Wednesday, May 23, 2012


             "Know Thyself" order for one to be wise. *Socrates*

There are moments in one's Life when the simple notion of surrounding one's self with friends is the ultimate JOY! My Birthday Party this past weekend was one of those moments! I'm declaring that I have got the Best Friends ever!!!!....the mixture of personalities,the funny sayings,the laughter,the hugs.. each person is like the most exquisite gifted wrapped present EVER...the Joy of just being with close friends is ....Priceless!!!!!!
As I've mentioned before in my Blog_I started having themed parties about ten years ago.This party was Hosted by a good friend who assured me that her creative skills were all good!Indeed...WOW!,what a setting_by the pool..with the Greek theme flowing from every corner inside and out,Greek music playing in the background.. at one point I imagined that we were in Santorini,Greece....
...okay ,so my mind was playing tricks or treats on me...or maybe it was the Greek Wine..WOW!that's some powerful wine...
"Boutari Greek Wines_Naoussa & Kretikos"

The food was delicious_3 flavors of Hummus dip w/Pita chips & Wheat Rusks,Turkey & Asparagus Wraps,Lentil Salad,Spanakopita,Greek Dolmas,Stuffed Pepperoncini(Pancetta/Cheese),Pepperoncini Dip,Chicken & Veggies Kabobs,Green Beans w/Caramelized Onions & Focaccia Bread_Baklava and Southern Lemon Pound Cake w/Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream...(a little Southern Greek food)!

The Bellydancing was OUTRAGEOUS_and if I put the videos on this Blog_I'd have to move into a Witness Protection Program....immediately!!!
Veilleuses,Collectors Guide(book),Passport w/ stamps from Greece,Cards....
Greek Goddess Veil,Bracelet &Skirt& Headband,Greek Spices,The Scarlet Contessa(book)...
Okay, A Ballerina FROG (with a good Bra),Greek Spices,A White Ironstone style Dish,APicnic Basket for Wine(beautimost)...

Birdhouse Teapot,Wine, Art Deco Chime...

                                        9 NEW VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!WHOA......
                        FRIEND Chime,Mini-Tagines,Greek ice bucket,Silk Road(book)...
                   My girlfriend's daughter(5 yrs old)painting & sweet!!!!!
                     Love that Greek Bag & New Greek Cookbook to add to my Collection!
                                             A Blue & White Grecian Salad Bowl
                       A gift to me from me...My First "Antique Veilleuses Teapot"..Love it!

Here's a couple of presentable photos from the party..
That's me in Yellow w/Violet _my Classmate from East Texas
Pam,Jill(Hostess),Violet & Shelly
Joy,Amy(traveled from Tacoma,WA),Jill & Karen
"Sorors" Pam & Karen giving the hand sign for Zeta Phi Beta
Back row:Shelly,Joy,Amy,Karen
Jill,Pam &Violet

This my friends was a Damn good birthday party! Who knew these Travel Parties would take on such an adventure. Greece was pretty special_loved it!My hats off to all of my dear friends,EFHARISTO!

     GREECE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Next trip_SPAIN FOR CHRISTMAS ...need to start "perfecting my skills" on making ...


                                                "FLAMENCO,dance like you mean it,Baby!!!"
My friend Amy has traveled to Spain & has danced the Flamenco in Dance School.Can't wait!

"Life isn't about finding Yourself.Life is about creating,


                                                     *George Bernard Shaw*

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