Monday, April 16, 2012


Yep,that's right a 21st Century_"New Dance Craze"_happening South of the Border in Mexico!But,wait a minute_unless you have the "proper shoes" you will NOT be able to take part.So,let me school you on this new craze_then you can decide if you want to get in on this action.First things order to dance the "Pointy Boot Dance"_you'll need some pointy boots,okay!As in these puppies_
                                          Mexican Pointy Boots
Now that you've recovered from the shock_let's take a look at this trendy fashion statement in Mexico.It is believed to have started in a dusty little Northern Mexican town of Matehuala around April 2010!Seems one "Cesar of Huizache"walked into shoemaker Dario Caldron's shop,whipped out his cell phone picture of a sequined cowboy boot with pointy toes curled up to the knees_Cesar wanted his longer and made yesterday! As in_

...maybe even a tad longer than these.The photo was estimated to be about 23 inches_but Cesar wanted  around 35 inches.Caldron hopped on board,produced "Cesar of Huizache" a pair to meet his needs_and off Cesar went to the Mesquit Rodeo Nightclub nearby where he danced bandido style with a hankerchief hiding his nose and mouth!He had a good time,didn't care what folks thought about it_and then disappeared from the scene.What happened next is incredible!Adults,children,the old ,the young came to Caldron wanting these bizarre,half-Aladdin,all Vegas-Baby Pointy Boots.Those that couldn't afford to buy them,invented them with garden hoses adding glittery butterflies,multi-color glitter strips,stars to the tips,flashing lights & disco balls_all strutting like PEACOCKS on the dance floor to attract the girls!

Pointy Boots phenom spread like a wildfire_to other villages even showing up as far away as Mississippi and right here in Texas,y'all. In Dallas,Texas at the Far West Corral,a DJ said they'd put all kinds of things on them,strobe lights,belt buckles,red flashing lights!

Now,back to the dance-style...shall I say gyrating,drawer-dropping troupes dressed in matching western shirts & skinny jeans_which accentuates the extended footwear became the dance craze.The Music..."tribal"music,a mixture of Pre-Columbian and African sounds mixed with fast cumbia bass and electrohouse beats!All Male teams compete in weekly dance-offs with prizes ranging from $100 to $500 and a bottle of WHISKEY!
                                            All Males
                      Males & "SCARY SPICES"...mmm,interesting!
Back to these troupe groups_well they were hired to dance at weddings,quinceaneras,celebrations of the Virgin of Guadalupe,bachelorette parties,rosary ceremonies for the dead_and The Partiers Troupe filmed a wedding scene for a prime time soap opera on the Televisa network! Crowds up to 800 people have watched these shake your hips,jump side to side,wave your arms all while their boots sparkle with disco lights and toe extended boots.....Excuse me please...I'm feeling the need to dance right about now!
                                    Here's a pair of "I'm too Sexy" for myself fellas
Supposedly,that's the catch_these boots makes them look more sexy because you can tell they are daring...ah,did I miss something? Anyway_the second phrase has kicked in because some competitors were not able to drop to the ground and do a little something,something while wearing the pointy toe boots.Now,low-rise Roper style boots enable them to drop it like it's hot! One of the dancers in a recent competition dropped his pants so low,it revealed a leopard print thong!Okay!

And the choices go on_pick your look:

    Scottish Plaid Mexican Pointy Boots_where's the MATCHING KILT?
                                Aah!So sweet...
                            MY Favorite_this is one cool dude,sexy!
Ladies and Gentlemen_you now have choices.Coming to a store near you or on Amazon.com_buy a pair of Pointy Boots,pull up your skinny jeans (or NOT),get yourself a Western shirt_and you're good to go!Get back with me _comment on your Mexican Pointy Boots Dance experience!

Not enough inspiration yet_
Wow,I feel the need to DANCE....AGAIN!!!!

~“Life may not be the party that we hoped for…

But while we’re here, we should dance.”~

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