Monday, April 9, 2012

"Getting Caught With Your Pants Down"

Get your mind out of the gutter! This is all about Chamber pots,Thunder-mugs,Slopjars,Peggy's,Badgers,Jugs,Biffy's,Loo's,Privies,Outhouses,etc...

Yes,my insatiable quest for knowledge leads me down many strange but not unusual roads.This one came about while visiting an Antique store a couple years back.Neatly wrapped in blue ribbons was a book called "The Vanishing American Outhouse" by Ronald S. Barlow.After I recovered from laughter and memories of visiting my grandmother's outhouse as a child in Deep East Texas_I said to myself there's a story behind those "Outhouses".Fast forward to present day_I gave my friend a copy as part of her Christmas prizes this past year,she spotted the book in my bathroom!When guest visit my home and become in need of the "Necessary Room"_they will find this book and a couple more,including "The History of Farting" by Dr.Benjamin Bart..,hilarious(by a real Physician). Indeed,fine reading material at their fingertips! Here's one other treasure-related find_found at an Old Farm filled with Antiques in Peterborough,NH!
That my friends is an old crackled "Chamber Pot"_I've filled with Pine Cones to discourage it's proper's a better look...
Unfortunately,it's got a "crack"(no pun intended) on the side _AND_it's not from the Famed England Plumber/Manufacturer_Thomas would have been worth a fortune if Crapper made it.Read more about the old Crapper here:

Seems the Commoners used Chamber pots made of stoneware,pewter,enameled iron or tin.The Chamber Maids had the honor to empty,clean and returned the vessels kept under the beds. Royalty owned chamber pots made of onyx,brass,silver and gold_talk about sitting on a golden throne...sorry,I was tempted! The people of Great Britain upgraded in the 1600's to chairs,trunks,chest and bedside stands some with plush upholstery,elaborate woodwork,inlaid silver or gold. One of the most beautiful restored chair-like throne(1886),I've seen was at the Iolani Palace while on tour in Hawaii.Check out the Palace at this site_   Do take the tour when in Honolulu.

The history of this normal process (of all living things) goes back to Biblical times where the first laws  were recorded in Deuteronomy. Also,indoor bathrooms reference can be found in the Book of Judges. During Biblical times,King Eglon of Moab prolong visit to his privy chamber was discovered by the servants with a dagger in his belly.Perhaps the term_"Getting caught with your pants down"came from the history of many outhouse homicides from the past!

Which brings me to the subject matter of Texans Lovin' their Crappers! I took a train trip to San Antonio in 2006 for a Spa Vacation at the Historic Menger Hotel_ next door to the Alamo_across the street from the famed River Walk. In 2008 Art on Outhouses helped celebrate the 122nd Anniversary of Indoor Plumbing at The Menger Hotel called the Thunderbox Road Art Exhibit. They had some AWESOME Thunderboxes on view for auction. Check out some of them here_my favorites.BUT visit their Blog for more at


"Good ole days"_a trip to the outhouse was an adventure.

One might encounter snakes,spiders,wasps,hornets,bees,bats,rats,scorpions, skunks, hungry porcupines,children feared falling into the holes_AND_the stench among other nightmares".
During the mining boom in Burke,Idaho it is written that so many privies were built along the Canyon Creek to empty into the flow of the stream that the creek was changed to Shit Creek...look it up if you don't believe me! Finally,folks the dried corn cobs used before toilet paper _really makes one appreciate Mr Whipple (1964) ads on "Don't squeeze the Charmin":
But,I must remind you that even though we have accessible indoor plumbing_there may come a time when you're at an event,etc  and feel the need to use portable toilets.BEWARE_as many found out in the past,smoking a corn cob pipe could orbit you and the outhouse into space_due to the METHANE GAS buildup.Recently,a fellow found out the hard way when he lite up a cigarette in the Port-a Potty:

And for all of you interested in further knowledge of Crappers and the Art of Crapperologists there are to many site to mention on this subject.In the interest of the upcoming Elections...I'll like to leave you with this visual:

~Happy Trails To You (no pun intended),until we meet again.~

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