Friday, April 20, 2012

Xtra,Xtra Read All About It_Upcoming Blogs in the Works!

I'm so excited!!Working on a couple of "Epic Blogs" that will blow you away! Research in Process.

However, thought I'd tickle your fancy with the titles_
 "Spinning,Whirling,Weight Loss...Really"?
(Childhood play_that COULD be the ANSWER to WEIGHT LOSS)

"I Scream For Ice Cream"
(Ice Cream for Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner_& it's HEALTHY)

"Nights at the Alhambra...Star Gazing,Mystical,Enchanting"!
(It's time to be a  Mental Traveler....Under the stars of a 14th Century Moorish Palace)

"Gettin Yo' Greek Goddess On"
(Epic May Birthday Party Theme for ME! Visions of  scantily-clad Greek Gods at my Beck & Call)

So,in the words/music of "The Pointer Sisters" on Solid Gold's 1984 appearance :

...I'm about to lose control...MA6RUB3F57SU !!!....AND,I think I like it.......

                            ~Living Vicariously.........~

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