Saturday, March 17, 2012

Take a Hike in Honor of St.Patrick's Day or NOT!

Croagh Patrick  nicknamed The Reek is a 2,507 ft tall mountain and an important site of pilgrimage in  County Mayo,Republic of Ireland. It is situated above the villages of Murrisk and Lecanvey. Croagh  Patrick comes from the Irish word Cruach Phádraig meaning Saint Patrick's stack.

Croagh Patrick has been a site of pilgrimage, especially at the Summer Solstice, since before the arrival of Celtic Christianity.Saint Patrick reputedly fasted  on the summit of Croagh Patrick for forty days in the fifth century and built a church there.Popular legend says that at the end of Patrick's 40-day fast, he threw a silver bell down the side of the mountain, knocking the she-demon Corra from the sky and banishing all the snakes from Ireland.
                                          St.Patrick's Bed at The Summit
In modern times,a small chapel was built on the summit, and dedicated on 20 July 1905. During the pilgrimage on July 31,2005, a plaque commemorating the centenary of the building and dedication of the chapel was unveiled by Most Rev. Michael Neary,Roman Catholic Archbishop of Tuam.
                                   Church at The Summit
                                     View from Summit
                                        St.Patrick_Patron Saint of Ireland
So,you have a choice on this special day.......
take a slow hike in honor of St.Patrick to the Summit of Croagh Patrick, take a look at his bed,see the magnificent view at The Summit,take a moment of prayer like many pilgrims at the top and be thankful there are no snakes in Ireland.Join "Globe Trekker" Ian on his journey to the TOP:
The other option is to PARTEEEEEEEE! Think I'll open my BOTTLES of :
                                                        Concannon Crimson & Clover +
                                                 A big serving of Colcannon+

                            A couple slices of Tommy Moloney's Irish Back Bacon +
A wee bit of Irish Music,Friends,etc....and get my Parteeee on! Either way_ya'll be careful out there...

Alcoholic Insect
Three men walk into a bar: a Frenchman, an Italian and an Irishman. Each orders one beer. Three flys fly into the bar and one fly lands in each man's beer.

The Italian man plucks the fly out of his beer, says "tutto e bene" (all is well)" and drinks the beer.
The Frenchman shows his beer with the bug still inside it to the bartender and demands another beer.
The Irishman yanks the bug out of the beer, grabs it by it's wings, shakes it while yelling

"Cough it up, you wee theivin' bastard!"

                    ~ Take a Hike or Not~

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