Sunday, September 22, 2013

~The Painting of "Our Stonehenge Garden Room"~

Stonehenge...a prehistoric, mysterious circle of upright stones in southern England of which construction began some 5,000 years ago, built in phases_it is such a magnificent monument that it would impress no matter where it is.The astonishing scale and beauty of the stones, the great care and labor in construction, and the mystery that surrounds its original purpose are just some of the reasons Stonehenge is a "World Heritage Site".Under stormy skies,a fresh snowfall, a rainbow, a full moon,or the rising sun on the Autumnal Solstice(TODAY!), it is mystical and magical. The picture above is the original design. 

"Our Stonehenge Garden"...Rewind to 1997.We lived in the DFW metroplex. After looking at many designs of Gardens, a decision was made to create "Garden Rooms" in our small backyard.Thus "Tranquility Gardens" became our christening name for this effort. Around that time, my husband was deep into researching his family roots in Ireland, had served as President of The Ft. Worth Irish Association and participated in Historical Reenactments dressed in Irish Zouave uniform. Did I mention that he had been painting_(no formal training)_ for many years? In one week he'd painted...surrounded by our beloved Boston Terrier (Pettie) & Doberman (Heidi)....his rendition of a "Druid Ceremony at Stonehenge"!

Because of our love for Meditation, Zen, Peacefulness, Beauty,
Nature, etc...over the course of another two week_ this painting morphed into "Our Stonehenge Garden Room". John gathered
seven 8 foot plywood sheets, henged (as in hinged,no pun intended) them together, gathered his paints and was "Assisted" by our Manx cat named "Kitty Cat" & went to work....

 ...Finishing touches, we had purchased the stones for "The CIRCLE"**,he'd painted the cinder blocks with a wrap-around Rose as a Love Note to me, the Gazing Ball was in place & candles of course, Spider plants, Elephant Ears plants, etc...large pots of Bamboo Trees lead you down the path to the entrance of which stood a very large Pagoda, and a Chiminea was placed in the circle! The painter takes a breather here next to the Chiminea Fireplace...

And so "Our Stonehenge Garden Room" was finished. Here's a look at what my husband created...Indeed, a "talented man"!

"Stonehenge-esque Shadows in Our Garden"
(John used "Glowing in the Dark "paint for the Stars & Moon...beautiful day and night)

We spent many days and nights sitting in this most special  "Garden Room".Friends, family and sometimes just the two of us late into the night (3-4am) enjoying a really magical time amongst the painted monoliths of Stonehenge! When we moved to New Hampshire...we donated it to a Celtic organization_ they were overjoyed!

**About the significance of the Circles:
Circles have many meaning_ a reference on Earth to the Heavens, the Sun is circular except when eclipsed,full moon is a disc either waxing or waning, oldest form of Dance is in a circle(Priests 4,000 years ago danced in a circle while chanting prayers for the "Circle of Protection"), labyrinths, turf mazes all circular,it is a symbol of Eternity for Christians, Weddings or Engagement Rings symbolize an unbroken & faithful circle, as with Life an expression of Renewal & Rebirths is a circle, etc... Have you discovered your Circles?

*The Bluestones (igneous rock) were the first stones to arrive at Stonehenge. They do not appear Blue but blotchy grey-brown
in color.

*According to British Historian, Geoffrey Monmouth_ the medicinal powers of Stonehenge stones were stimulated by pouring water over them for the sick to bathe in.
*Stonehenge was either a Burial Ground,Healing/Ritual Site or an Astrological time clock.....or?

*Evidence that people made healing pilgrimages to Stonehenge also comes from human remains found in the area, most spectacularly from the richest Neolithic grave ever found in the British Isles belonged to the “Amesbury Archer”—a man between 35 and 45 years old who was buried about five miles from Stonehenge between 2400 and 2200 B.C. with nearly 100 possessions, including an impressive collection of flint arrowheads, copper knives and gold earrings.

*Druids_ In the popular mind, it is the Druids (the Priests of the Celtic religion of the Iron Age) that is often associated with Stonehenge.Throughout the 20th century, Stonehenge began to be revived as a place of religious significance, this time by adherents of Neopagan and New Age beliefs, particularly the Neo-druids.

*Regarding Pagan_The three biggest holidays celebrated in the United States and that are paganistic in origin are Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. To the average person the first reaction to that statement is that the writer has made a bit mistake; Halloween maybe, but not the others. Yet all these holidays do indeed have their origins in the pagan world.

*Druids practiced "The Pythagorean Doctrines"_one of which was  Vegetarianism...thus "The Pythagorean Diet". 

Other References:
We had the pleasure of visiting this site in New Hampshire_ 

Lesser known "Henges"_

No one really knows the reasons why Stonehenge or any of the other marvels of the World were built. There will always be theories of it's use, the people, etc.... thing for sure that I know_ "Our Stonehenge Garden Room" was built for personal reflection, Fellowship, imagination,
beauty,an extension of our hospitality and the 
"Painter Instinct"of My Husband's mind !!!!

                 "STONEHENGE ROCKS"!!!


Wicca Dreamers Mary said...

What a wonderful garden! I have always loved Stonehenge and would love such a peaceful garden... Very nice read.
Bright Blessings, Mary

The Sage Book Whisperer said...

Thank-you! There were many Blessings in that Garden!My husband is thinking of painting a Stonehenge Mural again,excited!

Wishing you a season of bountiful harvest,and a home filled with health,happiness and love!Mabon Blessings!

Philcovers said...

Goodness me. What a wonderful room, my mind boggles. This brings back memories of when my father, back in the 1950's made a plaster of Paris model of Stonehenge. Each stone was made of this quick setting material. I have been to see the original Stonehenge a couple of times. It is amazing what these early humans were able to do. Reading through briefly through here I think you'd have loved going to the huge bronze statue of Buddha, on top of a mountain, in Hong Kong where I visited on my tour of the world. you seem such active people. well done.

The Sage Book Whisperer said...

Thanks,Philcovers! I just knew you'd been there.When I grow up_I'm going to take a very BRAVE World Tour like you.What a kind human being you are,indeed!Glad to be in the Universe with you!

Yes,I'm a Buddha Spirit as well.I have a documentary DVD on the Tibetan Monks & their rituals. The Prayer & Peace Flags common to that area_hang in my Computer/Exercise room! I think you've read me correctly...Namaste'