Thursday, October 6, 2011


Who Knew? There's a Day set aside to celebrate "Yo Red-Ness Hair Day". The Redhead Day 2012 is on the 1st and 2nd of September 2012! It will be the 6th edition of the event in Breda,Netherlands! I was thinking it would rule out a couple of peeps.There are those that are Ms.Clairol-ified_seems those kinds are Not Welcome!You MUST have Natural Red-Hair-Ness! This could be my long lost child as my husband is Irish_redheads in his family_I'm African-American,Native Indian,mixed & so on....!

The festival started in 2005 unintentionally by the Dutch painter  Bart Rouwenhorst in the small Dutch city Asten. As a painter, he was inspired by artists like Dante Gabriel Rossetti & Gustav Klimt. Both of these artists created dramatic portraits of women, and both artists made famous paintings depicting redheaded women.To follow the footsteps of his favourite painters, Rouwenhorst planned an exhibition of 15 new paintings of redheads. Finding models was problematic, since redheads are rare in the Netherlands, only 2% of the population had natural red hair. To find models, an advertisement was placed in a local newspaper. However, instead of 15, 150 models volunteered. Not wanting to turn down so many potential models, Rouwenhorst decided to choose 14 models, organise a group photo shoot for remaining redheads, and have a lottery to decide by chance who would be the 15th and final model. This happening turned out to be the first Redheadday. 2011_6,000+ strong Redheads at the Festival! This is what it looked like:     Go Figure!

So,here's to all you Wanna-Bees,join the other Roodharigendags next year,OR...I consider myself a REDHEAD because I love Red Wines..either way..Cheers to "Yo Red-Ness".Peace Out!

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