Friday, November 9, 2012

~This Week's~ErMG! Moments~

Greetings on a nice Fall Friday morning...

ErMG!...Reading this fun book_finding myself laughing out loud..LOL Y'all,
                            "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society"
Yes..there's even a recipe for the Potato Peel pie! It is written in epistolary form(letters) by an Aunt & Niece_a civilized relationship,regardless of age difference/family relations..what a fun thing for them_I'm sure! Juliet the main character writes and receives all these letters...hilarious!

One in particular had me rolling. Here's an overview:
Juliet meticulously prepares her tiny apartment for her fiancees "stuff"..removing items but keeping her "Beloved Books" intact on the shelves.On the afternoon before the wedding,Juliet arrives home to find 8 boxes of her books bound up and ready for the basement_to the exclaim of Rob_oh excuse the mess(her books)_nodding toward the bookshelves with his "stuff" saying,"Don't they look wonderful?"Juliet lost her mind! Where her books once stood in orderly fashion _now it was filled with Athletic trophies:Silver cups,Gold Cups,Blue Rosettes & Red ribbons,rewards for every game played with a stick,statues for everything a man could jump over with or without a horse,framed certificates for shooting any and everything....Juliet screams_How dare You!Put my books back! She knew then she could not marry a man whose idea of bliss was to strike out at little balls & kill birds!

This happened to me on the eve of my wedding!Lucky my husband loves books like me_17 yrs later_Everything has a place_(as in Deer Heads,Nascar Shitacky,Sports Stuff).....Outta my sight! Check out the website_where you can send emails on Guernsey!

ErMG!... 15 Minutes of Fame(for Mother)....A lifetime of Shame for at least one twin.
That's right Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are brothers!
WTH?  Change my name,change my name,please....

ErMG! In my quest to learn about Spain for my upcoming "Christmas in Spain Party"_came across this movie_
The awesome and tragic life of 1940's Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez, known to the World as the Great "Manolete"Matador.This biopic follows his notorious affair with the movie siren Lupe Sino,at the height of his fame,and his death in the ring at age 30.Wow,10 thumbs up...

And in the quest to learn about the different dance styles of Spain_came across these "SuperNinos" from Russia dancing_shall I say...ERMG!

When I grow-up,I want to Dance like these two.They're headed to ABC's "Dancing With The Stars"to teach the celebrities how this dance stuff works!

While on the subject of Spain...I've learned so much from this DVD_

ErMG!...Cheech & Chong "Up In Smoke"(1978) Part 1..FAST FORWARD...Part 2 Movie:Colorado & Washington State "Up In Smoke"(2012)...WARNING:Language & just WRONG on so many levels_Anyway...Hilarious!
There's gonna be a POPULATION EXPLOSION in those states for sure!Read here:

ErMG!...Not Nice!I wrote about my love for "Big Tex" in this blog post:  So,some person got real creative for a Halloween costume..spotted in Dallas/Ft.Worth..LOL!

ErMG!..A Sweet Moment between Father and Daughter made me smile & Remember my Dad...

ErMG!..two really special Pins this week..
Prayers for the East Coast victims of Sandy & the Nor'easter !

                                  "Your Bank Account"

ERMG! Don't forget to read this....Such Fun in a World where things are "Serious"!
                                        "BE KIND"

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