Monday, September 30, 2013

End of Summer :Sage Book Whisperer Book Review

At 61 degrees this morning_ I'm thinkin' Texas Summer 2013 is Done & Done...get outta here!

So_ thought I'd catch you up on some of my Summer 2013 Reads! I kinda got sidetracked ...didn't stick to my List totally...
Nevertheless,had some very good reads. BUT..."First things First"_ came across these two books I purchased in 2001 at.. Marlborough, NH! It is a Book Lover's Dream come true, lots of books,quaint and beautiful hard to find books. I still have the receipt_ paid a total of $5 bucks for....

                               "In The Quarters" by Robert W.Chambers_copyright 1894
                                 "The Master's Violin" by Myrtle Reed (1904)

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the first one was considered rare and bidding at EBay auction was at $300 & the second was at $100! At $5 for both_ I'd say that's a pretty darn good profit_(if I were to sell).They are both in pristine condition. Heck! I'm scare to read them now.

Overview of my Favorites

As the back flap says_ "this is a charming and engrossing tale that will captivate readers from the first page, and leave them yearning to visit the Irish countryside of days gone by." I loved it...funny, serious, very Irish & charming. The Author has a Series of books_ of all things Irish.

Everything you always wanted to know about a "SOUTHERN
WOMEN AGING GRACEFULLY"! This is one FUNNY book!You will see a little bit of yourself in all the chapters_btw_they are short chapters some of which are titled: Aging Gracefully,
Sleeping with a Snoring Man, Your Mama was Right When She Said, Southern Women and Cemeteries, Did You Have Enough to Eat, The Pity Party Box, Southern Women and Theme Parties(I'm guilty),etc...I'm planning on reading some of her other books.

Another Laugh Out Loud book....which inspired me to write a Blog post of my memories on the front porch swing in East TX. 
The Author mostly writes Children's books_ but this one caught my fancy. The stories reminded me so much of the ones I grew up hearing. Here's a list of other books,etc. 

I love..."WhoDunit" books! But of course,I'm an Agatha Christie Fan.Searching the category, I came across this book which was "Winner of The Crime Writers' Association's Debut Dagger Award".That got my curiosity going.Gave it a read..Boy it was a page turner.Although,I must say the eleven-year-old sleuth begged for me to come into the pages  and give her an old fashion spanking because she was always getting into her own doings!Precocious little rascal.  

I liked the  way Alan Bradley wrote this book....with some historical twist and turns.As a result,I learned about the Penny Black.The Penny Black was the world's first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system. It was issued in Britain on 1 May 1840, for official use from 6 May of that year

If you don't know...I'm somewhat of a History Buff. So, a good page turner(like this book)_coupled with historical trivia thrown in for safe measure...I'm good to go! I adore Bradley's
take on this impressive little sleuth. There's more in this Series
on Flavia de Luce_

I rounded out my Summer 2013 with_
"Memories of My Melancholy Whores &The Vulgar Tongue".
Read Blog on those two here:

Fell in Love with the Beekman Boys 1802 after reading Josh-Kilmer Purcell books:"Bucolic Plague,Candy Everybody Wants & I Am Not Myself These Days".Check out my Blog on them here:

"Holiday On Ice"by David Sedaris_mmm ,interesting book.Can't say I liked it_but_can't say I didn't??? It was a take on various Holidays and the issues that come with them...for example_Diaries of a Macy's elf and the annals of two very competitive families, are Sedaris's tales of tardy trick-or-treaters ("Us and Them"); the difficulties of explaining the Easter Bunny to the French ("Jesus Shaves"); what to do when you've been locked out in a snowstorm ("Let It Snow"); the puzzling Christmas traditions of other nations ("Six to Eight Black Men"); what Halloween at the medical examiner's looks like ("The Monster Mash"); and a barnyard secret Santa scheme gone awry ("Cow and Turkey").

I have a couple of books I'm finishing up, started a movie/reading Marathon on all things "Peyton Place" so you'll hear about that...I'd say I need to kick my reading speed up to complete my List. But, I guess there's always room for a stray book or so...because_

I'll be updating my Reading List for Winter 2013! Any suggestions?

"Until next time, Read Something"!


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