Sunday, December 8, 2013


Day 3...Ice,Ice baby! It is no secret to those that know me_that Fall & Winter are my favorite times of the year! I love Fall Foliage &
Winter days filled with the Sun shining bright, crispy coldness in the air, S-N-O-W on the ground knee-deep, the cookstove fired up & a pot of "anything" on the stove,wine in my glass,..& the list goes on...BUT...ICE,SLEET & FREEZING FOG(WTHeck!)..didn't know FOG could freeze???_Day 3..aaaah,it's time for a WARM-UP....words you'd Never, Ever hear me say in a million years!!! I have seen this each morning for the past 3 days_

Weather folks say we will NOT be unfrozen,
thawed out, clear for take-offs, etc... until Wednesday!!! WT??? It looks like an Ice Capades Show watching "some folks" car-
skate on this rural country road in front of our
Farm_amazing the slow motion or the IDIOTS that try to go faster,faster in what is already a 30 mile speed zone...oh & this morning the City sent out an automated voice message that due to inclement weather "NO CHRISTMAS PARADE"today...guess the ICE GRINCHES are stealing Christmas this year....I had to cancel but re-schedule my Scandinavian Christmas Party for today because my friends"TEXAS IS CLOSED" & has entered~
            "THE TWILIGHT ZONE"!!!!

The 1959 American TV Show_ "The Twilight Zone"_ an American  television anthology series created by Rod Serling. It is a series of unrelated stories containing drama,psychological thriller,fantasy,science fiction,suspense and horror,often concluding with a macabre or unexpected twist. A popular and critical success, it introduced many Americans to serious science fiction and abstract ideas through television.

Unlock the door,another dimension of sight,sound,mind,shadows, has remained the "SAME" for three days..."I've just crossed over into the TwilightZoneLand".....

                                        Frozen Texas Sage Bush above..

                                  Frozen Rosemary Bush & yellow Garden Flag

                         My Favorite_Heavenly Bamboo Nadina Bush & Cupid

BUT FOR...the 514 episodes of the Peyton Place TV Series(1964-69) on DVD_of which I started watching three weeks ago....due to INCLEMENT weather ...I'm on Episode #489! I said to myself.....

Until next time.....I might try this "thingie " purchased on line....


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