Friday, May 3, 2013

About That Challenge To Blog Everyday in May....

There's a Blog.....  
that I follow that suggest to cure Blogger's Block, Bloggers should try Blogging Everyday In May!
I find the challenge....Challenging at the least! I thought about it because sometimes I do ponder...what to write, what to write?? But since this is DAY 3 and I've not done so_I decided to combine the first three days of her List into Today's Blog!

               Childhood...kinda nerdy..finished as Salutatorian of my Class!

                               Story of My Life ....
Interest include Travel, Art, Books, BBC Movies, Cooking & Entertaining, Tea & Wine Connoisseur, Decorating, Creativity,Antiques/Collectibles, Museums, Cartography,Music (except Rap)_Bach & Beethoven, Rocks!

Favorite Books:
Philosophy, Biographies, Anything Jane Austen,Edith Wharton (My Favorite Author)_or Agatha Christie, Travel & Intrigue, Historical, Cookbooks, Zen/Buddhism & 18th & 19th Century(anything),Maps,etc..

I have a great interest in many things_ my motto_:"Is to learn something "new" everyday"! Love living on our "Hill-Top Farm".Enjoy planning & preparing Dinner/Birthday Parties featuring International Cuisine, Wine & Music. I've traveled to many places as a former Medical/Hospital Sales Rep.,especially enjoy train travel_did a cross country Amtrak Trip to California for a "Wine Country Tour" last Fall, can't wait to travel on the "The Orient Express"in Europe! Owner of "Let's Talk Tea" c.1995 (a Tea Lecture & Tea Accoutrement business). I consider myself to be a "Spiritual Being having a Human experience".

                                    ~College Days~

                 Easter Break at home w/the family_shopping

Yes,this is the way I dressed for Class at University of St. Thomas.
Yes! Now it's _ a Vintage Paisley Suit(sewn by me, magenta/ burgundy colors)_ on my way to class!

Graduated from Thurgood Marshall School of Law

 Day 2
Something I know about.....
There are many things that I know something about. At the top of the List_ I'd have to say Books! I have been "addicted to books" since childhood.I always make a Reading List for each season....including different genres of Books that I might not read often_ now that's a challenge sometimes! 

Reading books is a result of my parents, Grandmother  & Uncle instilling in me the value of an Education. My Grandmother lived next door to Mary Allen College_ . I loved the Library on campus! The best way to learn about all sorts of things in the World was to read, read, read! Indeed, that's what I did then and now. I credit my ability to be good at the TV Show_ "JEOPARDY"_ because I read just about every subject matter...well except "trashy stuff". Been a Fan of that Show since childhood!
                    At an Art Cocktail Party..Opening Day

My "Moroccan Harem Nights Birthday Party w/Friends..we'd just finish our Belly dancing...Ha!

Day 3
Things that make me uncomfortable....

For the most part, I'm pretty comfortable in my skin!! Very few things get under my skin. But, I guess a pet-peeve of mine_ is people who "judge others all the time"...what they wear, how they speak, what faith, what RACE,what GENDER(who cares),where they live, what they drive, etc.. I feel very uncomfortable around this type of person. If I'm in a social environment,I immediately make an excuse of some kind and remove myself from such toxicity. I do not surround myself with these types of people. I enjoy conversations of substance.I've come to believe Maya Angelou saying_

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

So, there's  my take on the Blogging Challenge. I'm not an everyday Blogger but I admire the creative ideas that Jenni suggest. I started my Blog because I wanted an outlet for my busy creative brain cells....sit back ,relax and enjoy my thoughts on all sorts of subject matter! Thanks,for checking out my Blog!

Now for that moment_ To Zen or Zinfandel_ that is the question?

Until next time.....