Friday, September 30, 2011


True Confession..I cheated on my husband!Well,not really BUT.Here's the thing,I love Pizza and anything Caramel.So,this is my story,and I'm sticking to it!.

Earlier this week I was craving a long time friend that I"d stayed away from.. I knew he was "Dangerous".We'd had a few tete a tete's before in private dimmed dining areas,or out in the open air,while sipping a nice glass of luscious,velvety Cabernet Sauvignon..Hell a couple of times we drink the whole bottle while emoting sounds of LOVE! This "Hunter Got Captured By The Game". I know that everyday brings change and the World puts on a different face.Certain things rearrange and suddenly this old World seems like a "new" place.Secretly,I'd been thinking about him,like a Fox thinks about a Rabbit.I just had to get him again....he was the "CATCH"_ I was after.Well,I looked up and I was in his arms, AGAIN_our LIPS LOCKED and I knew I had been captured!!! What's this World coming to? Things just ain't the same_I'd laid a tender trap,hoping he'd fall into it.Then ,Love hit me with a sudden slap,one KISS & then I knew it_my plan just didn't work out like I thought. You see,I'd laid my trap for him, BUT I got caught.What's this World coming to,things just ain't the same when the "Hunter gets Captured by the Game". Oh,did I say his NAME? say my name,say my name......

                                           "SWISS CHARD PIZZA"

                                          "SWISS CHARD PIZZA MINUS 1"

To complicate matters,the third leg of this "Affaire de Coeur"..Caramel_ stepped in the door_and Caramel had me at Hello!
                                          "Caramel Cookies & The Help,Caramel Tea"

I wolfed down a couple of these bad "Caramel" boys_doused them with Caramel Tea_and I was Good to Go! Made from a boxed Caramel Cake mix..Ms.Duncan Hines _You did know that you could make cookies from cake mix? When you Go just don't Go Back!

SO,now I'm a Happy Woman,feeling the Love deep inside me!Now,if I can fasten my pants..I'm in good shape & happily anticipating my NEXT...Menage A're out there,you know who you are..hold on I'm coming!

The FaB-U-Lous Bunchettes


I was part of this High School Girl Group in the 60's..we sang at our Class Reunion in 2004.That's me w/the hat & gloves acting my usual-self!GIRL GROUPS STILL ROCK!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

~Cooking with Dead Foliage~

Well, the calendar says tomorrow is the beginning of AUTUMN! Yea,after a Summer of Triple Digit Heat here in North Texas,I'm waiting on ice,sleet & snow. Sept.29/09 the Farm looked "Picture Perfect".The Cowpen Daisies covered the pastures_really a Zen Moment! Fast Forward to the updated

Yes,that's an old "hugh"Oak Tree dead in the Courtyard by the Barn.The grass is a crispy golden brown color,the Morning Glory flowers ails on the obelisk_the more I look at it seems like a scene right out of "Death Valley Days". Truely,a different picture from the views I saw when we lived in New Hampshire. I call this "August Dead Summer Foliage Days" place else BUT Texas.

What I had hoped for was a repeat of these glorious Fall flowers all over the farm

But nooooo! I can dream,maybe I'll get a small showing later this Fall. Anyway,I'm looking forward to my cat "HANK THE COWCAT AARON" removing his "person" from his "favorite" cool Summer spot :

Our Old  1900's Montag Cookstove.I was really excited when we moved to the Farm several years ago to find this treasure. Got this great book to help educate me on the  Fine Art of Woodstove Cookery cld. "Woodstove Cookery At Home On The Range" by Jane Cooper. If you are new at using a woodburning stove (which most of us would be today) this is the book! Everything from parts of the stove,getting the fire going(which scares the beegeebers outta me), to cooking a great soup! Speaking of which ,can't wait to drag out one of my favorite Cookbooks _"Pumpkin"by Dee Dee Stovel. My mouth is watering from thinking about the recipe for "Italian Pumpkin Soup w/ Crushed Amaretti Cookies" die for! The Kitchen smells awesome,Hank's NOT on the stove,the bowls are "on standby" for refills_and a nice bottle of Candoni Pinot awaits me..I'm a happy Texas TeaQueen!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Milk Bottles & Books

I MUST have asked for a bottle of Milk & A Book to read _even from the cradle! I have always loved BOOKS!The funny thing is ..books teach us about so much in our lives.Think about it..You read a book to learn where to travel,learn how to cook,learn about other cultures,learn about lives of others, about fantasies,even a book to learn how to read in the first grade,and on & on. Books became my obsession around my 6th year of life.And ,as they say "the rest is history".

I've had my favorites along the many to name! But ,the thought of being "A SAGE BOOK WHISPERER",struck me as being a statement to my relationship with books.I was reminded of  the book_"The Man Who Listens to Horses" by Monty Roberts

I imagined the synergy between Monty and his horses_and got a visual on my relationship with books.I DO hear books talking,telling me of something,someone AND yes,I talk back with a visual inside my head or an audible of some kind. As far as Sage..Yes,I'm old enough to say that..thank-you very much.To talk softly and privately to yourself & hear the book talk back is a "Zen Moment Extraordinaire".I'm intent on sharing with you how books have whispered to me,challenging my inner SOUL to act.Join me!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Get Ready!

Hey,Everybody!Just signed up for this "party"!Not sure about all the buttons & stuff_BUT,I'm ready!Will probably explore a little more_but_off to Celebrate my Anniversary w/Hubby..16 yrs!!I promise to get it going soon.Peace Out.