Friday, May 31, 2013

YEAH~MON!!!~ PARTEE ~ Moments....

Well, here goes the Fun!

Thanks! Girlies...but of course,I channeled Bob Marley, Mon!

The Setting.....

While the Jamaican  music played, a Texas breeze "KINDA" cooled us_we feasted on Jerk Chicken Sliders w/ Bacon, Sweet Potato Fries, Pineapple Cold Slaw, Garden Salad, Pasta Salad,Dips & Chips,etc+++ a taste Test between Cupcake Prosecco v Candoni Wines Prosecco & Green Truck Organic Petite Sirah(YES)_Btw,NO CAN do the libation of Jamaica Rum Thingie..... AND.....drumroll....Southern Peach Cobbler w/ Blue Bell Ice Cream!!!!! WOW!

There were two_ "Controversial  Items", one was actually a condiment & the other "The Rasta Mama Jammers"...part of the place setting, CREATIVITY AT IT'S BEST_okay!

Seems, One_Professor Phardtpounders (pronounced as in the PHARD sounds like F- as in ?artpounders)_ decided at some point in his career to make a "Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce" Elixir of Capsaicin "EXTREMUS" which is an excellent creation of a Caribbean mustard hot sauce. It delivers heat and an unforgettable island flavor to your meals, to say nothing of the laughs and chuckles it will bring when you put a bottle on your table. Imported from Barbados. Made with Scotch Bonnet peppers, etc......kinda real hot_BUT I liked it! Buy some here: 

And....the other one_

They were getting some Solar Power_so they are able to  do this...

So, to say the least with those two elements, there was lively conversation!

Meantime, I was Crowned by My Friends_"ANOTHER YEAR OF FABU-LOUS"_Banner included...thanky Crafty Jilly P.!

(Click on pic for close-up of Murano Glass Earrings,Yes,I went there Mon!..they are a work of Art)
Just a few items of "De-Li-Cious-Ness"...Pasta Salad (in white bowl) made by a friend that does NOT cook...was good,very good JD!

The Crème-de-la Crème...

ErMG!!! No Place Else But Texas Do We Put A Candelabra On Peach Cobbler,Light It & Sing Happy Birthday! Who does that????

Lost it on this TREAT...thanks Shelly for the Peach Cobbler & KB for the Blue Bell!

Then_there were so many prizes from the Girls! WOW! THANKS!!!And, Jilly P's Mom (Susan)sent these_we are all dish/china,etc Lovers!
Such beautiful GLASSES,details_check out the "Mad Men" Style Martini Glasses....AND,

JD's better half never forgets to send a gift_A 4-Piece Pumpkin Tea set and this little number_

Simply beautiful......

What a Beautiful Day with Friends! Thanks to Jilly P. for organizing, my "gurlfriends" for participating_I'm still in a "Jammin Mood"!


Maricia Johns said...

No rum?

The Sage Book Whisperer said...

First Paragraph, near the end.."BTW,NO CAN do the libation of Jamaica Rum Thingie".

That's My Story & I'm sticking to it! I'm NOT that kinda Girl to drink the CRAZY JUICE!LOL