Monday, November 19, 2012

~The Perfect Storm of BEE~N~THANKFUL~

It's that time of the year again_"MY FAVORITE" of all Holidays_bar none...well,maybe except "My Birthday"_I consider a holiday...just sayin!

I liken"Thanksgiving" to the "Perfect Storm"! The term a "perfect storm" is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will result in an event of unusual magnitude.

The Oxford English Dictionary has published references going back to 1718 for “perfect storm,” though the earliest citations use the phrase positively, as in a “perfect storm” of applause. The first use of the expression in the meteorological sense comes from the March 20, 1936, issue of the Port Arthur News in Texas where the weather bureau described a "flood" as "the perfect storm".Since that time "perfect storm" seems to denote something negative!

I'm incline to use the term in a more "Positive way".......
You see, most people around this time of the year trend towards being NICE: Sharing,Giving,Smiling more than usual...

Families gather together_some people anticipate family gatherings with joyful expectations;others with dread!Expectation is actually a powerful state of mind_remain centered within_ to share and "Bee Thankful" for the Blessings of Family on Thanksgiving!

One goes deep within to search the "Soul" for the many blessings received throughout the year.

The colors of "Nature" surrounding our lives are vibrant...and here in Texas I'm sure "Mother Nature" is thankful the heat has moved on.

The "Harvest" is bountiful_bringing the "Fruits of the Earth"....

Enhancing the "Fruit of the Spirit".

The Robo-phone calls have stopped,TV Election Ads are done & done,the he said,she said is temporarily on hold,YES_Elections are over here in America!...the storm of epic proportions!

Well for two more years at least...

There are many other "rare combinations of circumstances that will result in an event of unusual magnitude"....of epic proportions_"The Perfect Storm of Perfection"_


As for me,I AM_

...With a Sane Mind ~Living in a Sane Body,a loving Husband,Family & Friends and Beloved Cats_Hank(inside),plus Farm Cats~ Puff Daddy~The Gang of 7~Itsy & Bitsy~Panther~Gracie Jr & Sweetie_and 16 Members of the Goat Family that live in the Barn shown in my blogs background picture.Just don't get any better than that here on Aaron's Hilltop Farm!

What will you put in "YOUR" Thankful Box? 

I'm Thankful Y'all read my Blog_ Happy Thanksgiving from The Sage Book Whisperer!

~Make Thanksgiving a...
                   "Perfect Storm of Perfection"~

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