Monday, April 30, 2012

"I Scream For Ice Cream & BellyDancing?"....Don't Ask!

As a kid growing up in the Piney Woods of East Texas,going to the Dairy Queen for a soft serve was heavenly! Indeed,a nice treat on a blistering 100+ degree day...we had those often!My brother and I would fry eggs on the concrete ....until we got caught! Throughout my early teens and young adulthood_I ventured into "Blue Bell Buttered Pecan" ice cream,creamy,buttery and just Damn good!My other favorite during college days was Cabell's Vanilla Bean ice cream.Now,that one was hard to get in Houston.So,a college friend from Dallas would load up the Cabell's VB on her trips home...bringing me great joy upon her arrival! I Loved Her!!Now these trends continued throughout_UNTIL_an AHA MOMENT_you have to exercise longer and harder to get ice cream off your hips,thighs,stomach,etc..or perhaps if you'd like to wear this little number...
..."I Scream For Ice Cream Corset".Ouch,that probably doesn't feel good after indulging in one's favorite treat.

Recently,I discovered that I could in fact have a soft serve treat_AND_I could eat it for Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner,it's FRUIT! Okay,I was game to find out how in the Hell that was possible!!!! Turns out this little yellow thingies called banana_loaded with potassium & other "good stuff"_

can be chopped in small pieces,frozen solid,popped in a "FOOD PROCESSOR"_(doesn't work in blender)_whirled around,stopping several times to scrape down,eventually turning into a soft serve type ice cream.The first go round was interesting because I was still it took a minute or so for the soft serve appearance.BUT,it works!I got adventurous next time by adding frozen strawberries,Madagascar Vanilla, & Wheat Germ,a spoon of Hawaiian Honey_gave it a husband lost his mind.....More,More he yells from the computer room! Next up,I'll try the Maple syrup/Banana one like this one...

This recipe is a KEEPER!You really don't have to add anything just the frozen bananas!But my "Inner Foodie Child" will not be satisfied until I've lost my mind creating soft serve treats this Bacon Soft Serve!!!!I did learn that other fruits work as well_BUT_the consistency is different.On yesterday,I made Ricotta Chocolate Chip stuffing for rolled-up Crepes,gave the frozen strawberries a whirl with a little powdered sugar,Tahitian Vanilla,popped the mixture in the freezer for a couple hours to set.Delicious served on the side of Crepe with a couple freshly sliced strawberries on top,with a little cocoa sifted on top ...AGAIN, my husband yells more,more,we need more! I'm thinking..he's losing his mind.But he is the "Quintessential Ice Cream-Aholic"..and did I say never gains weight!

So, you can freeze any fruit or combination of fruits solid,give it a whirl in a FOOD PROCESSOR "ONLY" _if bananas are the base,it'll be soft serve;if other fruits it'll be sorbet!

Either way you cannot go wrong.Here's a couple sites to help you along on this Foodie Adventure:

So,now how does BellyDancing fit into this scenario....? I decided that I'm going semi-vegetarian & bellydancing will be my form of exercise_since I HATE Gym exercise routines.I'd much rather dance than participate in all that crazy stuff!

A couple years back,I discovered "The BellyTwins" videos in 2009.In anticipation of my upcoming Greek Goddess Birthday Party(May 2012)_ we will try Greek Bellydancing.In May 2009 we did Moroccan Bellydancing at my Moroccan birthday party. I decided to brush up on my skills.These ladies are AWESOME_I want to invite them to my birthday party!!!
I have their T-shirt,Book_"The Way of The Belly",Fitness for Beginners(Basic Moves & Fat Burning) DVD and the "Slim Down" for Beginners DVD.Neena & Veena are awesome,go shopping here_
Watch this clip from Basic Moves & Fat Burning :

When I get my body like this,I'll post a photo.
Warning:May require holding one's breathe for awhile!

Bottomline,my "Inner Child Ice Cream Mind & my "Inner Child Dreams of being a Belly Dancer Mind_will all come together with this Game Plan,Game On.....I'm feelin Happy!

~Life is like an ice-cream cone,you have to lick it one day at a time!!!.........Charles M.Schulz. ~

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