic Retrospective 2011-2012 Exhibition:

ErMG!...Here's A Healthy tip...
Indulge in that slab of Ribs or a greasy Cheeseburger with 2 patties+Bacon & Fries(YUM),Fried this or that thingie,slathered in Butter_just drink one of these_Evamor_ for instant relief!
Okay,so I'm watching Big Brother on TV_pushed the mute button(commercial time) & this comes on...people eating all kinds of stuff _using "waterboarding" techniques_downing a couple bottles of Evamor!
Had to unmute to check it out! It peaked my curiosity as I worked in RX/Hospital Sales for many yrs,selling Prilosec/help launch Nexium for GERD aka (heartburn).So,now you can drink a bottle of water that relieves heartburn?
Evamor Natural Artesian Water - rare alkaline source - is different. It boasts natural alkalinity (8.8 on the pH scale) than can help to reduce overall dietary acid and the symptoms it can cause.
We'll see how long the FDA will :APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!
ErMG!...Public Service Announcement..Firestarter!
I don't often give out information like this_BUT,when I do....
For people that recycle_Toilet Paper Rolls +Dryer Lint= Firestarters for Fireplaces,Woodburning Cookstoves like this one here on my Farm:
Aaron's Hilltop Farm_in my Breakfast Room a 1900's Montag Stove Works_heats up to 500 degrees!
Hint:It's a  GOOD THING to clean your Dryer often of lint _so it will NOT turn into a FIRESTARTER!
ErMG!... And Another Hint From Heloise...Car Odor?
Read here:

ErMG!...What no POPCORN at the theater?Say it isn't so...
Severe drought in the Midwest will cause A Popcorn Shortage in a Movie Theater near you!
Triple digit temperatures,weeks without rain have withered soybeans,grain and popcorn crops.
Scarcity + Shortage has caused retail and wholesale prices to jump.Cost is going up!

The Popcorn Board(YES,there is one!),a non-profit organization funded by U.S. popcorn processors, said Americans munch 16 billion quarts of popped popcorn a year. Most of the popcorn consumed throughout the World is grown in the United States. Americans consume more popcorn than the citizens of any other country, according to The Popcorn Board.

Breaking News!_Here at Aaron's Hilltop Farm we will be harvesting our Field of Corn this weekend along with making Crafty Brown Paper Bag purses!Busy Weekend!

ErMG!...Another Popcorn Story!

Colorado Man Wins $7 Million in ‘Popcorn Lung’ Lawsuit...After eating 2 -3 bags per day of Microwave Popcorn for 10 years_Watson developed "Popcorn Lung"from inhaling fumes from the buttery flavoring.

Yes,that's the same story_when hundreds of employees of popcorn factories sued for Popcorn Lung related to diacetyl(ARTIFICIAL BUTTER FLAVORINGS) exposure--some winning settlements as large as $34 million_Watson was the first consumer to take action.!
Dang...Just not a good Thing to be a Popcorn kernel this week!
ErMG!...Tasteful Movie...maybe?
Soooooooo,being the Adventurous Movie Buff that I am!..I checked this one out! I'm thinking this title has got to have a meaning,right? Well, it does_a very tasteful meaning(no pun intended here)_BUT,be careful on following up with one's curiosities_sometimes you might get a Tasty answer that's been around since the Victorian Era!
ErMG!...Speaking of which_Did you know?

I love Jeopardy & Who Wants to be a Millionaire!_Q & A,Baby!

So,I'm watching WWto  be ..M$_Question:

"Bizarrely,which of these products was advertised for several decades as a feminine hygiene product?"

A.Pledge_ B.Lysol_ C.Comet_ D.Pine Sol...

Ding,Ding,Ding Answer: B.LYSOL!

From the 1920's to the 60's Lysol_yes the one you clean your toilet bowl with_ads suggested that women use the cleaner as a douche fluid for everyday cleaning, and even as a form of birth control for use directly after sex  to kill the little swimmers...Not a good day for Swimmers!
Lysol ErMG!Moment ..This Week's Winner...For The Golden Arches Award!!!!
ErMG!....I'm thinkin'.. I need to put this Hug Jacket on after Lysol...
                                             "Hug Me Jacket"(price $1,120)
WTH?...Guess,I'll be Sewing,Popcorning,Toilet Paper Linting,Heartburning,Writing Histerically,Lacing Gold & Brown Bagging it All Weekend! Think I'll pass on Tipping The Velvet & Lysoling...But I can Dream of being Carmen Dell'Orefice...
~Here's Looking At You.......
                  The Sage Book Whisperer~

Monday, September 17, 2012

Memorable Road Trip~Part 5:Vermont Anniversary Trip 2000~

Wow!We had a lovely,rainy 17th Anniversary Weekend!However,in 2000 it was a "Vermont Road Trip". At that time we'd been living in New Hampshire since May.

We're both pretty adventurous! Map plans:Weston,Rutland,Burlington,Montpelier St.Johnsbury and Norwich,Vermont! Here we go.....

This was one of the most beautiful drives_rolling hills,beautiful countrysides,Holstein Cows grazing in pastures,quaint little towns,twist and turns AND Model T Fords! Yes,we're wondering why traffic on this two-lane road was so slow_noticed that several cars were passing the slow poke up front_everyone was kinda taking turns(at least 12 cars)_we discovered that a Model T Ford was holding up traffic_just cruising along at about 20mph!! You just had to give the guy a "thumbs-up"when you passed!

We were headed to a quaint_ kinda remote corner of Weston,Vermont for a unique shopping experience at Vermont Country Store,founded in 1946 by Vrest & Mildred Ellen Orton.
                                                    ~The Vermont Country Store~

The Vermont Country Store continues to grow under the Orton family(4th & 5th generation) and serves millions of customers annually. Famous for its specialty as “The Purveyors of the Practical & Hard-to-Find,” The Vermont Country Store sells a broad array of general merchandise, traditional, specialty, and nostalgic items. Since 1946, the store’s mail order catalogue has been distributed nationwide.We spent several hours perusing the goods_so much to see.I loved this corner:

and the bins of old-fashioned penny candies that I enjoyed as a child! We spent way to much money & time at that!

Next was a trip through the Green Mountains_Rutland,home of the Green Mountains National Forest.First things first_a quick stop at a shop that caught our eye_plus it was time to "stretch our legs" a little.
                       That's John_time for me to drive after getting some treats in this store.
                                                 Green Mountain National Forest
Supports a variety of wildlife, including beaver,moose,coyote,black bear and white tailed deer.It also supports an abundant variety of bird species, such as wild turkey and ruffed grouse.The forest, being situated in Vermont's Green Mountains has been referred to as the 'granite backbone' of the state.

The forest was established in 1932, as a result of uncontrolled overlogging, fire and flooding. It consists of 399,151 acres and is the biggest contiguous land mass in the state.The Fall Foliage was just coming to fruition.
 Hapgood Pond area_Hapgood Pond covers eight acres and is set in a wooded area in the Green Mountain National Forest.The forest includes three nationally designated trails: the Appalachian Trail, the Long Trail and the Robert Frost National Recreation Trail.

Headed North on I-89 to the largest city in Vermont,Burlington. We're all excited about the beautiful landscape_all of a sudden we looked to the right and saw "Whale Tails"!What in the world??_
                                                      "Reverence" by Jim Sardonis
Whale Tails
The name of the whale tails sculpture is "Reverence" and is meant to symbolize the fragility of the planet.It was commissioned in 1988 by a wealthy British metals trader named David Threlkeld, who lived in Randolph at the time. Jim Sardonis sculpted each of the two 13-foot high tails from six tons of black granite. They certainly got our attention! Check these links out for further information:

                         Lake Champlain & New York Adirondack Mountains

Yet another beautiful scene_Lake Champlain the home of "Champ" the "Lake Monster"_his cousin gets more attention_"Loch Ness Monster" in the Scottish Highlands! Nope,didn't see nary a hair of "Champ"..kinda happy about that! After a quick bite,we headed to the State Capital,Montpelier!

To say the least we were tired!What an adventurous day!We arrived at Betsy Bed & Breakfast Inn around 7:00 pm(dusk)! The Owner(Betsy & her husband) were seated on the front porch with other guest chatting.Betsy was excited to learn we were from Texas.She was born in Houston but married a Vermont guy...been there 20 years she said! So,she made us a lite Supper,we chatted on the porch some,a little Wine_& off to bed for a good night's sleep! Here's some photo's_

Entrance & Front porch_with several buildings in the back for additional guest
                                                              Our Victorian Room

Next morning Breakfast_talk about a real Southern Breakfast in a Northern city...Waffles,Pancakes,Sausage,Bacon,eggs,grits,fruit,maple syrup.....
Here's Betsy poking her head around the corner for a photo...

                              Loved this "Victorian Pianoforte" in the Sitting room

                                   Sitting room with the front door open.
We had a great time chatting with the other guest at Breakfast!But,it was time to get on the road again_as our adventure had a couple more stops planned.First was a visit down the street to view the State Capital grounds_three blocks from Betsy's Bed & Breakfast Inn.

Vermont State House_The dome and roofs were originally painted a dark terracotta red to suggest Tuscan tile. The dome was not gilded until the early 20th century.The dome is topped by a statue named Agriculture, a representation of Ceres,an ancient Roman goddess of agriculture.

Next Stop! We were really excited about visiting Dog Mountain.We love dogs & cats!

However,we saw Cabot Cheese Visitors Center Exit_so made a quick detour. We were not disappointed_we tasted everything offered & bought several goodies!

Coming into St.Johnsbury_I don't think I've ever seen a city so clean_spotless!We stopped at the Visitors Center to get directions_so off  we go to Dog Mountain! I'm still in love with this most beautiful place.Here's  a few photos_

Dog Mountain Chapel has a Black Lab Cupola on top.When you visit the Shoppe_the restrooms have Dog Faucets with a  tail that moves(wags) to determines hot(left) or cold(right)!Too cute.

Inside the Pews have either Dogs or Cat heads for arm rest_& the Stained -glass windows are awesome.

                                Outside the Shoppe are Dog or Cat Statutes on Pedestals
Well,we're headed South I-91 which follows the Connecticut River_stopped in a couple of places for gas,etc..i.e.McIndoe Falls to watch the cascades,purchased fresh veggies at a working farm in Newbury on a hilltop,from which you could see the White Mountain Range in NH,never seen such large Leeks in my life & the Farmers spoke broken French/English, just LOVELY!!
Next stop was King Arthur Bakery in Norwich.To this day I order products from this company.Being a "Closet Chef", I was mesmerized by all the products,gadgets,& more gadgets this store had to offer.I so wanted to sign up for a Cooking Class_but that's a helluva drive from Nashua,NH.Anyway,I left with a sad face_didn't want to leave!

Do yourself a favor_either visit or order online the best products around_try the "Fiori Di Sicilia"  a combination of citrus and vanilla with a pleasingly floral aroma for cookies,pies,cakes,smoothies,etc.

What a "Memorable Road Trip" with my "Best Friend",My Husband!

An Anniversary is a time to celebrate the Joys of Today, the Memories of Yesterday, and the Hopes of Tomorrow. ~Author Unknown~