Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Week's ~"ErMahgerd Moments"~

ErMG!...My Phone rings_
Voice on other end says:Hey,Girl...this is your BFF_ Joan! Wanted to see if you'd be interested in joining us for Cocktails after we wrap today's shoot? Peggy,Betty & of course Don Draper will be there! We're not getting to fancy..although Mr.Sterling said we might go to the "Mad Men Supper Club".Can you make it? I know it's short notice.
ErMG!...Betty,Joan and Peggy_looking good_Emerald Green on my BFF!
 Joan says:So,we may change our outfits but just dress Classy,Girl! Smooches,see you in about an hour!
Yes,I can!Yes,I can,Joanie..what to wear?.This Classy LBD.....OR
This one,no maybe..

This "Hot" number...what to wear? what to wear??

ErMG!...The Closing of the Olympics 2012 :-( !

ErMG!...The Spice Girls &

Queen Video..."We Will Rock You"..LOVED!

Mr.Bean..I loved your"Chariots of Fire" Opening Ceremony piece,I Will Love You,Fa-Ever!

ErMG!...This "Ryan Gosling Coloring Book" is just cool...

Go here QUICK,they are selling fast:

ErMG!...Talk about "Impeccable Style & Sensibilities"
Check out Anna here

ErMG!...My Sorority colors_"Zeta Phi Beta"_Cobalt Blue

Bags! I shall have them all...Coach Cobalt Blue Collection!!!

An interesting,very"historical"book I'm reading....

And,this one can't be found _"Sold Out WorldWide"!...
I purchased 500 million copies for myself and friends! I Love Bacon_but_only eat it twice a year (St.Pat's & Christmas). As,I'm Addicted to Bacon! 50 Plates of Bacon...I got this!

ErMG!...~This is truly a Zen Damn Moment~
                      Sierra Nevada Sequoia National Park California

...with a glass of "Wine With A Cause"...this will work!
Penfolds, one of Australia's oldest and most iconic wineries, contributes a portion of proceeds on its Thomas Hyland and Koonunga Hill wines to the Global Fund to help Fight AIDS,Malaria and  Tuberculosis in Africa.Very Good Wine....Very Good Cause!

ErMG!...My Obsession with Vintage White Dishes...I think food has a look of "Perfection" on white dishes! Since I love to give Dinner Parties_I'm always looking...
                                Saw this display at an Antique Store online

This was my Christmas 2011 display..

Recently,purchased this White Ironstone at an Estate Sale...

And this Week's ErMG! Trophy goes to....
...The Makings of a Little Fashionista!

....See you next Friday for my "ErMG Moments" from the week! Until next time...~The SageBook Whisperer~

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