Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So,you're getting that visual of a scantily clad young woman in a white top with  "Hootie The Owl" eyes placed cleverly in the bosom paired with short,short,nylon orange runner's shorts which CAN prompt "hooting calls",thus the name Hooter's.Or you could get a visual on a new Ad showing a hairy-faced guy dressed up in the "Hooter's Girl Outfit" of the above mentioned,complete with enhancements and a Blonde wig...or NOT! For more on that visual check out this article:

But,NO _these "Hooter's" have come to visit the past three years around October_say around 12 am until 3 am in a tree just outside my bedroom. Last night,I was about to do some "Hooter Hunting" as their conversation was keeping me from sleeping! This is what they sound like_scroll down to the "Great Horned Owl" & click on the first call at :

So,I found out there's about nine(9) different kinds of North Texas Owls.They breed in late Jan.or early Feb. and are often heard calling to each other in the Fall starting in October. The "Courting Rituals" include these callings above_ but their voices can range from deep booming hoots_(I'm thinking Barry White or Issac Hayes voice),shrill shrieks,they can BARK _(I'm outta here if I hear that one),coos(like babies),beak snapping,etc. They are "monogamous" and some bond for life.Owls have three sets of eyelids,cannot move their eyeballs,can turn their face upside down_AND_can swing it's head around & look...mmm,I wonder if they put their hands on hips & roll their eyes like some people in the world do? Anyho...after they finally stopped _then I heard the nightly trains passing through _blowing loud whistles,several times...what a Night!

In the Spring it's  Eastern Bluebirds & Scissor-tail birds;Summer brings the Mississippi Kites & Copperhead Snakes;Fall the "Hooters" & Copperheads disguised as Fall leaves;Winter runs a course of Red foxes,Cardinals,Red-Headed Woodpeckers..I guess that's what happens when you live in the country on a Farm! Here's to my "Hooter's",May their Courting Calls be Joyful !They make me smile...even if it's 3 am !

Here's "Hooting" at you....

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