Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Recently,I watched _"The Grand"(1997 BBC TV Series)_rented from Netflix.I love MOVIES! I watch about 6-8 movies a week..that's right I'm a Netflix Movie Nut. I really enjoyed this series_ "Welcome to The Grand...A 4-star 1920's English Hotel where melodrama is offered in high style.Love,Lust,Adultry,Greed, Prostitution & plenty of juicy gossip come into play as owners John & Sarah Bannerman host a crop of colorful characters". AND..you thought BBC movies were Boring?..Wrong! There were many one sentence zingers throughout_BUT_this one struck my fancy.When the "Residence Prostitute" was being chastised by her  position in Life_she replied_"Frankly,I've always thought highly of my Profession as a Whore".. rewind button,rewind button..."SAY WHAT?".Then ,I had to pick myself up after laughing so hard my stomach ached.I said..Now there's a Woman that enjoys the ups & downs (no pun intended) of her Profession!

The Lady in question is the first one from the left in white w/black stole & RED HAIR (a Roodharigendag no doubt)_that's a whole other story!

BUT,it got me to thinking about other "Famous Zingers in Movies"! Remember these:
1. "Gone With The Wind"..Rhett Butler.."Frankly,My Dear,I don't give a Damn".
Prissy.."I don't know nothin 'bout birthin' babies"
2."The Sixth Sense"..."I see Dead People"
3.:Steel Magnolias"...."Smile,it enhances your Face Value" in your most Southern voice!
4."Taxi Driver"..."You talkin'to me?"
5."Jerry Maguire".."You had me at hello"
AND from my two favorite movies....
6."Age of Innocent"..Countess Ellen Olenska (Michelle Pfeiffer) to Newland Archer(Daniel Day "
    (a FINE lookin'Man) Lewis on their first "bedding".."Shall I come to you once & then go home?"
     Ha,Not to be...cause' once was not enough!
7."The Last of The Mohicans"...Duncan(British Officer)on getting recruits for the 1757 French &
    Indian War to Hawkeye(Daniel Day (did I say Fine lookin' Man) Lewis...
    Duncan:There's a War on!How is it you are headed West? (in a nasty voice)
    Hawkeye:Well,we kinda face to the North & real SUDDEN-LIKE turn left! LOVE it!

So,My Friends...."Here's Looking at You Kid"~Casablanca (1942)~

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