Monday, April 30, 2012

"I Scream For Ice Cream & BellyDancing?"....Don't Ask!

As a kid growing up in the Piney Woods of East Texas,going to the Dairy Queen for a soft serve was heavenly! Indeed,a nice treat on a blistering 100+ degree day...we had those often!My brother and I would fry eggs on the concrete ....until we got caught! Throughout my early teens and young adulthood_I ventured into "Blue Bell Buttered Pecan" ice cream,creamy,buttery and just Damn good!My other favorite during college days was Cabell's Vanilla Bean ice cream.Now,that one was hard to get in Houston.So,a college friend from Dallas would load up the Cabell's VB on her trips home...bringing me great joy upon her arrival! I Loved Her!!Now these trends continued throughout_UNTIL_an AHA MOMENT_you have to exercise longer and harder to get ice cream off your hips,thighs,stomach,etc..or perhaps if you'd like to wear this little number...
..."I Scream For Ice Cream Corset".Ouch,that probably doesn't feel good after indulging in one's favorite treat.

Recently,I discovered that I could in fact have a soft serve treat_AND_I could eat it for Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner,it's FRUIT! Okay,I was game to find out how in the Hell that was possible!!!! Turns out this little yellow thingies called banana_loaded with potassium & other "good stuff"_

can be chopped in small pieces,frozen solid,popped in a "FOOD PROCESSOR"_(doesn't work in blender)_whirled around,stopping several times to scrape down,eventually turning into a soft serve type ice cream.The first go round was interesting because I was still it took a minute or so for the soft serve appearance.BUT,it works!I got adventurous next time by adding frozen strawberries,Madagascar Vanilla, & Wheat Germ,a spoon of Hawaiian Honey_gave it a husband lost his mind.....More,More he yells from the computer room! Next up,I'll try the Maple syrup/Banana one like this one...

This recipe is a KEEPER!You really don't have to add anything just the frozen bananas!But my "Inner Foodie Child" will not be satisfied until I've lost my mind creating soft serve treats this Bacon Soft Serve!!!!I did learn that other fruits work as well_BUT_the consistency is different.On yesterday,I made Ricotta Chocolate Chip stuffing for rolled-up Crepes,gave the frozen strawberries a whirl with a little powdered sugar,Tahitian Vanilla,popped the mixture in the freezer for a couple hours to set.Delicious served on the side of Crepe with a couple freshly sliced strawberries on top,with a little cocoa sifted on top ...AGAIN, my husband yells more,more,we need more! I'm thinking..he's losing his mind.But he is the "Quintessential Ice Cream-Aholic"..and did I say never gains weight!

So, you can freeze any fruit or combination of fruits solid,give it a whirl in a FOOD PROCESSOR "ONLY" _if bananas are the base,it'll be soft serve;if other fruits it'll be sorbet!

Either way you cannot go wrong.Here's a couple sites to help you along on this Foodie Adventure:

So,now how does BellyDancing fit into this scenario....? I decided that I'm going semi-vegetarian & bellydancing will be my form of exercise_since I HATE Gym exercise routines.I'd much rather dance than participate in all that crazy stuff!

A couple years back,I discovered "The BellyTwins" videos in 2009.In anticipation of my upcoming Greek Goddess Birthday Party(May 2012)_ we will try Greek Bellydancing.In May 2009 we did Moroccan Bellydancing at my Moroccan birthday party. I decided to brush up on my skills.These ladies are AWESOME_I want to invite them to my birthday party!!!
I have their T-shirt,Book_"The Way of The Belly",Fitness for Beginners(Basic Moves & Fat Burning) DVD and the "Slim Down" for Beginners DVD.Neena & Veena are awesome,go shopping here_
Watch this clip from Basic Moves & Fat Burning :

When I get my body like this,I'll post a photo.
Warning:May require holding one's breathe for awhile!

Bottomline,my "Inner Child Ice Cream Mind & my "Inner Child Dreams of being a Belly Dancer Mind_will all come together with this Game Plan,Game On.....I'm feelin Happy!

~Life is like an ice-cream cone,you have to lick it one day at a time!!!.........Charles M.Schulz. ~

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spinning,Whirling,Weight Loss...Really?

I have been interested in this subject matter for some time. It all started with one of my favorite things to do...a movie.So,I'm watching this Really,Really Controversial movie_ "The Stone Merchant" 2006_when  Harvey Keitel(main character) invites a couple into a cave to witness this special ritual of Whirling Dervishes_mind you he's doing more watching of the Professor's(Jordi Molla)_wife(Jane March) than the ritual dancing! Whoa, later on Keitel & March had some really,really steamy bedroom scenes! But,the whirling dervishes invoked my curiosity button_and I wanted to know more! Then,I was reading about spinning as a weight loss tool _and my query became what's is the difference between the two and ..REALLY...a tool for weight loss,spinning,whirling?


As a child,I'd be giddy with joy after a good spin ...around,around,eyes to the blue East Texas sky_until my parents yelled stop it_"you're gonna make yourself sick"!Turns out this colorless,odorless instant high was displayed right in front of parents_of which they probably spinned in front of their parents and so on..... until they were staggering like a drunk!Think about it,there were all sorts of spins to be had during childhood:

The Carousel concept dates back to Byzantine bas-relief around 500 AD_which depicts riders in baskets suspended from a central pole...who knew?  Spin the Bottle,Spinning Tops,Spinning Wheels,Hand spinning,etc.But the top spin in action was called "Dizzy-Izzy Relay".One of my BFF's mentioned this one to me_as I'd never heard of it.You put your forehead on a baseball bat,look at the ground,and spin around the bat at least 10 times before running to tag the next person in line.Thing is _you fall flat on your face..end of spinning & tag!

Research Neurologist,Dr.Phillip Spackman describes the spinning in circles this way:"They're literally scrambling their brains.The inner ear,which processes a complex series of stimuli in order to maintain balance,gets overloaded and the body simply collapses in confusion.It's like kicking a phonograph.What happens after you do it?The needle skips." He views the spinning in circles as a way children heighten their sensory and emotional state.Some even hold their breathe until they turn blue...let me just say...I did NOT do  this!

 Mmm,I guess the question is which spin is better_ closed or opened eyes...I'm dizzy already! See that's a good point_once you get to a certain age group_being dizzy is NOT fun!So,I'm gonna pass on this form of weight loss!! I might try this one,maybe,maybe not! A 20th century invention Spinning Bikes for weight loss.So here's to yesteryear's of Wheeee,heheheh,yurp,spinning,etc....Not doing it!

Kinda' can relate to this woman's take on all this spinning phenom....

Hehehehe,Wheeee,NOT!Chill-laxing instead.

On a more serious note,one of the symptoms of childhood Autism is spinning.Here's more information:

It is called Sufi Whirling or Sufi Spinning, a form of (Sama) physical active meditation which originated among the Sufis and still practiced by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order.The Dervishes aim to reach the source of perfection(kemal) in this ceremony.One must abandon one's Ego or personal desires by listening to the music,focusing on God and spinning one's body in repetitive circles,which is symbolic of the planets in the Solar system orbiting the Sun.

The Sema Ritual:
The Semazen's camel hair hat(sikke) represents the "Tombstone of the Ego";
Wide White Skirt represents the "Ego's Shroud"_removal of the "Black Cloak" represents that he is spiritually reborn to truth;
Beginning of Sema_holding arms crosswise represents the number one_thus testimony to God's Unity;
While Whirling_arms open,right arm directed to sky to receive God's beneficence's,left arm_upon which his eyes are fastened,is turned toward the Earth. To those who witness the Sema as they revolve from right to left_God's gift of Love to all humanity is witnessed.The human being has been created with love. Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi says,"All loves are a bridge to Divine love.Yet,those who have not had a taste of it do not know!".Rumi is one of my all time favorite Poet,Theologian and Sufi Mystics!!! Learn more about Rumi at:

The Sufi Whirling Dervishes of Istanbul

Stone Merchant Movie Clip

So,what does all of this mean? Well, the age old custom children created since who knows when of spinning for a natural high & fun _PLUS_ the age old custom Rumi started around 1228 (he did Whirling up to 36 hours)_has now become a weight loss method practiced by some creative thinkers of the time!Spinning is even included in the five rituals of Tibetan rites of Rejuvenation_a Yoga routine which spinning is the first. Supposedly,it is a way of restoring hormonal imbalance and creating lasting youth,health and vitality.If you'd like to read a free E-Book by Jennifer Jolan visit this site:

My conclusion on this phenom_think I'll stick to my "Dancing to the Oldies" as my form of exercise.Spinning  for me _would require a source of oxygen,an ambulance and a hospital visit _from what is considered a Natural High...I'm thinking I'm dizzy already ,I don't need to exacerbate it with spinning or whirling.But ,I must say I'm fascinated with the Whirling Dervishes.

"People of the world don't look at themselves, and so they blame one another." ~Rumi~

Friday, April 20, 2012

Xtra,Xtra Read All About It_Upcoming Blogs in the Works!

I'm so excited!!Working on a couple of "Epic Blogs" that will blow you away! Research in Process.

However, thought I'd tickle your fancy with the titles_
 "Spinning,Whirling,Weight Loss...Really"?
(Childhood play_that COULD be the ANSWER to WEIGHT LOSS)

"I Scream For Ice Cream"
(Ice Cream for Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner_& it's HEALTHY)

"Nights at the Alhambra...Star Gazing,Mystical,Enchanting"!
(It's time to be a  Mental Traveler....Under the stars of a 14th Century Moorish Palace)

"Gettin Yo' Greek Goddess On"
(Epic May Birthday Party Theme for ME! Visions of  scantily-clad Greek Gods at my Beck & Call)

So,in the words/music of "The Pointer Sisters" on Solid Gold's 1984 appearance :

...I'm about to lose control...MA6RUB3F57SU !!!....AND,I think I like it.......

                            ~Living Vicariously.........~

Monday, April 16, 2012


Yep,that's right a 21st Century_"New Dance Craze"_happening South of the Border in Mexico!But,wait a minute_unless you have the "proper shoes" you will NOT be able to take part.So,let me school you on this new craze_then you can decide if you want to get in on this action.First things order to dance the "Pointy Boot Dance"_you'll need some pointy boots,okay!As in these puppies_
                                          Mexican Pointy Boots
Now that you've recovered from the shock_let's take a look at this trendy fashion statement in Mexico.It is believed to have started in a dusty little Northern Mexican town of Matehuala around April 2010!Seems one "Cesar of Huizache"walked into shoemaker Dario Caldron's shop,whipped out his cell phone picture of a sequined cowboy boot with pointy toes curled up to the knees_Cesar wanted his longer and made yesterday! As in_

...maybe even a tad longer than these.The photo was estimated to be about 23 inches_but Cesar wanted  around 35 inches.Caldron hopped on board,produced "Cesar of Huizache" a pair to meet his needs_and off Cesar went to the Mesquit Rodeo Nightclub nearby where he danced bandido style with a hankerchief hiding his nose and mouth!He had a good time,didn't care what folks thought about it_and then disappeared from the scene.What happened next is incredible!Adults,children,the old ,the young came to Caldron wanting these bizarre,half-Aladdin,all Vegas-Baby Pointy Boots.Those that couldn't afford to buy them,invented them with garden hoses adding glittery butterflies,multi-color glitter strips,stars to the tips,flashing lights & disco balls_all strutting like PEACOCKS on the dance floor to attract the girls!

Pointy Boots phenom spread like a wildfire_to other villages even showing up as far away as Mississippi and right here in Texas,y'all. In Dallas,Texas at the Far West Corral,a DJ said they'd put all kinds of things on them,strobe lights,belt buckles,red flashing lights!

Now,back to the dance-style...shall I say gyrating,drawer-dropping troupes dressed in matching western shirts & skinny jeans_which accentuates the extended footwear became the dance craze.The Music..."tribal"music,a mixture of Pre-Columbian and African sounds mixed with fast cumbia bass and electrohouse beats!All Male teams compete in weekly dance-offs with prizes ranging from $100 to $500 and a bottle of WHISKEY!
                                            All Males
                      Males & "SCARY SPICES"...mmm,interesting!
Back to these troupe groups_well they were hired to dance at weddings,quinceaneras,celebrations of the Virgin of Guadalupe,bachelorette parties,rosary ceremonies for the dead_and The Partiers Troupe filmed a wedding scene for a prime time soap opera on the Televisa network! Crowds up to 800 people have watched these shake your hips,jump side to side,wave your arms all while their boots sparkle with disco lights and toe extended boots.....Excuse me please...I'm feeling the need to dance right about now!
                                    Here's a pair of "I'm too Sexy" for myself fellas
Supposedly,that's the catch_these boots makes them look more sexy because you can tell they are daring...ah,did I miss something? Anyway_the second phrase has kicked in because some competitors were not able to drop to the ground and do a little something,something while wearing the pointy toe boots.Now,low-rise Roper style boots enable them to drop it like it's hot! One of the dancers in a recent competition dropped his pants so low,it revealed a leopard print thong!Okay!

And the choices go on_pick your look:

    Scottish Plaid Mexican Pointy Boots_where's the MATCHING KILT?
                                Aah!So sweet...
                            MY Favorite_this is one cool dude,sexy!
Ladies and Gentlemen_you now have choices.Coming to a store near you or on Amazon.com_buy a pair of Pointy Boots,pull up your skinny jeans (or NOT),get yourself a Western shirt_and you're good to go!Get back with me _comment on your Mexican Pointy Boots Dance experience!

Not enough inspiration yet_
Wow,I feel the need to DANCE....AGAIN!!!!

~“Life may not be the party that we hoped for…

But while we’re here, we should dance.”~

Thursday, April 12, 2012

~HELL*HAIL~ Has No Fury ,Like a Woman Scorned!!

There's a saying in Texas that "Everything is Big"! The weather scares the #!%#^** out of me!Last week  17 confirmed Tornadoes with 18 Wheeler trucks flying through the air like toys.But this scenario on yesterday_near N.Central Texas proves the fact that everything in Texas is BIG!

                        *********HEADLINES ,READ ALL ABOUT IT*********
A slow moving severe thunderstorm moved across Potter County, in the Texas Panhandle Wednesday afternoon.The National Weather Service Office in Amarillo confirms the event. Hail from this thunderstorm accumulated over parts of the county up to 4-5 feet deep..when you touched the ice,the hail crumbled to the ground_causing massive flow of water runoff. Areas between Amarillo,Tx and Dumas,Tx had to be closed off.

                                    Fireman standing beside "Hail Drifts"

 As you can see_this is some mighty tall HAIL...the Aftermath looked like this....

The saying "Hell Has No Fury,Like A Woman Scorned" is based on lines from "The Mourning Bride" by Wm.Congreve(1670-1729):
"Hell ( HAIL )_hath no fury like a woman scorned" implies that we can find the greatest anger on Earth!


Monday, April 9, 2012

"Getting Caught With Your Pants Down"

Get your mind out of the gutter! This is all about Chamber pots,Thunder-mugs,Slopjars,Peggy's,Badgers,Jugs,Biffy's,Loo's,Privies,Outhouses,etc...

Yes,my insatiable quest for knowledge leads me down many strange but not unusual roads.This one came about while visiting an Antique store a couple years back.Neatly wrapped in blue ribbons was a book called "The Vanishing American Outhouse" by Ronald S. Barlow.After I recovered from laughter and memories of visiting my grandmother's outhouse as a child in Deep East Texas_I said to myself there's a story behind those "Outhouses".Fast forward to present day_I gave my friend a copy as part of her Christmas prizes this past year,she spotted the book in my bathroom!When guest visit my home and become in need of the "Necessary Room"_they will find this book and a couple more,including "The History of Farting" by Dr.Benjamin Bart..,hilarious(by a real Physician). Indeed,fine reading material at their fingertips! Here's one other treasure-related find_found at an Old Farm filled with Antiques in Peterborough,NH!
That my friends is an old crackled "Chamber Pot"_I've filled with Pine Cones to discourage it's proper's a better look...
Unfortunately,it's got a "crack"(no pun intended) on the side _AND_it's not from the Famed England Plumber/Manufacturer_Thomas would have been worth a fortune if Crapper made it.Read more about the old Crapper here:

Seems the Commoners used Chamber pots made of stoneware,pewter,enameled iron or tin.The Chamber Maids had the honor to empty,clean and returned the vessels kept under the beds. Royalty owned chamber pots made of onyx,brass,silver and gold_talk about sitting on a golden throne...sorry,I was tempted! The people of Great Britain upgraded in the 1600's to chairs,trunks,chest and bedside stands some with plush upholstery,elaborate woodwork,inlaid silver or gold. One of the most beautiful restored chair-like throne(1886),I've seen was at the Iolani Palace while on tour in Hawaii.Check out the Palace at this site_   Do take the tour when in Honolulu.

The history of this normal process (of all living things) goes back to Biblical times where the first laws  were recorded in Deuteronomy. Also,indoor bathrooms reference can be found in the Book of Judges. During Biblical times,King Eglon of Moab prolong visit to his privy chamber was discovered by the servants with a dagger in his belly.Perhaps the term_"Getting caught with your pants down"came from the history of many outhouse homicides from the past!

Which brings me to the subject matter of Texans Lovin' their Crappers! I took a train trip to San Antonio in 2006 for a Spa Vacation at the Historic Menger Hotel_ next door to the Alamo_across the street from the famed River Walk. In 2008 Art on Outhouses helped celebrate the 122nd Anniversary of Indoor Plumbing at The Menger Hotel called the Thunderbox Road Art Exhibit. They had some AWESOME Thunderboxes on view for auction. Check out some of them here_my favorites.BUT visit their Blog for more at


"Good ole days"_a trip to the outhouse was an adventure.

One might encounter snakes,spiders,wasps,hornets,bees,bats,rats,scorpions, skunks, hungry porcupines,children feared falling into the holes_AND_the stench among other nightmares".
During the mining boom in Burke,Idaho it is written that so many privies were built along the Canyon Creek to empty into the flow of the stream that the creek was changed to Shit Creek...look it up if you don't believe me! Finally,folks the dried corn cobs used before toilet paper _really makes one appreciate Mr Whipple (1964) ads on "Don't squeeze the Charmin":
But,I must remind you that even though we have accessible indoor plumbing_there may come a time when you're at an event,etc  and feel the need to use portable toilets.BEWARE_as many found out in the past,smoking a corn cob pipe could orbit you and the outhouse into space_due to the METHANE GAS buildup.Recently,a fellow found out the hard way when he lite up a cigarette in the Port-a Potty:

And for all of you interested in further knowledge of Crappers and the Art of Crapperologists there are to many site to mention on this subject.In the interest of the upcoming Elections...I'll like to leave you with this visual:

~Happy Trails To You (no pun intended),until we meet again.~

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Y'all it's Tornado Season in Texas! Yesterday, from 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm tornadoes raged_much worst than the "Thor-ing No Mercy" Blog post on the eve of Spring last month. We had 10-15 tornadoes touched down during a massive storm that brought chaos from high winds, rain and hail to the nation's fourth most populous metropolitan area Dallas/Ft.Worth. For the record books, in 1994_25 tornadoes_one an (F4) left Lancaster(Dallas area) in shambles_they got hit again yesterday! December 29,2006_22 tornadoes with an (F2) in Rio Vista(about 8-10 miles from where I live).Yesterday,one touched down less than 6 miles from where I live! Although,a born and raised Texan_I lived in New Hampshire for awhile. OKAY,I'm ready to move back_snow does NOT act out like Tornadoes!

Here's some items severe-weather experts advise for your Tornado-Emergency Checklist :
1.Know where to go, what to bring, and who to tell
2.Before a storm, make sure you have a place to seek shelter, either in your home or -- especially if you live in a mobile home -- a strong shelter nearby you can move to if a tornado warning is issued.
3.Each person should have a "go kit" ready to grab on the way to shelter. The go kit should include a first-aid kit, flashlight and batteries, identification, matches, copies of important financial documents, an extra set of clothes, and other items.
4.Have a relative outside your community serve as an emergency contact so if family members are caught by the storm in different locations, they can call their status in to that relative. Emergency managers say it's often easier to get a call out to a distant community in a disaster than it is to call someone within the same community.

Texas lies on the southern end of Tornado Alley. Texas' location between the Gulf of Mexico on the southeast and the Rocky Mountains on its western periphery make it a prime area for the formation of tornadoes. An average of 153 tornadoes touch down in Texas each year. Tornadoes may occur in any month, but occur most often during April, May and June between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. During the period 1959-2000, 6,417 tornadoes were reported in Texas, with 63% occurring from April-June and 33% occurring in May. From 1950-2007, Texas encountered 84 tornadoes with a strength of F4 or higher (winds > 207 mph). Texas ranks 11th among the 50 states in density of tornadoes with an average of 5.7 tornadoes per 10,000 square miles, per year. The U.S. record for the fastest tornado winds occurred at Wichita Falls in northwest Texas on April, 2, 1958 with a wind speed of 258 mph. The current record for number of U.S. tornadoes in one year is 2004 with 1,817 tornadoes. The average number per year for the last 10 years is 1,270. During 2008, 1,690 tornadoes were confirmed in the U.S, with 595 reported during May 2008.

The creme de la cream were images coming out of Dallas at the "Flying J Truck Plaza" of 18 wheelers flying through the air:!that company might just want to change it's name NOW as these trucks were literally flying!

650 homes damaged,6.3 million area residents scramble for safety,110 planes at DFW Airport damaged by hail,400 flights canceled,40 flights diverted,8,000 without power_Insurers claim they have already lost as much as $2 billion during 2012 that was NOT even Tornado related as compared to the price tag of $26 billion during Tornado Season 2011! BUT_isn't that why we pay INSURANCE in the first place........

Thank God there are no recorded deaths to date! I was in fact well prepared_always have my "KIT" on standby during this time of the year! I'll have to add another element to my "KIT" around the middle of May...."MY IMAGINARY ANKLE BRACELET" that beeps as I open the door to go outside when it's 112 degrees in the shade!You just gotta love Texas.....HELP!

                  ~TEXAS IS A STATE OF MIND~