Saturday, March 31, 2012

This & That In March 2012 !!

Well,March has come and gone!I really enjoyed this month...I got a chance to indulge in IRISH BACK BACON & COLCANNON,drink a new wine_Concannon Crimson & Clover plus several new wines at the PARTEE with my friends,celebrate my husband's heritage,checked some Irish-related movies out and learn a thing or two about the Irish Culture...and did I say...Spring Sprung in N.TX with "Thor-ish-style"storms_& our clocks spring forward!!!

Finally,I saw the movie "Ides Of March" with Clooney & Ryan Gosling.Now everyone knows about Clooney_since he's been around for awhile!But,this Ryan Gosling_a 31 yr.old "Canuck"meant in the most affectionate way_was awesome in this role.I had never experienced his acting before & but for my niece's total dedication of her life to loving only one man on earth to the depths of her soul forever!!!_Ryan was not on my radar! Her blog:

This handsome fellow has quite the background.Born in London,Ontario,Ryan's parents divorced when he was young.He and sister Mandi lived with their Mom;an experience that he says programmed him to "think like a girl".Ryan hated being a child,was bullied,had no friends until 14,in Grade 1 under the influence of the film "First Blood",he brought steak knives to school,throwing them at kids during recess,was suspended from school;diagnosed with ADHD,prescribed Ritalin,placed in a "Special Needs Class"_until his Mom decided to home school him for a year_which he says gave him a sense of autonomy he's never lost.Ryan performed early on with his sister,singing at weddings,with his Uncle in what was called an Elvis Presley Tribute Act,involved in Ballet,dropped out of high school to focus on acting career;became a Mouseketeer along with Justin Timberlake,Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera_JT's Mom became his Guardian,lived with them when his Mom returned to Canada."Notebook" movie was first mainstream acting role in 2004,has a band called "Dead Man's Bones",Co-owner of "Tagine" a Moroccan Restaurant where he did the renovation work & oversees Menu.Ryan has dated Sandra Bullock,Rachel McAdams,Olivia Wilde & Eva Mendes..& continues to be the ladies man,so take a number! Check out the movie!!

The other movie I saw was _a series that was cancelled on NBC in 2007(Season 1)_ "The Black Donnelly's".Since my husband's ancestry was the Donnelly Clan..I checked it out!The life of four brothers,Roman Catholic Irish American in NY's Hell's Kitchen in their "HOOD" kept me on the edge of my seat...good one..& I don't care so much for this genre of movies.

Another,"This &That"_finally got my OG Ireland Peat Facial & OG Foot Mask from London the other day:
So,my bff will join me one day soon to experience "This & That"_ Peat(peak) experience..ha!

Yet,another find this month_ended up as a surprise gift to my husband! I like the design so much,I'm probably getting the Dagger Version..those Celts knew how to be ready for a fight!Smoky Mountain Knife Works has great service.Check them out:

My husband and I have a great love of "historical and present day flags".As a matter of fact,we have many flags from all over that we fly from time to time on our front porch & on a Flag Pole in one of the pastures.The American Flag has a permanent spot.So image this find:
This is an awesome Irish Flag Flower arrangement...great centerpiece for the table! This National Flag of Ireland is represented as:
Orange=Irish Protestants +Green=Irish Catholic +Republican cause = WHITE(HOPE FOR PEACE)! Note the white is in the middle of the two....

Finally,I'm reminded of my This & That pining for _the Bells of Ireland Flowers! Occasionally,I'm able to find them at Central Market in Ft.Worth,Texas..but for the most part they are non-existence in this area.Seems they can be planted from seed_but knowing how Texas Summers_which is most of the year_kills any living thing_including people..I will NOT even try to grow them with this Green Thumb of mine.But,they are beautiful to look at! Despite their name, these flowers are actually native to areas Syria, Turkey and the Caucasus. They bloom up to 3 feet in height as dark green spires, from which apple-green calyxes blossom – which nearly cover up the small, delicate white or pink flowers.Here's a peek:

                                               Bells of Ireland_aka moluccella laevis

Bells of Ireland flowers are considered to be a very lucky symbol. Bunches of these flowers are frequently presented as gifts to those who are on their way to starting a new life or adventure; they are also given to those who are ill or expecting a new child,"The Luck Of the Irish",indeed!

There you have it,my This & That for the end of March...what fun we'll have in April,come on back y'all for a visit as the Sage Book Whisperer takes you on a mental journey.......

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
May the rains fall soft upon your fields,
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand

                             ~Y'all come back now~

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Twice a year,I allow myself to indulge in my beloved BACON! That's the sensible thing to do if you're ADDICTED TO BACON! The week of Christmas with a really nice cozy breakfast & during the month of March because St.Pat's Day calls for the Irish tradition of eating Colcannon w/Bacon. My "Gettin'Jiggy With It Party" is a combination of St.Pat's & one of my BFF's birthday,the "First Day of Spring"! We ALWAYS celebrate each other Birthdays.It usually works out we celebrate on St.Pat's weekend_but it was delayed this year.Not to worry,we got "Jiggy" with it over the weekend! Turns out we had a "BACON PARTY"..celebrating All Things Bacon!

This year we had Bacon that I'd never heard of or eaten_and I must say Irish Back Bacon is the Bomb!
Coupled with_Concannon Crimson & Clover Wine(taste of Blackberries & Chocolate)_with
BLT's + Colcannon,Ranch Dip,Avocado/Spinach/Jalapeno Spread,Artichoke Dip +Veggies,Tortilla Spinach Cream Cheese Wraps & Fruit Kebobs w/Hazelnut Sugar,Homemade Banana/Strawberry/Blackberry Ice Cream+Homemade Organic Turbinado Sugar Cookies,Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar +lots of Wines(5) new ones_we're all still recuperating from Bacon & Wine & Food Overdose! But,we began our Feast with a "tradition" of "A Prosecco Toasting" using my cherished collection of Toasting Glasses.
The music of Enya,Loreena McKennitt,Dance of The Celts(a Narada Collection)_played in the background...the PARTEE was on!

                                    Even the "B" Man(Beethovan) got in on the craziness!

According to Urban Dictionary(HA!)..Get Me Bodied could mean the following:
A state of one's mind,a feeling of Extreme Inebriation or being profoundly high,a lethargic state of being induced by the consumption of certain opiates(BACON) & a state of mind where actions & emotions are all over the place with no thought process,thus on the road to having a wonderful time!Now,"BEYONCE" SONG_Get Me Bodied_seeks to excite someone or get hyped on the dance floor where a person is bodying your moves_as in:

I'm a Witness to the fact that all of the above is TRUE for the EFFECT BACON can have on one's being_as in Addicted to Bacon! We had fun! PARTEE_my Birthday in May! Theme is "Greek Goddess Party"_gettin' my Toga & Jesus Sandals,ready to set around the pool listening to a Harpist_with VISIONS of _BRONZE BODIED MALES APPEARING SCANTILY CLAD POSITIONED AS OUR WAITERS_TO OUR BECKON CALLS.....HA!


Irish Humor:
Irish Men
There are only three kinds of Irish men who can't understand women— young men, old men, and men of middle age.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

~Thoring No Mercy,Happy Spring Y'all ~'s Spring Time Y'all! Here in North Central Texas_Spring came in a very powerful way. Let's just say,I didn't really get to sleep until around 6:30am(Tuesday morning). From around 8pm Monday night_the Eve of Spring_Thor & his two Goat boys held us in a reign of TERROR!

Thor_ the Teutonic god is portrayed to be the "Most Powerful of the Norse Gods".He is the “God of Thunder”& ”God of Rains”.Also called DONAR which is the term associated with Thunderbolt and Rains.Thor is often said to have red-hair and beard and  believed to be the Son of Odin and Jord (The Goddess Earth). Thor showed no mercy last night in North Texas_he was fierceful as in the Battle field during the Ragnarok when he slayed the Giants in million.It is explained as “THORING NO MERCY”!
Thor is always accompanied by his two Goats_Toothgrinder & Toothgnasher as he rides across the sky! In his hands are three magical weapons the hammer, really a thunderbolt_, an iron gauntlet with which he handled the hammer-shaft; and a strength-increasing belt, capable of increasing his size by a half.
In Middle English_THURSDAY_means Thor'sday,Old English it means Thunder's Day_Soooo,I guess Thor & his Goat Boys got their days mixed up_yesterday was MONDAY!
The thunder & lightning was horrific,the rains came pouring down on us in sheets,the house shook and I didn't sleep! Okay_so I get it! Thor,ToothGrinder & ToothGnasher_wanted to make a Grand Entrance_sporting their Power..Well,it worked!
Today the Sun shines,the Sky is blue,the flower and fruit trees here on the Farm are in bloom,that's the real God's work....all is well...Welcome Spring 2012! But then again we never had WINTER in North Central Texas....
   Aaron's Hilltop Farm Wisteria in bloom_"after" the Texas Drought of 2011
  Aaron's Hilltop Farm_Wisteria in Bloom_2010_"before" the Texas Drought
                         Aaron's Hilltop Farm,Nectarine,Plum & Peach Trees in Bloom
Now that THOR & his Goat Boys showed no mercy_probably everything will be in bloom! Just to let you know "MY" Goats have Manners here on the Farm_they are NOT renegades like ToothGrinder & ToothGnasher!Here's a couple of my boys & girls:
                                   "Little Frosty"
                        That's "CurlyTop ELVIS" & the new babies_Bonnie & Clyde
And...drum roll...."I'm To Sexy For Myself" know you like me!
A Friend is ...
A friend is someone you can call to help you move. A best friend is someone you can call to help you move a body.

                               !Happy Spring 2012,Y'all!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Take a Hike in Honor of St.Patrick's Day or NOT!

Croagh Patrick  nicknamed The Reek is a 2,507 ft tall mountain and an important site of pilgrimage in  County Mayo,Republic of Ireland. It is situated above the villages of Murrisk and Lecanvey. Croagh  Patrick comes from the Irish word Cruach Phádraig meaning Saint Patrick's stack.

Croagh Patrick has been a site of pilgrimage, especially at the Summer Solstice, since before the arrival of Celtic Christianity.Saint Patrick reputedly fasted  on the summit of Croagh Patrick for forty days in the fifth century and built a church there.Popular legend says that at the end of Patrick's 40-day fast, he threw a silver bell down the side of the mountain, knocking the she-demon Corra from the sky and banishing all the snakes from Ireland.
                                          St.Patrick's Bed at The Summit
In modern times,a small chapel was built on the summit, and dedicated on 20 July 1905. During the pilgrimage on July 31,2005, a plaque commemorating the centenary of the building and dedication of the chapel was unveiled by Most Rev. Michael Neary,Roman Catholic Archbishop of Tuam.
                                   Church at The Summit
                                     View from Summit
                                        St.Patrick_Patron Saint of Ireland
So,you have a choice on this special day.......
take a slow hike in honor of St.Patrick to the Summit of Croagh Patrick, take a look at his bed,see the magnificent view at The Summit,take a moment of prayer like many pilgrims at the top and be thankful there are no snakes in Ireland.Join "Globe Trekker" Ian on his journey to the TOP:
The other option is to PARTEEEEEEEE! Think I'll open my BOTTLES of :
                                                        Concannon Crimson & Clover +
                                                 A big serving of Colcannon+

                            A couple slices of Tommy Moloney's Irish Back Bacon +
A wee bit of Irish Music,Friends,etc....and get my Parteeee on! Either way_ya'll be careful out there...

Alcoholic Insect
Three men walk into a bar: a Frenchman, an Italian and an Irishman. Each orders one beer. Three flys fly into the bar and one fly lands in each man's beer.

The Italian man plucks the fly out of his beer, says "tutto e bene" (all is well)" and drinks the beer.
The Frenchman shows his beer with the bug still inside it to the bartender and demands another beer.
The Irishman yanks the bug out of the beer, grabs it by it's wings, shakes it while yelling

"Cough it up, you wee theivin' bastard!"

                    ~ Take a Hike or Not~

Thursday, March 15, 2012

~Dancing the IrishTango on Ides of March Day~

Lads & Lasses,BEWARE for it is the 15th Day of March_aka Ides of March!

Julius Caesar,Act III,Scene 1:
Caesar: The Ides of March are come. Soothsayer: Aye,Caesar,but not gone.

Thus March 15th_also called the Ides of March_is forever linked with the 44 B.C. assassination of Julius Caesar & with "Prophecies of Doom".The Almighty Dictator Caesar held a stronghold on Rome_of which he hoped to make it permanent! His quest for the ALMIGHTY POWER spawned a conspiracy to have him killed.Ides comes from the Latin word idus which means half division in relation to a month.In modern times it means a really fun time!
A seer had foreseen that Caesar would be harmed not later than the Ides of March and on his way to the Theatre of Pompey(where he would be assassinated)_Caesar met that seer and joked, "The Ides of March are come", meaning to say that the prophecy had not been fulfilled, to which the seer replied "Aye, Caesar; but not gone."

This meeting is famously dramatized in William Shakespeare's play
Julius Caesar, when Caesar is warned by the soothsayer to "beware the Ides of March.". Julius Caesar was stabbed 33 times (three and thirty wounds) according to Shakespeare's play (23 times, in real life).

Fast-forward 2011 release "The Ides of March"Film premiered on August 31, 2011 as the opening film of the 68th Venice International Film Festival. "The Ides of March"with modern day Big Screen Gods, Clooney & Gosling is a film_of which I haven't seen yet_ on the American political system. I wonder how it will relate to the original concept..will have to see that movie,soon,real soon!

Meanwhile,Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, John from Revelations, the Mayans, and other psychics depict terrible end of time cataclysms that will result in the end of life as we know it.While some appear to be attracted to these prophecies of dome_I rather like the Modern meaning of the day_a really fun time.

What better way to enjoy the day than with a wee bit of Irish Tango! That's right..some may think the Irish only dance the traditional Irish Step dancing as in River Dance. By the way,Step Dancing is also an African -American tradition bought to this country from Africa. Irish Tango is a social dance form originating in Argentina.

"Paddy dear, say can you do, the tango up and down?All the Irish do the tango now, you must    Tango to avoid a row".Composer Ernest Breuer,Lyricist Walsh J Brandon,copyright 1914
(row= fuss/argument)

Now,this Tango dance fascinates the inner soul.The first time I saw the Argentina Tango on Dancing with the Stars_I've wanted to dance the Tango! It's never to late to learn. Take a look at Irish Tango:

Now take a look at Nicole & Derek on Dancing with the Stars :

My favorite Argentina Tango Dance is from the movie "Shall We Dance" with the great,great music of GOTAN PROJECT.If you don't have any music from Gotan Project_quick go get it,NOW!

So,which would you like to do? Sit around thinking of "gloom & dome" or Dance the Tango?

                *** Irish Humor***
Irishman on the Roof:
How do you get an Irishman on the roof?
Tell him the drinks are on the house!
     ~"Dance the Tango on the Ides of March"~

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Black Facials,Black Irish & Black & Brown Harps"..Start your engines this is_ Gonna be a Good Ride!

Worth Watching_the "Black Irish" movie? You Betcha! Although,the box office $$ in the USA showed little of nothing to be made in profits in 2007_this movie could be any family's story,Irish or Not!
The main character,a sixteen-year-old struggles for independence is put to the test as his South Boston Irish-Catholic family implodes around him.An older brother descends into a life of drugs and crime, his pregnant sister is being sent away to cover up the shame of unwed motherhood,his father spends his days in a fog of alcohol and self-pity,silently torturing himself over what might have been and an overbearing goody two-shoe Irish mother.The one thing that keeps the young lad's head above water is his love of baseball. A talented baseball pitcher,he overcomes self-doubt and family indifference to fight his way into the state championships.To get there however, he must make a life and death decision, one that will change the family forever.This is a GOOD Movie_watch it!

And,on another note regarding "Black Irish"...You may recall reading in my October 21,2011 Post about_"Complexion Solutions:Arsenic Wafers & Bird Poop"_
Well,I'm adding another "complexion solution"_the use of Irish peat an age old Irish tradition for facials.Take a look:

Looks yummy,right? This is how it works_Peat has excellent moisture- retaining qualities which improves skin elasticity. When peat is applied to the skin, it penetrates partially between the epidermis cells of the skin. An exchange reaction of ions is produced when the binding process with albumin in the skin occurs. The harmful positive ions in the skin tissues are exchanged for the rejuvenating negative ions in the moor peat. These particles are captured by the blood vessels in the system, carried throughout the body to help healing. The rejuvenating benefits can be attributed to the abundance of essential oils, fatty acids and lipids. These penetrate into the skin re-establishing the skin's natural pH balance. Read more and purchase via this site:

Or take a look at what a thousand year old face looks like here:  



Now,another subject of today's Blog was an interesting tidbit of knowledge I learned while watching the TV show_"The Amazing Race".One of the challenges while on the leg to Paraguay was to properly string a HARP!Who knew_as the Announcer said_"The Harp is the National Instrument of Paraguay".

My thoughts on all things Harp relate to IRELAND.But ,NO!! After digging a little deeper,the Harp is the national instrument of not only Ireland,Paraguay but Wales,Israel, Burma,Ukraine, Peru(to a lesser degree) and Greece's lyre(a second cousin to the Harp). Which is funny because in planning my upcoming "Greek Goddess Birthday Party" in May_I've contacted the Harpist that played at my "Garden Birthday Party" accompanied by my nephew on Cello a couple years back to provide the Music.My friends and I will dress in togas while lounging around the pool with Harp music playing,eating Grapes & maybe a Greek bronze-bodied,scantily-clad Greek Male God may show up ...can't wait!!!!

The Paraguayan Harp was redesigned using tropical woods and other features.Paraguayan Harpist taught future generations via oral lessons,singing the lyrics in the language of the guarani. New techniques were developed moving away from classical traditions.Nails,instead of fingertips,were used to pluck the strings.Frontline World did an excellent story on Paraguay_Sounds of 9:35m listen to the children Harpist play their traditional music:

Compare that style to one of my favorites_Loreena McKennitt_"Lady of Shalott".

Black Facials,Black Irish,Harps of The World_now that's probably something you never thought about..chalk it up as something you learned TODAY! Hope you enjoyed the journey....I did!

So,I'll end this Blog with some most beautiful pictures of "Harp's Around the World".
                                                Celtic Harp(Clairsach)

                                      Paraguayan Harp

                                                        Welsh Harp,triple(telyn)

                                        Israel Harp(Kinnor)
                                         Sweden (NyckelHarpa)

                                          Burmese Harp(Saung-Kaukharp)

                                         Ukraine (Bandura Harp)
                                                 Venezuelan Harp

                                                       ***A Little Irish Humor***
Lassi says "Paddy we've been married along time. You're good lookin and I think you've slept with alotta women. I won't be mad but I would like to know how many if any. Paddy says. My lovely Lass you should know I never slept with anyone but you my Darlin. All the rest I was awake!!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

***The Black Irish...NOT what you think***

"Mora na maidine dhuit"...Top of the Morning To You! After Blogging the Black History Month Series on Creoles_I thought why not start the Green Month off with a little color!
I AM NOT _as I once was told_ A Black Irish! However,my other half is an Irish-American!We are both History Buffs_learning early on that the saga of African-Americans and Irish-Americans lives in America was not a pretty picture. In fact,in a cartoon drawing by H.Strickland Constable in "Ireland from One or Two Neglected Points of View"(1899) depicts similar physical features of both.

The fact is the term "Black Irish" is an ambiguous term!Traditionalist maintain the term to be in accordance with a dark-haired phenotype of Irish descent.Dark hair,brown eyes,medium skin tone OR dark hair,blue or green eyes and fair skin tone are physical attributes of the so called "Black Irish". It was interesting to learn that most people of Irish descent have dark hair_not so much darker skin complexion.

I've always admired the brilliant "Red Heads"often associated with the Irish.You will find in my Blog Archives(Oct.6,2011_"ROODHARIGENDAG (RED HEAD DAY)"_what fun that must be surrounded by Red-Heads! I confess my friends and I refer to ourselves as RED-HEADS_we love Red Wines! In Ireland,the hair colour is predominately brown with only 10% having auburn or red hair.Ulster(Northern Ireland) has the highest frequency of redheads.Which does NOT compute with the fact that my husband's family comes from County Cork in Munster(South-West)! My late Mother-in-law had curly red hair!
Irish History tells of the many invasions which included:Celts,Vikings,Normans,English,Scottish
and Spanish.Each of these immigrant groups had their own physical characteristics.Consider the Vikings were often referred to as the "dark invaders or black foreigners",Normans of French origin were black-haired people,the Spanish settlers had dark features .Irish emigrants who settled in the West Indies and those that arrived in America were given this as a derogatory name_"Black Irish". Today genetic studies suggest migrations from Prehistoric Iberia "may" be viewed as the primary source for physical attributes. Which ever direction people from the past came from_when they settled in Ireland_the pot got mixed!

YES, there are Black people in Ireland,especially in Dublin.Many came in the 18th Century as servants of wealthy families.There were other Africans in Ireland that were not slaves..i.e Olaudah Equiano,lived in Belfast and was a Writer.Black slavery was rare in Ireland at this date, although the legal position remained unclear until a judgement in England in 1772, the "SOMERSETT'S CASE".
Lord Mansfield declared slavery as,"it's so odious, that nothing can be suffered to support it".

Meet Lori Moore, a student from Belfast,Northern Ireland who was crowned Miss Northern Ireland 2010.She represented the country at Miss World 2010 being placed in the top 25. Lori is the first woman of black heritage to be crowned Miss Northern Ireland.Moore represented the United Kingdom in Miss International in 2011.

Next time a person calls me a  Black Irish..guess I'll just have to Educate them! Let's have some fun this month celebrating "The Beautiful Emerald Isle".

                                  ~A Little Irish Humor~
Saloonkeeper_Here,you haven't paid for that whiskey you ordered.

Irishman_What's that you say?

Saloonkeeper__I said you haven't paid for that whiskey you ordered!!!!!

Irishman_Did you pay for it?

Saloonkeeper_Of course I did!

Irishman_Well,then,what's the good of both of us paying for it?

                          ~Agus cuid eile an lae dhuit fein~.
                                                   And the rest of the day to yourself.