Monday, July 27, 2015

~A Few of My Favorite Things~

Just a few,I Promise...

1.Place...the State of New Hampshire where we lived for a short time_favorite town...
Harrisville,NH! Incorporated in 1870, the town of Harrisville  is a unique,preserved 19th-century mill town located in the Monadnock region of Southern New Hampshire.There are nine bodies of water in the town,many backroads and trails to explore,and two original train depots at Harrisville and Chesham.First known as Twitchell's Mills,a combination sawmill and gristmill was built in 1774. This was the view above while sitting on the porch looking across the Pond.It's a step back in peaceful times.

"The General Store" we had the most delicious Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich,Chips and Dessert! All made at the Front Meat Counter inside! 2010 Census: 961 peeps! 

2.Person living or deceased...My Dad (deceased) & my HS English Teacher,Mrs Cary (91 yrs old)
3.Food...Mexican or Italian Anything!

5.Magazine..."Victoria"_Late 80's through early 90's when Nancy Lindemeyer was Editor.I met her at a Harney & Sons Tea Conference in Rye,NY,5/98.

Nancy Lindmeyer(Editor in-Chief of Victoria Magazine) & The 
Sage Book Whisperer at Harney & Sons Tea Conference,Rye,NY.

6.Precious Stone...Emerald ( my birthstone) & Claddagh because my Wedding Band _given to me by my Husband when we married 20 years ago was a Claddagh Wedding Band! 

7.Celebrity...Tina Turner 

Who looks like that in their 70's? Not there yet ..but hoping to get a headstart on this body shape.Hehehehe!

8.Things To Do When Bored...Meditate
9.Time of Day...Late Night
10.Day of Week...Wednesday(My Beauty Day)
11.Animal...My Cat,Hank The Cowcat 

12.Flower...Lillies of the Valley(my birth month flowers) 

May's birth flower is the lily of the valley, which signifies sweetness, humility, and a return to happiness.

13.Music...Classical  & Old School 60's
14.New World Music...Lorena Mckennitt 

16.Book..I'm Reader of Books,Many Books,this will be hard. But, for years I've been a fan of any
of Edith Wharton's writings.As in Age of Innocence,House of Mirth_2013 Christmas presents below..HAPPY!And,I've only visited her home_The Mount in Lenox,Ma_three times!

17.Movie...The Age of Innocence or The Last of The Mohicans
20.Wine...Pinot Grigio or Noir & Cabernet Sauvignon 

22.TV Show...PBS Midsomer Murders
24.Quote..."The Truth Shall Set You Free"
26.Month...May!Duh,it's my Birthday!

Handful,Cobbler,Pie,Smoothie,etc...I use to pick them in my Grandmother's yard as child!!!!


Southern Cream Peas w/Cornbread,sliced Tomatoes,Onions & Pickled Beets! 

29.Ice Cream Flavor...Cabell's Vanilla Bean or Limoncello Gelato 
30.Dessert...Fruit Cobbler(Blackberry,Blueberry,Apple,Pear,Peach..)
Peach Cobbler w/ Chandelier Candles & Blue Bell at my "Jamaica Mon Birthday Party".

31.Childhood Pie & Cake...Mincemeat & My Grandmother's from scratch Coconut Cake!

Mincemeat Pie,YUM!!No one else liked it,so it was all MINE.

              Yummy,Yummy Coconut Cake! 

32.Language...German(1st yr.College) 
33.Things to learn
34.Things about myself...I still have a THIRST for Knowledge.
35.Historical Figure...Boethius his writings of which I read at the ripe age of 17 for an English Class .Book was "The Consolation of Philosophy"..Amazing that this book had a lasting impression on me at that age!

Summary Part IX..Philosophy wants to move on to what constitutes true happiness. Happiness is a wholeness that cannot be found in separate pieces. Self-sufficiency is an undivided state, and it includes in its own nature the power, fame, glory, and happiness that people think exist separately. If one pursues wealth without getting power and the other qualities, one will not gain sufficiency. 
Boethius replies that Philosophy must mean “true and perfect happiness is that which makes a man self-sufficient, strong, worthy of respect, glorious and joyful”.

36.Fashion/Style...Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 

 & Audrey Hepburn Style...

37.Article of clothing I own...Purchased this Dolman Sleeve Jacket/Duster while on Spa Vacation at The Bonaventure Spa & Resort,Fort Lauderdale,Fla. in 1988.Made by Silkscape,Inc called "Peace on Earth" depicts all the children of the World in Silk appliques..hand made pieces according to the Creator Lynn Weinberg.Now called LRW Designs. 

I still love this piece & get many compliments on it.It needs some care on the back & front_otherwise perfect condition. 
 38.My Ultimate look...
And,this was my Fashion/Style as a Freshman @ University of St.Thomas,Houston,Texas 1967

                     In New Orleans ,French Quarters,1967 

39.Can't Live without...PEARLS,REAL PEARLS! 

40. All time Favorite thing to do...READ

So,my Friends...I've Shared a Few! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

~Where's Waldo?~ Read-ING & Zen-ING!

Read-ING & Zen-ING!
So,long time no Blog! There are so many "Distractions " in the Universe that I just had to take a moment..well a couple of moments for Therapy!

Especially with All of the "Distractions"...

So,I had to...
It's a good thing to..
Let me emphasize that again..."People need to install NEW Software in their Brains" ever so often! 

The How Tao's..

Add A Spa Day...
My Cat Hank "The CowCat" loves his Vet "Spa Days"!I'm gonna say that's a Good Thing as well for the Body & Soul.

Because Reaching...



Did You Know?

In case you need some suggestions... 

Meantime...Where's Waldo?