Friday, August 31, 2012

This Week's~ErMG! Moments~

ErMG!...What does Playtex have to do with Neil Armstrong?
“A spacesuit is made out of a flight suit, a Goodrich tire, a bra, a girdle, a raincoat, a tomato worm.”. ~From the book Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo, by Nicholas de Monchaux~
That’s what a spacesuit was made from in 1969 when astronaut Neil Armstrong, who died this past weekend, donned the bulky, Pillsbury-Doughboy-looking suit of great engineering and design ingenuity to take humankind’s first steps on the moon.
ErMG!...For all you Poodle Lovers out there...
Let me introduce you to "The Venezuelan Poodle Moth"!Eyelashes like Gaga,Furry,Pokemon look-a-like! Seriously ,did this fella ride in on the Spacesuit above? Ladies & Gentleman this is no photo shop_as one Dr.Arthur Anker photographed this "critter" along with some of his buddies in the Gran Sabana National Park  (Venezuela). Now,we have a bunch of moths that come to our farm each year_should I ever see this one...I shall either A.Run like a bat outta Hell_B.Buy Dog food_or_C. Bear Arms(no really I couldn't hurt a fly!).Knowing my husband_he'd invite this critter in for dinner! NOT. Here's a look at some of his "Road Buddies"_ 

ErMG!...Speaking of Dog very careful  of canned goods you pick up while shopping & not paying attention because you're A.ON THE DAMN PHONE_B.TEX TING_C.ON THE DAMN PHONE! Stop it please.This arrangement was spotted at a local store_

Yes,that's "Purina Alpo Prime Cuts Dog Food" tucked in there with your basic chili and beenee weenee brands!Either it was a mistake or a sick joke! But be sure to add Tabasco_it makes everything taste better.Woof,Woof !

Pick up a can of this instead_for phone talkers while one is trying to shop...We are not interested in your phone conversations..Aisle 9...will need "A Cleanup"somebody just bought a can of...

ErMG!...EBay bans Supernatural Sales of Magic Spells,Potions,Hexes...who knew?

                                                    Hocus Pocus movie 1993

Dang,that means no more_advice; spells; curses; hexing; conjuring; magic services; prayers; blessings; Psychic, Tarot, Reiki, and other metaphysical readings & services; magic potions; healing sessions.”

Guess I'll just have to make my own..let's see..1 potion of Pinot Noir or Syrah(Shiraz) + a shiny crystal clear Bohemian Wine glass,add in a friend or two,make two turns to the left to get a second bottle = "Magical Whining"_Done & Done!

ErMG!...Public Service Announcement...Do Not take a Hike in Denali National Park Alaska,walk up to a Grizzly Bear & without the bear's permission start to  photograph within 50 yards while he's eating!You could be dessert.Sadly,that is what happened here:

ErMG!..Yet,another Public Service Announcement...According to an article in Smithsonian Magazine_(it is implied by Mr.Waters)_do not use Pink Plastic Flamingos aka "pink porn" for lawn decoration!

     From the Smithsonian Collections:Plastic Flamingos c.1980

These tchotchkes were a hit in 1957_Sculptor Don Featherson of Leominster,Mass. second assignment at Union Plastics was to sculpt a fake pink plastic bird "A Flamingo". Post WW II _these babies showed up on every lawn in America's new "Suburgatory".There was a decline when they became reaaaaallly a sign of "tackiness".But like the phoenix_they made a comeback mid-80's_holding the distinction of being in the Smithsonian Collection of Arts & Culture!

The 1972 movie "Pink Flamingo"_Directed,Produced,Written & Narrated by John Waters(whew that's a mouth full)_ had nothing to do with flamingos.He just thought the name was outrageous! However,Waters maintains  that plastic lawn flamingos should be kept inside,“like pornography,” porn! 

Read more:

ErMG!...Ladies how are we EVER gonna get people to believe we are serious if we are buying into the fairy tale movie "Cinderella"_ by purchasing "GLASS SLIPPERS"?
  Marc Jacobs Transparent Heels look like glass.

DSW has partnered with Disney on The Glass Slipper Collection

But,of course_Mr.Louboutin has a limited edition "Cinderella Collection"..retail $6,400.00...yes that's American dollars!
Seems shoes and a purse $39K(from the Olsen twins)_ could set you back a tad coming in at around $45,400.00 + tax!All that for a Walk-About & a little something to carry your ID,keys_NOT money_cause you will NOT have any after this purchase...Just Say No!

 ErMG!....take a look at the sky on Friday Night_8/31/12!

"My Remembrance of a Blue Moon"_In high school my brother sang Bass in a boys group.I sang with a girl's group_check out the video from a previous post_at a 2004 Class reunion_the original members of "The Fab-U-lous Bunchettes(1967) Ralph J Bunche High School.On that same program,I re-delivered my Salutatorian Address as I'd kept it all those years!  

Now,my brother's group was practicing the most popular song at that time "Blue Moon" for an upcoming program.One evening after Dad came home from work_he's relaxing in front of the TV_Jr was practicing his singing part in his bedroom(door closed)...on & on & on_until my Dad in his very serious voice_never raising it_but_threaten Jr's LIFE if he sang that song one more time.The rest of us were hysterical with laughter,tears,couldn't breathe type laughter_finally Dad even laughed! Here's a clip of that song,so you'll understand.Remember the lead part is Bass_my brother's part!

What I didn't know at that time ..this was a racially mixed group,unheard of in the 50's & 60's!Unfortunately,after a couple trips down South on a tour_with separate BUT not equal housing,restaurants,taunts,etc _the two white guys left the group.

So now you know why my Dad threaten my brother's Life...bomb bah babomb abomb bahbomb bomb.

Hey,that's a Wrap on ErMG! for the week.

Signing off with  a Blast from the past_

                                  ~Peace Out~

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