Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Twice a year,I allow myself to indulge in my beloved BACON! That's the sensible thing to do if you're ADDICTED TO BACON! The week of Christmas with a really nice cozy breakfast & during the month of March because St.Pat's Day calls for the Irish tradition of eating Colcannon w/Bacon. My "Gettin'Jiggy With It Party" is a combination of St.Pat's & one of my BFF's birthday,the "First Day of Spring"! We ALWAYS celebrate each other Birthdays.It usually works out we celebrate on St.Pat's weekend_but it was delayed this year.Not to worry,we got "Jiggy" with it over the weekend! Turns out we had a "BACON PARTY"..celebrating All Things Bacon!

This year we had Bacon that I'd never heard of or eaten_and I must say Irish Back Bacon is the Bomb!
Coupled with_Concannon Crimson & Clover Wine(taste of Blackberries & Chocolate)_with
BLT's + Colcannon,Ranch Dip,Avocado/Spinach/Jalapeno Spread,Artichoke Dip +Veggies,Tortilla Spinach Cream Cheese Wraps & Fruit Kebobs w/Hazelnut Sugar,Homemade Banana/Strawberry/Blackberry Ice Cream+Homemade Organic Turbinado Sugar Cookies,Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar +lots of Wines(5) new ones_we're all still recuperating from Bacon & Wine & Food Overdose! But,we began our Feast with a "tradition" of "A Prosecco Toasting" using my cherished collection of Toasting Glasses.
The music of Enya,Loreena McKennitt,Dance of The Celts(a Narada Collection)_played in the background...the PARTEE was on!

                                    Even the "B" Man(Beethovan) got in on the craziness!

According to Urban Dictionary(HA!)..Get Me Bodied could mean the following:
A state of one's mind,a feeling of Extreme Inebriation or being profoundly high,a lethargic state of being induced by the consumption of certain opiates(BACON) & a state of mind where actions & emotions are all over the place with no thought process,thus on the road to having a wonderful time!Now,"BEYONCE" SONG_Get Me Bodied_seeks to excite someone or get hyped on the dance floor where a person is bodying your moves_as in:

I'm a Witness to the fact that all of the above is TRUE for the EFFECT BACON can have on one's being_as in Addicted to Bacon! We had fun!...next PARTEE_my Birthday in May! Theme is "Greek Goddess Party"_gettin' my Toga & Jesus Sandals,ready to set around the pool listening to a Harpist_with VISIONS of _BRONZE BODIED MALES APPEARING SCANTILY CLAD POSITIONED AS OUR WAITERS_TO OUR BECKON CALLS.....HA!


Irish Humor:
Irish Men
There are only three kinds of Irish men who can't understand women— young men, old men, and men of middle age.


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