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Mystical Musical Nights~Nights from Alhambra & The Courtyard of David~

Welcome,all "Mental Travelers"! I'm glad you've joined me on this journey_together we'll be transported into a palace and fortress located in Granada,Andalusia,Spain.Constructed during the mid 14th century by the Berber rulers of the Emirate of Granada in al-Andalus,it sits at the top of a hill ~Alhambra~,"the red fortress".....overlooking this area.

The Alhambra's Moorish palaces were built for the last Muslim Emirs in Spain and its court_the Nasrid Dynasty.We will experience our journey in the Palace of Charles V,built by Charles V._Holy Roman Emperor in 1527.His Palace was inserted into the Alhambra within the existing Nasrid fortifications.
                                       Many,many fountains among the Palaces...
                                        ~ Arches in Mosque~
                             ~Detailed Wall Carving..exquisite!~

~Alhambra~ exhibits Spain's most significant and well known Berber Islamic Architecture,16th century Christian buildings and Gardens.The Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moorish poets described it as "a pearl set in emeralds",in allusion to the colour of its buildings and the woods around them.

Follow me to...The Palace of Charles V. for our experience.....
                      ~The Palace of Charles V~Palacio De Carlos V.Alhambra~
At the heart of this massive square structure,is a circular Courtyard which symbolizes Heaven and Earth_indeed impressive and unique.
                                         ~The Courtyard of The Palace of Charles V~
~Doric colonnades of conglomerate stone,orthodox classical,classified as a Mannerism structure~

It is nightfall Mental Travelers....lit by Andalusian stars above and stage lights below,hear the sounds of running water from the several fountains and cascades,feel the gentle breeze on your face,smell the fragrant Spanish jasmine and gardenia nearby,look to the sky for twinkling stars,embrace the enchanting walls as they whisper sounds of travelers from centuries past,isolated from outside noise, relax and be taken to your world of imagination whatever that maybe..witness the enchanting musical performance,set beneath the stars in the breathtaking Moorish heart of medieval Spain.......................................captured in concert 2006 by singer/composer Loreena  McKennitt...an unforgettable experience!

 ..only a real Artist can set the words of great Poets to music like Loreena...talented beyond words!

~Breathe life into this feeble heart,Lift this mortal veil of fear,take these crumbled hopes,etched with tears,we'll rise above these earthly cares...cast your eyes on the ocean,cast your soul to the sea,when the dark night seems endless,please remember me...~Dante's Prayer~Loreena McKennitt.(as in Dante's Inferno..one of my favorites).

Yet, my fellow travelers our journey does not end in Spain!Travel with me to another beautiful setting in Sarasota,Fla...another night filled with stars above,a gentle breeze, plush surroundings,along the Bay Shore Road...arriving "in the nick of time" at the gateway of the Ringling Museum Of Art to witness the voice of an angel...for PBS Great Performance....11 year old Jackie Evancho sings Nessum Dorma:

Nessum Dorma_an aria from the final act of Puccini's opera Turandot. It is one of the best-known Tenor arias in all opera. It is sung by Calaf, il principe ignoto (the unknown prince), who falls in love at first sight with the beautiful but cold Princess Turandot. However, any man who wishes to wed Turandot must first answer her three riddles; if he fails, he will be beheaded. I read the book ...what an amazing story for young and old!I love this aria so much, I "TRY" to sing it often while taking a shower.....

"Nessum dorma!Nessum Dorma!Tu pure,o Principessa,nella tua fredda stanza,guardi le stelle che tremano d'amore,e di speranza!"_(None Shall Sleep!None Shall Sleep!Even you,O princess,in your cold bedroom,watch the stars that tremble with love and with hope)

Oh!!!, how familiar this landscape looks...yet another beautiful venue to engage the senses.."The Center Courtyard at the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art",Sarasota,Florida.
                            Venetian Gothic Style

The Courtyard of the Museum of Art features casts of original antiquities and renaissance sculptures, including the towering David by Michelangelo. The Courtyard features two fountains - Fountain of Tortoises, one of three replicas from the Piazza Mattei in Rome, and the Oceanus Fountain, copied from the 16th century original by Giovanni Bologna in Florence’s Boboli Gardens.

Here's a few references :




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Thank you for being my travel companion on both of these "unforgettable journeys". Beautiful Music & surroundings..I'm almost lightheaded from the experience! Keep your Passport handy as we  continue to be "Mental Travelers" on planet Earth.On second thought, I need to make some real travel plans for the Fall....I'm feeling an Epic Journey!

~A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.~Lao Tzu

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