Friday, December 14, 2012

~This Week's~ErMG Moments~

It's ErMG!Friday_What's Up,Man?....
Christmas Gingerbread man at his Best_Baking.....Yum!

ErMG!...R.I.P._Ravi Shankar! Introduced to his "unique"music in the late 60's_Love it still.

If you've never heard his music_buy the CD "Live: Ravi Shankar at the Monterey International Pop Festival 1967".Here's a sample:
Beautiful Music,Beautiful Man...Beautiful legacy left behind in his recorded music and his daughter_Nora Jones...

ErMG!... Here's the Winner's this Week_

Ermahgerd!The 12 Best Memes of 2012 here:

Bathroom signs in different countries can be kinda tricky!Here's a little HELP!

This one is pretty mild_Be shocked at some other Bathroom Signs here:

Meet the Fokkens Twins and their PROFESSIONAL Career choice in Amsterdam...DAMN!

One is still going strong_one is struggling with positions(no pun intended) at this point!Read about it here:

Now,here's a Mother/Daughter Pair _aka_"The Sexxxton's"trying their hand at this Profession... in Tampa,Florida.

I imagine a phone message left..for the Fokkens twins:

Tampsters to the Amsters_Hey,Girls!..could use a little help,tips,let us hear from you girls,we're new at this!just sayin'

Another,Monica is at it question WHY? And,Who cares,your 15 secs of Fame are over...
The Saga continues_

Fifty Shades in the NEWS_"Woman to Divorce Husband because he won't RE-CREATE S & M Erotica"...Okay_people  we need some S & M Therapist to handle the fallout from
                                 ~ FiftyShade-itis~!

One of the Cute ones this week_ 4 year old male MODEL!!!!!!!!
Hudson Kroenig.....Remember that name!

No modeling Job needed here_No-brainer_UGLY Shoes_

No-brainer here_Beautiful Shawl_I want this!!!!!!Sold on Etsy's:

ErMG!...THE BEST! Burglar calls 911 to save himself from gun-wielding homeowner_right here in Texas!

Speaking of Florida ,AGAIN_And You Wonder Why People shoot other People so often these days! So very Sad! :-(

Really?You don't need to wonder after this one_

And,for all you folks that think the Government will take away your GUN Privileges_here you go:
Gotta say Damn AGaIN!

Love this NEW 2012 Business Term:YCDBSOYA. It’s meant to bring you to your feet and snap you to attention! It simply means – You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Ass-ets.
Interesting read:_

ERMG!!!!Last but not least! I'm working on looking like Tina Turner at 73 years young...

It's gonna be a tough road ahead for me.....LOL!!!!!

As a reminder.....ErMG!....

OOPS!The "S"Man caught me red handed_with a glass of red wine...pardon me _a couple glasses of wine! But that's cool because Santa & his Bud "Rudolph"just got busted_by the BOBBIES!

Careful out there...Until next time,ErMG! homemade Pizza is smelling really good_must go EAT!(4:51pm).

      ~Much Love & Peace~The Sage Book Whisperer~

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