Tuesday, December 4, 2012

~The Essence of Christmas in Spain~

                                                     ¡Feliz Navidad!
  "Bienvenidos"_from North Central Texas!Join me...

..as we explore the "Essence of Christmas in Spain".

Background:_Since 2001,I've given themed Christmas and Birthday parties.My amazing close "circle of friends"(about 8-10) attend_depending on various factors.That being said,a big shout-out to Karen(started a new job,YEAH!) & Amy( who lives in Tacoma,WA.area)_you were missed! Anyway,let's get this partee started!

Capturing "Christmas in Spain" was a hard one.After researching Spain,the many cultural differences_had me crazy!My objective in theme parties is to capture the country in Food,Music,Arts &Decor.Bottom line,I just juxtaposed a little of this and a little of that from all over Spain!

Food~Tapas Bar~

Tomato/Basil Pie &Artichoke Spinach Hot Dip(Jilly P's specialty),Tomato Bread & Garlic Pan-Fried Bread w/Chorizo(my specialty)...

..bowls of crusty bread & crackers,Octopus(Poulpe) in Garlic Sauce,Squid(Calmars)in Ink Sauce,Olives used w/antique "Toledo Olive Swords",pepperoncini, cherry tomatoes,pineapple w/mint,Cheeses from Spain included Roncal D.O.,Manchego D.O.,Mahon,Cabra Murcia al vino,Iberico,Goat cheese_served w/Jamon Iberico(true 'pata negra'Iberico Ham),Kobe beef slices,Pancetta,Kale salad,Kale & Gruyere au Gratin,Edamame Salad,pepper delights w/Proscuitto & Provolone cheese,Tomatillo Verde salsa,Latin Chipolte Red Quinoa Salad.Thanks Ladies for bringing some of your favorites!

Another_of my specialities_"Paella"_with authentic Bomba "Calasparra"rice,Spanish Saffron & Smoked Sweet Pimenton Paprika. Good source: http://www.tienda.com/ 

Canas Rellenas con Chocolate (puff pastry wrapped around chocolate)..!HELP!

Roscos de Vino Cookies(cookies made with red wine)...!HELP ME,PLEASE!
Fig Cake with Almonds(good BUT plenty of fiber...careful!)
Dark Chocolate Negro + Marcona Almonds from Spain(ERMG!!!!To Damn good,Party in yo' Mouth_kinda good)!

Purchased most all authentic foods from this speedy great source_happy shopping!

The Star **********Getariako Txakolina*********
ERMG!!!!!!! My friend Jilly P. and I had been trying for two years to get this Wine!No luck_BUT_prior to my Amtrak Train Trip to Paso Robles Wine Country in October_I ordered from a supplier in California and had it shipped to my hotel for my arrival! I like to say_I traveled 3,790 miles to drink wine and buy wine. Note**This Wine CANNOT be shipped to Texas_something to do with Texas Laws...go figure that one!

Read about this "perfection" here:

The tradition in Spain_when served at the Tapas Bars_is to pour it "High" to create bubbles!
 Pour it "High" to drink in this fashion...
Even though ,I've been collecting Porrons..

We all decided we DID NOT want Wine all over us_so we Drank the old fashion way_~Several Glasses at a Time~!!!!

My goodness this wine is unlike anything I've ever had! We want a CASE!And,we want to go to the next Txakoli Fest in Boston area...

Other libations included_Ergo(Tempranillo Rioja 2009) ,Campo Viejo (Reserva 2005 Tempranillo) and Non-Alcoholic Sangria for my friend Joy! She did have a little tasting of Getariako Txakolina at _our tradition of using my toasting glasses to get the PARTY started!
         Long stemmed Red handled Toasting Glasses(far right).

BTW,Wine corks are made from the bark of the Cork Oak trees.The bark is stripped every ten years_Cork Oak Trees thrive in Extremadura and western Andalusia,Spain!

Here's my take on the"Essence of Christmas in Spain" via photos...enjoy!

Those are little Flags from Spain as ornaments_made from toothpicks from Spain!

       A hand carved fan from Spain w/The Bull_my Astrological sign_Taurus!

Old-fashioned 60's West Bend Aluminum Tumblers,Stirrers & Coasters(I collect them)...love!          


~The Music~
 Awesome-NESS....This played in the background_here's two of my favorite pieces...Check out Amazon ad in right column to buy!

Other music_Reflections of Spain,David Russell and Romantic Spain(Nouveau Flamenco).

Shout-out to those that came a little later_I failed to take photos_as I was "toast" by then from the Getariako Txakolina! The tradition is to take the group photo upon arrival_after that time-no telling what the photos may look like_so here's to you ladies....Joy,Jilly P.Shelly.,Bev,Amy,Karen.....LOVE Y'all!

~Each lady was given a Spanish Fan as a Guest Gift from me ~many gifts were given to each other...prizes as Jilly P. calls them_But the Greatest Prize of All...

  Was a beautiful Sunday SISTER Afternoon!

       ~The Essence of Christmas in Spain~

                ~Don't miss upcoming Blogs on_"All Things Spain" for December!~


Texas K said...

ErOG!!!!! I want to kick myself. Look like you all went Spanish and I wanted to be Spanish too! I enjoyed looking at these awesome pictures and that music, omg. I love it. Thanks for the shout out girly. Love you for all the love you show and give.

Texas K said...

ErMG, I love this! The pictures are awesome. You all went Spanish and I didn't get to be Spanish with ya! I really hate I missed everyone. Thanks for sharing that great music. I love it. Its so romantic. Pam you are a great hostes and you always make people feel welcome and specical. Love your spirit. Thanks for the shout out. Love ya

The SageBook Whisperer said...

Karen we missed you!We all felt transported to Spain_this is one themed party that really embraced all things from Spain! I want to do it again!Almost up there with my birthday party_"Under The Tuscan Sun"_Italian -style & that was a good one!

Laurie said...

Dear Pam! Everything looks amazing! What a fabulous party!! :) I think you all would have a blast trying to drink from a porrón. We tried this fall, with varying degrees of success: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152129115985577&set=vb.152114675576&type=3&theater

Congratulations on your blog and thanks so much - Laurie Hager, La Tienda

The SageBook Whisperer said...

Laurie,Thanks for the comments!About that drinking from the Porron_I so want to_but think I'll try water first to get the swing of it!Looks like so much fun & a hilarious thing to do at a party_especially my "circle of friends".Have fun reading about some of the other parties/things_just check Archives for anything in May (birthday month)or December for Christmas_& anything in between!Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...