Saturday, March 31, 2012

This & That In March 2012 !!

Well,March has come and gone!I really enjoyed this month...I got a chance to indulge in IRISH BACK BACON & COLCANNON,drink a new wine_Concannon Crimson & Clover plus several new wines at the PARTEE with my friends,celebrate my husband's heritage,checked some Irish-related movies out and learn a thing or two about the Irish Culture...and did I say...Spring Sprung in N.TX with "Thor-ish-style"storms_& our clocks spring forward!!!

Finally,I saw the movie "Ides Of March" with Clooney & Ryan Gosling.Now everyone knows about Clooney_since he's been around for awhile!But,this Ryan Gosling_a 31 yr.old "Canuck"meant in the most affectionate way_was awesome in this role.I had never experienced his acting before & but for my niece's total dedication of her life to loving only one man on earth to the depths of her soul forever!!!_Ryan was not on my radar! Her blog:

This handsome fellow has quite the background.Born in London,Ontario,Ryan's parents divorced when he was young.He and sister Mandi lived with their Mom;an experience that he says programmed him to "think like a girl".Ryan hated being a child,was bullied,had no friends until 14,in Grade 1 under the influence of the film "First Blood",he brought steak knives to school,throwing them at kids during recess,was suspended from school;diagnosed with ADHD,prescribed Ritalin,placed in a "Special Needs Class"_until his Mom decided to home school him for a year_which he says gave him a sense of autonomy he's never lost.Ryan performed early on with his sister,singing at weddings,with his Uncle in what was called an Elvis Presley Tribute Act,involved in Ballet,dropped out of high school to focus on acting career;became a Mouseketeer along with Justin Timberlake,Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera_JT's Mom became his Guardian,lived with them when his Mom returned to Canada."Notebook" movie was first mainstream acting role in 2004,has a band called "Dead Man's Bones",Co-owner of "Tagine" a Moroccan Restaurant where he did the renovation work & oversees Menu.Ryan has dated Sandra Bullock,Rachel McAdams,Olivia Wilde & Eva Mendes..& continues to be the ladies man,so take a number! Check out the movie!!

The other movie I saw was _a series that was cancelled on NBC in 2007(Season 1)_ "The Black Donnelly's".Since my husband's ancestry was the Donnelly Clan..I checked it out!The life of four brothers,Roman Catholic Irish American in NY's Hell's Kitchen in their "HOOD" kept me on the edge of my seat...good one..& I don't care so much for this genre of movies.

Another,"This &That"_finally got my OG Ireland Peat Facial & OG Foot Mask from London the other day:
So,my bff will join me one day soon to experience "This & That"_ Peat(peak) experience..ha!

Yet,another find this month_ended up as a surprise gift to my husband! I like the design so much,I'm probably getting the Dagger Version..those Celts knew how to be ready for a fight!Smoky Mountain Knife Works has great service.Check them out:

My husband and I have a great love of "historical and present day flags".As a matter of fact,we have many flags from all over that we fly from time to time on our front porch & on a Flag Pole in one of the pastures.The American Flag has a permanent spot.So image this find:
This is an awesome Irish Flag Flower arrangement...great centerpiece for the table! This National Flag of Ireland is represented as:
Orange=Irish Protestants +Green=Irish Catholic +Republican cause = WHITE(HOPE FOR PEACE)! Note the white is in the middle of the two....

Finally,I'm reminded of my This & That pining for _the Bells of Ireland Flowers! Occasionally,I'm able to find them at Central Market in Ft.Worth,Texas..but for the most part they are non-existence in this area.Seems they can be planted from seed_but knowing how Texas Summers_which is most of the year_kills any living thing_including people..I will NOT even try to grow them with this Green Thumb of mine.But,they are beautiful to look at! Despite their name, these flowers are actually native to areas Syria, Turkey and the Caucasus. They bloom up to 3 feet in height as dark green spires, from which apple-green calyxes blossom – which nearly cover up the small, delicate white or pink flowers.Here's a peek:

                                               Bells of Ireland_aka moluccella laevis

Bells of Ireland flowers are considered to be a very lucky symbol. Bunches of these flowers are frequently presented as gifts to those who are on their way to starting a new life or adventure; they are also given to those who are ill or expecting a new child,"The Luck Of the Irish",indeed!

There you have it,my This & That for the end of March...what fun we'll have in April,come on back y'all for a visit as the Sage Book Whisperer takes you on a mental journey.......

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
May the rains fall soft upon your fields,
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand

                             ~Y'all come back now~

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