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Spinning,Whirling,Weight Loss...Really?

I have been interested in this subject matter for some time. It all started with one of my favorite things to do...a movie.So,I'm watching this Really,Really Controversial movie_ "The Stone Merchant" 2006_when  Harvey Keitel(main character) invites a couple into a cave to witness this special ritual of Whirling Dervishes_mind you he's doing more watching of the Professor's(Jordi Molla)_wife(Jane March) than the ritual dancing! Whoa, later on Keitel & March had some really,really steamy bedroom scenes! But,the whirling dervishes invoked my curiosity button_and I wanted to know more! Then,I was reading about spinning as a weight loss tool _and my query became what's is the difference between the two and ..REALLY...a tool for weight loss,spinning,whirling?


As a child,I'd be giddy with joy after a good spin ...around,around,eyes to the blue East Texas sky_until my parents yelled stop it_"you're gonna make yourself sick"!Turns out this colorless,odorless instant high was displayed right in front of parents_of which they probably spinned in front of their parents and so on..... until they were staggering like a drunk!Think about it,there were all sorts of spins to be had during childhood:

The Carousel concept dates back to Byzantine bas-relief around 500 AD_which depicts riders in baskets suspended from a central pole...who knew?  Spin the Bottle,Spinning Tops,Spinning Wheels,Hand spinning,etc.But the top spin in action was called "Dizzy-Izzy Relay".One of my BFF's mentioned this one to me_as I'd never heard of it.You put your forehead on a baseball bat,look at the ground,and spin around the bat at least 10 times before running to tag the next person in line.Thing is _you fall flat on your face..end of spinning & tag!

Research Neurologist,Dr.Phillip Spackman describes the spinning in circles this way:"They're literally scrambling their brains.The inner ear,which processes a complex series of stimuli in order to maintain balance,gets overloaded and the body simply collapses in confusion.It's like kicking a phonograph.What happens after you do it?The needle skips." He views the spinning in circles as a way children heighten their sensory and emotional state.Some even hold their breathe until they turn blue...let me just say...I did NOT do  this!

 Mmm,I guess the question is which spin is better_ closed or opened eyes...I'm dizzy already! See that's a good point_once you get to a certain age group_being dizzy is NOT fun!So,I'm gonna pass on this form of weight loss!! I might try this one,maybe,maybe not! A 20th century invention Spinning Bikes for weight loss.So here's to yesteryear's of Wheeee,heheheh,yurp,spinning,etc....Not doing it!

Kinda' can relate to this woman's take on all this spinning phenom....

Hehehehe,Wheeee,NOT!Chill-laxing instead.

On a more serious note,one of the symptoms of childhood Autism is spinning.Here's more information:

It is called Sufi Whirling or Sufi Spinning, a form of (Sama) physical active meditation which originated among the Sufis and still practiced by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order.The Dervishes aim to reach the source of perfection(kemal) in this ceremony.One must abandon one's Ego or personal desires by listening to the music,focusing on God and spinning one's body in repetitive circles,which is symbolic of the planets in the Solar system orbiting the Sun.

The Sema Ritual:
The Semazen's camel hair hat(sikke) represents the "Tombstone of the Ego";
Wide White Skirt represents the "Ego's Shroud"_removal of the "Black Cloak" represents that he is spiritually reborn to truth;
Beginning of Sema_holding arms crosswise represents the number one_thus testimony to God's Unity;
While Whirling_arms open,right arm directed to sky to receive God's beneficence's,left arm_upon which his eyes are fastened,is turned toward the Earth. To those who witness the Sema as they revolve from right to left_God's gift of Love to all humanity is witnessed.The human being has been created with love. Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi says,"All loves are a bridge to Divine love.Yet,those who have not had a taste of it do not know!".Rumi is one of my all time favorite Poet,Theologian and Sufi Mystics!!! Learn more about Rumi at:

The Sufi Whirling Dervishes of Istanbul

Stone Merchant Movie Clip

So,what does all of this mean? Well, the age old custom children created since who knows when of spinning for a natural high & fun _PLUS_ the age old custom Rumi started around 1228 (he did Whirling up to 36 hours)_has now become a weight loss method practiced by some creative thinkers of the time!Spinning is even included in the five rituals of Tibetan rites of Rejuvenation_a Yoga routine which spinning is the first. Supposedly,it is a way of restoring hormonal imbalance and creating lasting youth,health and vitality.If you'd like to read a free E-Book by Jennifer Jolan visit this site:

My conclusion on this phenom_think I'll stick to my "Dancing to the Oldies" as my form of exercise.Spinning  for me _would require a source of oxygen,an ambulance and a hospital visit _from what is considered a Natural High...I'm thinking I'm dizzy already ,I don't need to exacerbate it with spinning or whirling.But ,I must say I'm fascinated with the Whirling Dervishes.

"People of the world don't look at themselves, and so they blame one another." ~Rumi~

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