Friday, November 30, 2012

This Week's~ErMG!~Moments~

ErMG!...I did not post on Monday and almost let Friday get by without my ErMG!Moments....BUT_there's a reason.I will have sooo MUCH to share after Sunday.


ErMG!..."Christmas in Spain Party"!!!!
I've been decorating,last minute planning all week...getting ready.The research on Spain has been amazing_so many things I will share with this upcoming week_cuisine,arts,culture and
so much more.But....

ErMG!..this "Jewel"on Don Quixote_had me Laughing so hard!Why? There's a little Don Quixote in all of us!


~A Psychological Assessment of Don Quixote~

Psychiatrist: Welcome, Mr. Quixote. Please be seated.

Quixote: My title is Don Quixote de la Mancha, but you may call me Don Quixote.

Psychiatrist: Very well, Mr. Quixote. Now tell me, what is it that brings you here?

Quixote: It all started about a couple of months ago when I began having these hallucinations.

Psychiatrist: Yes, I do recall that I read a certain exploit of yours in which you attacked a windmill. Is that correct?

Quixote: Aye, sir, windmills. But they were giants! They were giants as plain as day!

Psychiatrist: I see.... Well perhaps this was just a quirk of nature.

Quixote: Well, actually, sir, every time I see an inn, I mistake it for a castle.

Psychiatrist: Hmmmm. This is indeed bizarre. Have you been getting sufficient sleep?

Quixote: A fair amount. All that is necessary for a knight errant.

Psychiatrist: A knight errant?

Quixote: Ay, sir. The finest occupation in the land.

Psychiatrist: Now I remember. Sancho told me about these fantasies of yours. To quote Cervantes: “These writings drove the poor knight out of his wits” (32). Oh, here’s an interesting passage: “From little sleep and much reading, his brain dried up and he lost his wits”(32). Why didn’t you tell me? This may be the root of your problem.

Quixote: Lack of sleep sir? I hardly think—

Psychiatrist: Let’s get back to the subject of knight errantry. Why did you venture off in the first place, deserting everything you had?

Quixote: I had to sir! It was my calling. I was “impelled by the thought of the loss the world suffered by my delay” (35).

Psychiatrist: I see.... So you feel personally responsible for the well-being of the entire world?

Quixote: I was given a gift of skill in battle; it is my duty to defend the weak and ensure justice.

Psychiatrist: How do you explain people’s belief that you are “mad”?

Quixote: They are simply unable to understand greatness.

Psychiatrist: There is one incident that still bothers me. You set convicts free. You let these convicted, terrible men loose. How can you explain this action?

Quixote: The men were being taken by force, not of their own free will. It was my duty to assist them.

Psychiatrist: You fail to understand that justice was being served. The horsemen were “only punishing them for their crimes” (171). Your inability to distinguish right from wrong disturbs me.

Quixote: But, sir, it was my intention to help those men. “The whole point is to have good intentions and the desire to do right in everything” (683). Nobody understands—I’m only trying to help, but“there are many that envy and persecute me” (680).

Psychiatrist: Do you have evidence of this persecution?

Quixote: Of course! I “have been [persecuted] by enchanters” who tried to steal Dulcinea from me! (680).

Psychiatrist: Perhaps your feelings of persecution are due to the feeling that you are not worthy enough for her.

Quixote: Not worthy? I have travelled to far lands proving my worth and have only come home against my will.

Psychiatrist: So you feel as if you have no control?

Quixote: I believe that “first impulses are outside man’s control” (159). Other than that, I have let fate dictate my journeys. I am summoned when there is someone in need.

Psychiatrist: It is easier not to take responsibility for one’s actions. This can be the result of uncertainty about the direction in which one’s life is heading.

Quixote: So I am not alone?

Kuddo to the Writer!!!

ErMG!...I shall start reading Quixote really soon!As well,as "Fans in Spain" by Nancy Armstrong explaining why the Spanish women have a fascination with these objects...mind you not unlike the Japanese women and their love of Fans!!(hand fans)

ErMG!...Spain_so many traditions_I'm thinking I'll need to visit...

ErMG!...Ready to Dance the Dance Of...

The Flamenco....

The Matador...

The Lighting of the Christmas Tree in Malaga,Spain(Andalusia).....

So,I'm off to the party.See you soon.

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