Saturday, October 8, 2011


Fall is in the air..coming off a long 4 month hot TEXAS Triple Digit Heat Tsunami,it's time for Sweaters,nice jackets,scarves,etc...AND dust off my 1950's Vintage Style Slingback Saddle Oxfords:

Now,these are the ones with the cute little buckle in the back..when it's unbuckled it meant you're not going steady_buckled meant "BOYFRIEND" back in the Day!!! To my surprise these shoes have quite a history.Gillies (oxfords w/o a tongue)w/fringed laces worn w/kilts),Kilties(w/a tongue popular Golf style), Bucks(1870's) made from Brazilian or Chinese deer..aka "Buckskin" w/red rubber soles;Irish-American Humphrey O'Sullivan patented the first rubber heel(1899)which outlasted the leather heel; Pat Boone wore his trademark White Bucks to sing "Love Letters in the Sand"(1957);Saddle or Saddle Oxfords characterized by a "saddle "shaped leather at instep can be a single color or "duotone".Check out the cost advertised in Sears Catalog in 1941:
..$2.85!!!..a far cry from the cost today. In the 1920's Gene Sarazen was the first Professional Golfer to wear Buck Golf Shoes;"JITTERBUGGER'S (1938) made them popular because the dance required flat shoes for women;THEN "Spectators(two-toned shoes)_I have red/white,black/white ones,love em'; The Prince of Wales wore them and Fred Astaire danced in them..there you have it!

I HAD to wear these shoes against my "WILL" as a child...see, my Dad knew they would not fall apart easily..I was tough on shoes(a tom-boy),indeed! Even tried to cut the soles off..will never forget the "After-Effects" of that scolding!!! TODAY,I take pride in wearing my "Slingbacks". But must buy more like this pair :
A GREAT Source with timely & Old Fashion Customer Service is .
And,yes there really is a Muffy..the owner's name.Like they say_"We Saddle Shoes,Do You"?
So,I'm a Happy's time to get "yo SADDLE on"!

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