Tuesday, November 26, 2013

~ Don't Eat or Drink Toooo Much Turkey"~

                       Hi Y'all !From_Aaron's Hilltop Farm, North Central Texas!
In East Texas, Folks always said around this time of the year..."Don't Eat or Drink to much Turkey"! Being a kid, I never knew exactly what that meant but it was sure catchy! Fast-forward to Adulthood....now I know. I can buy into the Eat part tradition....

Eat now...pay later! But,I've come to disagree with that 'stuff yourself" mentality during the "Open Eating Season"_November through January!

And,I have Never,Ever bought into this "Drink Turkey" Thingies...

VS....Eat Turkey...
                                 ~ Turkey Dudes on the hunt for Dudettes ~

I have come to the conclusion that "A
Being Thankful Binge" suits me to a "T".

No longer can I hum the tune...
Over the hill and through the woods
To Grandmother’s house we go.

The new song...."Over the freeway & through the TRAFFIC, I'll go to my Sister's Home this year for the Thanksgiving Feast"! I have already informed her that I will NOT be overindulging in buttery, sugary, saturated-y fatty, etc..."stuff" & no yesteryear's of "Second Helpings".This has been my new "Mantra" since the Summer....& it works! 

Eat small amounts of the foods you love, Pace yourself,slow down & Drink plenty of water!!!

Here's hoping "YOU" count "YOUR BLESSINGS",enjoy your Family, Don't eat or drink too much Turkey, & have some fun on the first feasting of the...



XOXO, The Sage Book Whisperer.

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