Monday, August 13, 2012

Memorable Road Trip~Part 2:July 4th Cape Cod Adventure (2001)

Dear Diary,
Day 1
We're headed out for Cape Cod this morning for a couple of days at the cottage of John's Aunt & Uncle in Dennisport,Cape Cod,Ma.They've had this family place for some 30 years.Excited because we've never been ,understand it's a nice scenic drive with lots of things to see & do! Gassed the truck up & cleared out the back_because you never know what collectibles you'll come across. It was a beautiful day for driving! I was in awe as we approached the Sagamore Bridge.

Here's an aerial _I really would have been scared if I'd seen this aerial view,Geez's!!But,we made it across with all the 50 million people headed to the Cape for the July 4th festivities! Return trip we came across the sister bridge_ Bourne Bridge.

They both look the same to me.The bridges were constructed beginning in 1933 by the Public Works Administration for the United States Army Corps of Engineers,which operates both the bridges and the canal. Both bridges carry four lanes of traffic over a 616-foot (188 m) main span, with a 135-foot (41 m) ship clearance, and opened on June 22, 1935...a far cry from the "drawbridge" that was in place in 1912.I would have had second thoughts about crossing at that time!

Anyway,we arrived safe & sound in Dennisport,Cape Cod,Ma. in due time.What a nice drive. Seems the cottage_aka_"The Lazy H"_ is only a block & a half from the Atlantic I strolled down to take it all in.I sooooo love any body of's a peaceful time,a Zen Damn Moment! This photo is not too clear,but I needed a sweater because it was chilly on July 4th_WTH?,I'm from Texas _I don't go outside around July 4th as it's 300 degrees in the shade!

Afterwards,Aunt Charlotte said let's go for a we're off...let the games begin.First stop_

Hyannisport,Ma.I popped in for a look-about in this Grocery store directly across the street from the "KENNEDY COMPOUND"_totally bricked in,with no chance of a sighting of any KENNEDY_EVER! We drove downtown_crowded to the Nines_made plans _which by the way we didn't get a chance to do_to take the Ferry to Martha's Vineyard & or Nantucket,did a scenic drive through some of the EXCLUSIVE neighborhoods, and visited an Artist's Home & Shoppe & Garden_beautiful...and he was a nice Fella that Aunt Charlotte knew! On the way back,visited the "Cape Cod Summer Playhouse Village" in Dennis,Cape Cod,Ma. So,we called it a day after all of the day's journey's.

Day 2
Over breakfast,I made the comment that the "Watermelon Rind Jelly" was delicious! So,Aunt Charlotte knew of my love of Museums_so she had the "PERFECT DAY" planned!First stop_
..the place where the jelly and other products are created_The "Green Briar Jam Kitchen" of the Thornton W. Burgess Society". Now,you may know of Burgess from this childhood character writings_
We popped in,took the tour and then headed off to his home in Sandwich,Ma.
The "Thornton W.Burgess Museum",4 Water Street,Sandwich,Ma.What a treat for a Museum-aholic like me! Of course,I got a couple of favors from the visit_
"Lightfoot The Deer (1921) & Bowser The Hound (1920)_book, a Cobalt Blue tea cup holder and Tea Towel from Sandwich Museum. Next stop,Sandwich Glass Museum_
On the tour,we were taken to see  the Glass Blowing Center.We watched as the Glassblowers did their jobs...fascinating! I purchased a Tea Towel & the tiny cobalt blue tea cup shown above.At this point,I'm having difficulty keeping my mouth closed as I'm again in_AWE_ of the glassblowing process!

The Glass ART was amazing to observe.After all this knowledge,it was time for Tea _so we popped in the Dunbar Tea Room....

What a nice way to relax...even the guys where happy to have a seat and enjoy a "cuppa" tea and some tasty treats!Then,we headed back to the cottage after a most wonderful day!

Day 3
Harwich,Ma._time to shop for Antiques_we left the boys at home! We went to Aunt Charlotte's favorite shop_

...Downtown Harwich. WOW!!!! I think I lost my MIND at this point.You DO NOT TAKE AN ANTIQUE-AHOLIC to a place like this. I was cool though.After a lesson in how to spot Heisey china signature by Aunt Charlotte_I settled on these items...
      ...a "Victorian Water Pitcher and Teacup & Saucer"....all old SILVER.

We stopped by the "Devon Tea Room"_for a "cuppa" tea,cute place!
Then I found a "Vintage Maple Candy Mold" after Tea of door at an Antique Shoppe!

I'm good to go,right about now,I'm a Happy Camper.We popped in  this wonderful place about a block from the "Lazy H Cottage"_and I  said ..."Forget About The Diet"_
"The Sundae School Ice Cream Parlour"_man I had a treat out -of-this world!The insides were so neat!Take a look...

Day 4
Time for Provincetown...we got an early start_because they wanted to show us the family's yester-years_"Higgins General Store"_ that is considered a State Historical Landmark w/a plate to show it as a cornerstone of Eastham,Ma.,NICE! John's ancestors settled in this area after arriving from Ireland.

So off we go to Chatham,Orleans,Brewster,Yarmouth,Truro and Provincetown.Uncle Billy 's road speed was like "a bat outta hell"..had white knuckles afterwards from the ride! I was in awe _again of the "Day's Cottages "in Truro,Ma. along the way_
....some were painted brilliant colors,,blue,etc.

Headed into Provincetown,Ma.Let me just say this_if you don't have an open mind "Do Not Visit" this town_because there are all different kinds of people_home to a large Gay & Lesbian population_has always been that way_so if you gonna past judgement_Don't Go!

Pilgrim's Monument Museum

Off to Pilgrim's Monument Museum_purchased Cranberry Tea(Delicious),Tea Towel & Postcards,We did NOT venture into the tall and I mean very tall Tower_
But,we visited a nearby beach_

That's John,Aunt Charlotte & Uncle Billy looking at rocks & shells....Love,Love the beaches!!!
Headed back to the cottage_toooooooooooooooo pooped to even talk. Next day_back to Nashua,NH. What a "Grand Time" had by all!

                           ~"Life is a Journey,Enjoy it"~


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Thanks Girlie!Thought of you when I Posted on last Friday...the ErMahgerd_Fashion moment! I named it_"Still Life:Biking While Yellow Dress Pretty"_So You! I'll ck your news out + glad you've got a Book List.. A Must Have for EVERYONE! ~Peace~