Monday, May 28, 2012


Don't want to burst any one's bubble today or rain on your parade_because I know y'all's Grills are being prepped for cooking,the salads,beans,cakes,plenty of beer,wine,& the hard stuff are on hand,smokes,etc are ready_folks on the way to Partee! Yea,it's the beginning of Summer Fundays....BUT Wait...

Take the time today to remember the people who served & still serve in the Armed Forces so that you may enjoy the Freedom to Celebrate!!!!

"Memorial Day" is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Formerly known as "Decoration Day",it originated after the American Civil War  to commemorate the Union soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died in all wars.

Charles Edward Ives (October 20, 1874 – May 19, 1954)was an American Modernist Composer.
He composed "A Symphony: New England Holidays,aka A New England Holiday Symphony or Holiday Symphony,for orchestra.It took him from 1897 to 1913 to complete all four movements. The four movements in order are:
I. Washington’s Birthday
II. Decoration Day_listen below to his rendition
III. The Fourth of July
IV. Thanksgiving

                                           Composer Charles Ives_Decoration Day

So,even if you don't like Classical Music_just taking a moment to remember is important!Here's some moments in pictures_worth a thousand words....

Here's my other half_he's served in the Army(1st Cavalry),Navy & Army Reserves.
Currently,a Historical Reenactor for The Civil War,Irish Zouaves,Sons of the American Revolution and my sweetie!Both my Dad(deceased) & older brother served in the Navy.

5/28/2012_Taken at Aaron's Hilltop Farm_Headed to the Cemetery... will give a Soldier's Salute w/ his Musket,etc......Served this country from 1975-1995!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!

"And I'm proud to be an American,where at least I know I'm free.And I won't forget the "Men,Women,Gays & Lesbians who died,who gave that right to me"


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