Friday, May 17, 2013

"Headed To Jamaica Mon~It's My Birthday!

YES,MON...Celebrating My birthday Today!! Big Time Party this weekend....given by my girlfriends_"A Caribbean (Jamaican)Birthday Party! You could travel all over the Caribbean_But Jamaica is "The Caribbean"!

                     ~This is a good CD of Jamaican Music~

I shall be Channeling My Main Mon, BOB MARLEY in style!
We will be eatin' Jerk, drinkin' the Wine, sitting around the pool listening to the Music ...

Gonna Party on Sunday_May 19th and be back at the same friend's home for  a"Black Tie "Event (next day). It is a Red Carpet Event with PapaChicken-Razee_the Grand Opening of "Le Coop De Ville"_her Chicken House & Chicks! The Chicks are Registered at the local Feed Store for Earth worms & June Bugs! Now_ this will be a "FIRST" for me. She's thinking of making it an Annual Event similar to each May_"The Kentucky Derby"...dang need to find a Chicken Feather Hat for the affair! Check out the Chicken House....tooo cute!
BTW,she said she DID NOT invite Kim Kardashian...woo-hoo!

So,I'll be back with photos and play by play next week. But,
if you'd like to check out my previous parties, here's a couple links:

Until then_here's to you_Happy Friday.And.I'm about to get my...

....It's ON...Peace & Love...Jammin,Mon

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