Tuesday, March 20, 2012

~Thoring No Mercy,Happy Spring Y'all ~

...it's Spring Time Y'all! Here in North Central Texas_Spring came in a very powerful way. Let's just say,I didn't really get to sleep until around 6:30am(Tuesday morning). From around 8pm Monday night_the Eve of Spring_Thor & his two Goat boys held us in a reign of TERROR!

Thor_ the Teutonic god is portrayed to be the "Most Powerful of the Norse Gods".He is the “God of Thunder”& ”God of Rains”.Also called DONAR which is the term associated with Thunderbolt and Rains.Thor is often said to have red-hair and beard and  believed to be the Son of Odin and Jord (The Goddess Earth). Thor showed no mercy last night in North Texas_he was fierceful as in the Battle field during the Ragnarok when he slayed the Giants in million.It is explained as “THORING NO MERCY”!
Thor is always accompanied by his two Goats_Toothgrinder & Toothgnasher as he rides across the sky! In his hands are three magical weapons the hammer, really a thunderbolt_, an iron gauntlet with which he handled the hammer-shaft; and a strength-increasing belt, capable of increasing his size by a half.
In Middle English_THURSDAY_means Thor'sday,Old English it means Thunder's Day_Soooo,I guess Thor & his Goat Boys got their days mixed up_yesterday was MONDAY!
The thunder & lightning was horrific,the rains came pouring down on us in sheets,the house shook and I didn't sleep! Okay_so I get it! Thor,ToothGrinder & ToothGnasher_wanted to make a Grand Entrance_sporting their Power..Well,it worked!
Today the Sun shines,the Sky is blue,the flower and fruit trees here on the Farm are in bloom,that's the real God's work....all is well...Welcome Spring 2012! But then again we never had WINTER in North Central Texas....
   Aaron's Hilltop Farm Wisteria in bloom_"after" the Texas Drought of 2011
  Aaron's Hilltop Farm_Wisteria in Bloom_2010_"before" the Texas Drought
                         Aaron's Hilltop Farm,Nectarine,Plum & Peach Trees in Bloom
Now that THOR & his Goat Boys showed no mercy_probably everything will be in bloom! Just to let you know "MY" Goats have Manners here on the Farm_they are NOT renegades like ToothGrinder & ToothGnasher!Here's a couple of my boys & girls:
                                   "Little Frosty"
                        That's "CurlyTop ELVIS" & the new babies_Bonnie & Clyde
And...drum roll...."I'm To Sexy For Myself"..you know you like me!
A Friend is ...
A friend is someone you can call to help you move. A best friend is someone you can call to help you move a body.

                               !Happy Spring 2012,Y'all!


Texas K said...

Yes, the thunderstorms in North Texas last night were no jokes. Thunder rattle homes, lightning that hit some and set them on fire, and thunder that either kept you up or woke you up. The "TT" Texas Thunder is for the brave heart!

Texas TeaQueen said...

Yes,I agree!*1000 Lightning Stikes per minutes as reported on the news.I really believe that it was MORE!