Friday, November 8, 2013

"ABC's Future ~SCANDAL EPISODE"~...The Pope Goes to RE-HAB!

Am I the only one that "GETS" this concept? Every Thursday Night my phone, chores,
computer stuff, basically my Life is put on
"Texas Hold em" from 8-9 pm Central time
as "ABC's Scandal & Ms.Pope take over my
Universe! What I'm beginning to notice is_this
continuous concept that for everything Good or Bad, a Large Glass of Wine_OR_a Bottle of Wine is the "Panacea for all Ills" I sip this wonderful_

& listen to the Soundtrack of the movie "The
Stone Merchant"...

... & type this Blog will be short!!!!

Last night,I guess I was more aware of Ms.Pope's Wine Bottle & Wine Glass size with
the news of her off screen Preggers(congrats!)to her. Now I know all that is TV_has to be GRAPE JUICE, Right? Anyway...seems when  there's a problem or a happy moment we see....

The eyes say it all...there's lots of buzz about this on the net as well. BECAUSE_ it's NOT only Ms.Pope _but WOW_they can throw down on booze...Mellie,Capt.Jake,Cyrus,Quinn,Harrison,
_And President Fitz will "Sip a Tumbler of Whiskey" in a minute! Huck's already in Re-Hab_ "Hi,My name is Huck, I've been sober for 2 seconds! Scandal is NOW called "The Premier Drinking Game Show".

Then there's "Let Me Count The Ways Ms. Pope Drinks & Why"...all dressed in white mind you_

Soooooooo,here's the scoop on Wine Bottle Sizes_

Mmmmm,I think this glass is "The Pope's" size! Or this...

                   "The Pope's Wine Glass"

...And ,RARELY this_

WHAT? A cup of Joe....."Get the Rope"_there
needs to be a HANGIN"!

If you must's some Wine Bottle sizes information: 

Let Me Count The Ways to drink_


Heart Wine Glasses...w/Veins & Arteries...

I'm of the "Persuasion" that this TV Show gives one a reason to tie one on! Alcoholics in the Making.... I do like this show BUT NOT for that reason_just good writing and acting!

Well, the music is on the last cut, guess it's time to fill my second glass of Cabernet...

....Happpppy Friday ! Remember Your ABC's



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