Friday, November 30, 2012

This Week's~ErMG!~Moments~

ErMG!...I did not post on Monday and almost let Friday get by without my ErMG!Moments....BUT_there's a reason.I will have sooo MUCH to share after Sunday.


ErMG!..."Christmas in Spain Party"!!!!
I've been decorating,last minute planning all week...getting ready.The research on Spain has been amazing_so many things I will share with this upcoming week_cuisine,arts,culture and
so much more.But....

ErMG!..this "Jewel"on Don Quixote_had me Laughing so hard!Why? There's a little Don Quixote in all of us!


~A Psychological Assessment of Don Quixote~

Psychiatrist: Welcome, Mr. Quixote. Please be seated.

Quixote: My title is Don Quixote de la Mancha, but you may call me Don Quixote.

Psychiatrist: Very well, Mr. Quixote. Now tell me, what is it that brings you here?

Quixote: It all started about a couple of months ago when I began having these hallucinations.

Psychiatrist: Yes, I do recall that I read a certain exploit of yours in which you attacked a windmill. Is that correct?

Quixote: Aye, sir, windmills. But they were giants! They were giants as plain as day!

Psychiatrist: I see.... Well perhaps this was just a quirk of nature.

Quixote: Well, actually, sir, every time I see an inn, I mistake it for a castle.

Psychiatrist: Hmmmm. This is indeed bizarre. Have you been getting sufficient sleep?

Quixote: A fair amount. All that is necessary for a knight errant.

Psychiatrist: A knight errant?

Quixote: Ay, sir. The finest occupation in the land.

Psychiatrist: Now I remember. Sancho told me about these fantasies of yours. To quote Cervantes: “These writings drove the poor knight out of his wits” (32). Oh, here’s an interesting passage: “From little sleep and much reading, his brain dried up and he lost his wits”(32). Why didn’t you tell me? This may be the root of your problem.

Quixote: Lack of sleep sir? I hardly think—

Psychiatrist: Let’s get back to the subject of knight errantry. Why did you venture off in the first place, deserting everything you had?

Quixote: I had to sir! It was my calling. I was “impelled by the thought of the loss the world suffered by my delay” (35).

Psychiatrist: I see.... So you feel personally responsible for the well-being of the entire world?

Quixote: I was given a gift of skill in battle; it is my duty to defend the weak and ensure justice.

Psychiatrist: How do you explain people’s belief that you are “mad”?

Quixote: They are simply unable to understand greatness.

Psychiatrist: There is one incident that still bothers me. You set convicts free. You let these convicted, terrible men loose. How can you explain this action?

Quixote: The men were being taken by force, not of their own free will. It was my duty to assist them.

Psychiatrist: You fail to understand that justice was being served. The horsemen were “only punishing them for their crimes” (171). Your inability to distinguish right from wrong disturbs me.

Quixote: But, sir, it was my intention to help those men. “The whole point is to have good intentions and the desire to do right in everything” (683). Nobody understands—I’m only trying to help, but“there are many that envy and persecute me” (680).

Psychiatrist: Do you have evidence of this persecution?

Quixote: Of course! I “have been [persecuted] by enchanters” who tried to steal Dulcinea from me! (680).

Psychiatrist: Perhaps your feelings of persecution are due to the feeling that you are not worthy enough for her.

Quixote: Not worthy? I have travelled to far lands proving my worth and have only come home against my will.

Psychiatrist: So you feel as if you have no control?

Quixote: I believe that “first impulses are outside man’s control” (159). Other than that, I have let fate dictate my journeys. I am summoned when there is someone in need.

Psychiatrist: It is easier not to take responsibility for one’s actions. This can be the result of uncertainty about the direction in which one’s life is heading.

Quixote: So I am not alone?

Kuddo to the Writer!!!

ErMG!...I shall start reading Quixote really soon!As well,as "Fans in Spain" by Nancy Armstrong explaining why the Spanish women have a fascination with these objects...mind you not unlike the Japanese women and their love of Fans!!(hand fans)

ErMG!...Spain_so many traditions_I'm thinking I'll need to visit...

ErMG!...Ready to Dance the Dance Of...

The Flamenco....

The Matador...

The Lighting of the Christmas Tree in Malaga,Spain(Andalusia).....

So,I'm off to the party.See you soon.

Friday, November 23, 2012

~This Week's ~ErMG!~Moments

ErMG!...After Turkey Day_aka "Black Friday"_aka Deeper in Debt Day! Just the term "Black Friday"_should scare the "BeGeebers" outta you! But nooo..Shop Until You Drop Day!

ErMG!...This woman (and seems her husband also) needed to visit the Turkey Withdrawal Classes held at the local Turkey Farm for some serious intervention...

My friends,this is a story of a "Turkey Enthusiast Extraordinaire"Wedding.Where NOT only did the Bride(37,500 plumes to be exact),Bridesmaids,Flower Girls wear"Turkey Feather"dresses..

Turkey feathers were thrown at the newlyweds instead of rice_of course the reception food was turkey_the Wedding took place at the "Far West Turkey Show,California" in 1948_BUT the strangest "Turkeyfied"delusional moment was the Bride spent the day after_as in Honeymoon_ at a Turkey Farm filming a movie_in "A Sea of Turkeys". AND_her husband approved this message_even helped to create it! Now that takes "Birds of a Feather flock together"_to a whole new level! Read it for yourself_ 

ErMG!... A Shout-out to all you Bambi Hunters out very Afraid...

ErMG!... I don't always cook a Turkey_BUT when I do...I use Dos Equis to baste!"From the World's Most Interesting Man"

ErMG!...Speaking of which_Re:Day After Turkey Eating Feast, EastWooding at it's Best...While talking to the scales_"Go Ahead Make My Day"....

ErMG!..My feed from~Rumi~ site this week...Beautiful girl!

Beautiful Words...
I said: what about my eyes?
God said: Keep them on the road.
I said: what about my passion?
God said: Keep it burning.
I said: what about my heart?
God said: Tell me what you hold inside it?
I said: pain and sorrow?
He said: ..stay with it.
The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
~ Rumi~
ErMG!..A friend sent this photo of his Turkey Day Walk_he & his Military wife live in Vicenza,Italy_Monte Berico site!

...Love this kind of architectural design_one could get lost in thought while slowly walking this path!
ErMG!..Although_I'm NOT that fond of Meat_I do like
Poultry(Turkey) & Fish..just sayin'_I understand...I ask the same questions_I get it!Recently wanted some Dill pickles for a salad_why do pickles have Yellow Dye #5?Seriously?!


It is in a powdered form_just pulverized peanuts,cocoa powder & a little sugar..~preservative free and contain no artificial sweeteners~ So,make it as you use it_no oils_done & done!

This is off the chain good_without all the added "stuff"!The Chocolate almost made me cry it was so here I come_I want a truck load_my husband said 2 Truckloads!Is that on the Black Friday Sales List? Read about it here:

 ErMG!...Instead of shopping_ Go Here...

Yet,another reason why I must return to Paso Robles Wine Country.This was called "Outstanding In The Field Dinner
& Wine Tasting....WOW!

ErMG!..It's that time of the year_my Annual Passport Christmas Party!We're going to_SPAIN for Christmas!

Tapas Bar Hopping,Paella,Porroning,Getariako Txakolina 11.5%vol,Flamenco Guitar Music, Dancing,Flamenco Dress,Castanets, Mantilla, Story of Flamenco Fans,Sangria,etc...Party on Dec.2,2012_"Let the Porroning Begin"....

BUT first_I need to Practice this_

...Gonna be a long day..See Ya!



Monday, November 19, 2012

~The Perfect Storm of BEE~N~THANKFUL~

It's that time of the year again_"MY FAVORITE" of all Holidays_bar none...well,maybe except "My Birthday"_I consider a holiday...just sayin!

I liken"Thanksgiving" to the "Perfect Storm"! The term a "perfect storm" is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will result in an event of unusual magnitude.

The Oxford English Dictionary has published references going back to 1718 for “perfect storm,” though the earliest citations use the phrase positively, as in a “perfect storm” of applause. The first use of the expression in the meteorological sense comes from the March 20, 1936, issue of the Port Arthur News in Texas where the weather bureau described a "flood" as "the perfect storm".Since that time "perfect storm" seems to denote something negative!

I'm incline to use the term in a more "Positive way".......
You see, most people around this time of the year trend towards being NICE: Sharing,Giving,Smiling more than usual...

Families gather together_some people anticipate family gatherings with joyful expectations;others with dread!Expectation is actually a powerful state of mind_remain centered within_ to share and "Bee Thankful" for the Blessings of Family on Thanksgiving!

One goes deep within to search the "Soul" for the many blessings received throughout the year.

The colors of "Nature" surrounding our lives are vibrant...and here in Texas I'm sure "Mother Nature" is thankful the heat has moved on.

The "Harvest" is bountiful_bringing the "Fruits of the Earth"....

Enhancing the "Fruit of the Spirit".

The Robo-phone calls have stopped,TV Election Ads are done & done,the he said,she said is temporarily on hold,YES_Elections are over here in America!...the storm of epic proportions!

Well for two more years at least...

There are many other "rare combinations of circumstances that will result in an event of unusual magnitude"....of epic proportions_"The Perfect Storm of Perfection"_


As for me,I AM_

...With a Sane Mind ~Living in a Sane Body,a loving Husband,Family & Friends and Beloved Cats_Hank(inside),plus Farm Cats~ Puff Daddy~The Gang of 7~Itsy & Bitsy~Panther~Gracie Jr & Sweetie_and 16 Members of the Goat Family that live in the Barn shown in my blogs background picture.Just don't get any better than that here on Aaron's Hilltop Farm!

What will you put in "YOUR" Thankful Box? 

I'm Thankful Y'all read my Blog_ Happy Thanksgiving from The Sage Book Whisperer!

~Make Thanksgiving a...
                   "Perfect Storm of Perfection"~

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

~Pining For Guernsey~

Reading at Nascar Race speed,I completed "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" in about 3 days!Well,I would have been finished earlier_except,my norm is to read 3 books together at any given time.That habit was developed in my Twentysomething years_hard to break! At any rate,the last page had me "Pining For Guernsey"!

So,it was time to become a "Mental Traveler"_AGAIN! I pined to learn of this small country.But of course,this was not something new_my mind has a funny way of getting so involved with reading_ Off to this or that setting_book in tow!

 Here's a few of my other "Mental Travels":
"Out of Africa"_I sat around the table listening to the "Storytelling" like an Ancient African Griot!

"Leaving Tangier"
I joined in the seedy"bar hopping" & imagined the seedy creatures!

"The Birth of Venus"
I cringed as the serpent snaked it's way from the throat to private areas!

"In Morocco"
I joined my favorite Writer Edith Wharton as we climbed atop the "Blue Roofs" to
watch the sun set,cool off and socialize with other families in this unique tradition!

"The Second Glass of Absinthe"
I could only imagine the gory Hallucinations characterized by this drink.In turn,the Objects de'Art required for drinking Absinthe..became my new Collectibles!

"Team of Rivals"
Right there with Pres.Lincoln,choosing to work with the Enemy,better to keep
them close!

I spent every moment with her on this journey!

"Peyton Place"
I recalled the days of my Medical Sales(2000) in Manchester,NH_wondering where
Grace Metalious grew up,roaming the streets I drove in this Mill town!

"The Catcher in The Rye"
I imagined Holden as someone I knew_especially in this Chapter 3 quote: What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it.The Catcher in the Rye Holden Caulfield in Chapter 3

Another Epistolary novel_ Pamela generally knows what she should NOT do, but her heart is, more often than not, confused about what she SHOULD do or think..I could relate to that in matters of love in my Twentysomething,Thirtysomething until I figured it out!  

So,that leaves me with Guernsey..24 square miles to roam as Juliet(main character)_
Dawsey(quiet ),Eben,Eli,Isola,Zenobia(the parrot),Amelia,Remy,Sidney,Sophia,Adelaide(Ms.Negativity),Kit(cute 4 yr old) and the memory they all shared of Elizabeth(wonderful human being).
The entire novel is conveyed through letters! I can imagine them walking to the nearest ...
..."Pillar Box"_to post their letters_in use since 1852..twelve(12) years after the first adhesive postage stamp and one of my favorite Novelist_Anthony Trollope visited the Channel Islands to figure out the best way Royal Mail could be delivered.Indeed,by then _during WWII_communication  was key via..
...traditional K6 kiosks on the island called "Phone Boxes". For sure you might have worn the longstanding tradition of a ...

..A Genuine Guernsey Sweater! Learn about that here: .
On the other hand,if you were part of the gigantic Fishing industry_you'd wear one of these...
...the mainstay of the knitting industry_"The Guernsey",the handy work of the Fisherman's Wives.
Learn more here: .

For breakfast you'd probably had a big cold glass of milk_from the "Famous Guernsey Cows"_ . Called "Jersey Cows" in America. Known in Guernsey for unique "GOLDEN"coloured milk!

Perhaps you'd feast on a traditional pot of "Guernsey BEANS"_especially Day2 when the flavor was really good! Here's the story behind that:

Who wouldn't want to know a little Folklore on Fairies & Witches:

Stunning scenery,the Island's capital,St.Peter Port(a bustling harbour town),cliff paths,rustic rural walks,beautiful beaches: .


I'll send you a Postcard :

Here's the Recipe for Guernsey_"Potato Peel Pie"


....I'm Outta here....going RIGHT NOW...See Ya in Guernsey!

Friday, November 9, 2012

~This Week's~ErMG! Moments~

Greetings on a nice Fall Friday morning...

ErMG!...Reading this fun book_finding myself laughing out loud..LOL Y'all,
                            "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society"
Yes..there's even a recipe for the Potato Peel pie! It is written in epistolary form(letters) by an Aunt & Niece_a civilized relationship,regardless of age difference/family relations..what a fun thing for them_I'm sure! Juliet the main character writes and receives all these letters...hilarious!

One in particular had me rolling. Here's an overview:
Juliet meticulously prepares her tiny apartment for her fiancees "stuff"..removing items but keeping her "Beloved Books" intact on the shelves.On the afternoon before the wedding,Juliet arrives home to find 8 boxes of her books bound up and ready for the basement_to the exclaim of Rob_oh excuse the mess(her books)_nodding toward the bookshelves with his "stuff" saying,"Don't they look wonderful?"Juliet lost her mind! Where her books once stood in orderly fashion _now it was filled with Athletic trophies:Silver cups,Gold Cups,Blue Rosettes & Red ribbons,rewards for every game played with a stick,statues for everything a man could jump over with or without a horse,framed certificates for shooting any and everything....Juliet screams_How dare You!Put my books back! She knew then she could not marry a man whose idea of bliss was to strike out at little balls & kill birds!

This happened to me on the eve of my wedding!Lucky my husband loves books like me_17 yrs later_Everything has a place_(as in Deer Heads,Nascar Shitacky,Sports Stuff).....Outta my sight! Check out the website_where you can send emails on Guernsey!

ErMG!... 15 Minutes of Fame(for Mother)....A lifetime of Shame for at least one twin.
That's right Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are brothers!
WTH?  Change my name,change my name,please....

ErMG! In my quest to learn about Spain for my upcoming "Christmas in Spain Party"_came across this movie_
The awesome and tragic life of 1940's Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez, known to the World as the Great "Manolete"Matador.This biopic follows his notorious affair with the movie siren Lupe Sino,at the height of his fame,and his death in the ring at age 30.Wow,10 thumbs up...

And in the quest to learn about the different dance styles of Spain_came across these "SuperNinos" from Russia dancing_shall I say...ERMG!

When I grow-up,I want to Dance like these two.They're headed to ABC's "Dancing With The Stars"to teach the celebrities how this dance stuff works!

While on the subject of Spain...I've learned so much from this DVD_

ErMG!...Cheech & Chong "Up In Smoke"(1978) Part 1..FAST FORWARD...Part 2 Movie:Colorado & Washington State "Up In Smoke"(2012)...WARNING:Language & just WRONG on so many levels_Anyway...Hilarious!
There's gonna be a POPULATION EXPLOSION in those states for sure!Read here:

ErMG!...Not Nice!I wrote about my love for "Big Tex" in this blog post:  So,some person got real creative for a Halloween costume..spotted in Dallas/Ft.Worth..LOL!

ErMG!..A Sweet Moment between Father and Daughter made me smile & Remember my Dad...

ErMG!..two really special Pins this week..
Prayers for the East Coast victims of Sandy & the Nor'easter !

                                  "Your Bank Account"

ERMG! Don't forget to read this....Such Fun in a World where things are "Serious"!
                                        "BE KIND"