Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"My Hex-A-Decimal Halloween Outfit"

In 1995 or there about,I'm watching my Saturday Cooking shows on PBS,surfing to see what else is on Saturday morning TV,came across an animated action cartoon called "ReBoot".Now,I'm not one for Sci-Fi or modern cartoons,but this one caught my attention! These 3-D characters were part of a 30 minute TV Series unheard of at that time.It seems in the 80's four "GEEKS" had the 3-D concept but technology had NOT advanced enough to make the show available.However,after animation test were completed in 1991,this Series took root on the Saturday morning cartoon line-up. I was HOOKED_as computers were just beginning to take over the WORLD! This Series explained the inner workings of the computer.Recently,I purchased the DVD Collection from Amazon.Here's a little background on the Series:

Setting:Inner world of a computer known by it's inhabitants as MAINFRAME
Main Characters:
Bob Guardian#452 of the MainFrame
Phong: a Zen-like character was the Adviser(must play Pong w/ him before he helps)
Dot Matrix: Local Diner Owner + other properties in the MainFrame (WOMAN PROPERTY OWNER,YEA!)
Enzo:Dot's little brother_keeping with the computer theme of the show, "ENZO" is an acronym of four common computer processor status register flags, (E)nable Interrupt + (N)egative + (Z)ero + (O)verflow
MegaByte:Infectious computer virus,command & conquer
Hexadecimal:Megabyte's twin sister (came from the same viral strand: Killabyte), a "chaotic" computer virus, whose face is represented by a series of masks, each portraying a different emotion. She is the opposite of Megabyte, and is a "Chaos Virus."
Mouse:Freelance Hacker
Hack & Slash:Henchmen of Megabyte_they are not very good at solving problems.
These are some of the characters which have become "Collector's Items"from the Series,BIG Bucks!There's always an "incoming game" from the "USER" in just about all the episodes which interferes with the smooth workings in Mainframe.I'm a BIG TIME USER because I'm always playing "Mahjong"! I loved the episode where Megabyte in blue above morphs into an 18 Wheeler.BUT,My All Time favorite is HEXADECIMAL!!!

The American Author Edith Wharton character in "Ethan Frome"_Zeena sitting at the breakfast table says: "I'm Feeling Mighty Mean This Morning"! HEXADECIMAL would probably say something like that in a face mask of her choosing.

NOTE:Ethan Frome 1911 Pulitzer Prize won by Edith Wharton. Movie made in 1993.Edith Wharton is my favorite Author.I've visited her restored home many times in Lenox,Ma. Link to:


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