Friday, October 26, 2012

~This Week's~ErMg!Moments~

ErMG!...It's that time of the year_AgAiN~All HaLLoW's EVe_aka "Halloween 2012"
So here's a few "Costume" suggestions _taking the Web By Storm!!
Big Bird in the News ..Who knew that in a Presidential election season,BB which is the Sesame Street character became a cause celebrity on the topic of government spending! Said candidate cited affection for the bird while adding government shouldn’t subsidize the public broadcaster that airs him (or is it her?) and his stuffed cohorts.So,BB costumes are HOT! Don't Mess With PBS!

Wear the shoes above _are you could wear another Season Favorite...Flip Flop aka Flerp-Flerps!

Heck,Kevin Levasseur ran the recent Baltimore Marathon in 2:46:58 while wearing Flerp-Flerps!

ErMG!...But you could dress like a NAKED~GERMAN~ MONK on Berries..Warning:Add this Berry to your "Do Not Eat List" while Camping.

ErMG!..Ladies if you wanted to surprise your "man"with a "Special" little outfit from Victoria Secret_as in_ "Sexy Little Geisha" his ticket to an exotic adventure.. NO CAN DO! Why?

This Sexy Little Geisha  Far East Ad Campaign Got Pulled...Sorry,Charlie NO Tuna tonight!Did I say that?

ErMG!...Location,Location,Location! Now this could be a little awkward to wear this year! UK Olympic Diver Tom Daley wearing trunks with Sponsorship Logo strategically placed_British Gas!What were they thinking?..check out their company's placement on his swimsuit.

ErMG!...Best Costumes this Election Year_"Shirtless Biden"..let's hear it for the girls! Weee,Looker, To Sexy for my shirt,%$#&*)^'s all good!

OR..we could wear this in "RomneyLecter"

Or this one...."RE-DIB:OBAMA"

BUT ,NEVER EVER WEAR THIS ONE.."PALINATOR" Now ,that is very scary!

ErMG!Coming in at a TIE(no pun intended) for Best ErMG! Moment_"Sugar Noose" made from candy!

After we all consume PURE SUGAR for Halloween in 57 disguised  forms:

We shall all wear this "MORNING AFTER HANGOVER"..A Sugar-High.
 Hey,baby..whats-up? What happened in SugarLand last night,Stays in Sugarland!  

ErMG!.. Now this is Creative...Back Art trending now...

Here's more choices for BACK ART...Pick Your Style. 

Then again ,you could join the crowd that's into a "Neck Corset"...I'll Blog about this trend later.Take a look_where colorful ribbons are stitched into one's neck,back,etc...OUCH!No Can Do...

ErMG!...As an added feature to your look a"Diamond Nail Polish Manicure"cost $250,000...a must have for any up & coming "Halloween Queen"!

Kelly Osbourne_ decided to get a $250,000 black diamond manicure for the 2012 Emmy's.

ErMG!...Halloween to scare up an estimated $8 BILLION in sales of Costumes,Candy,Decorations and Other?(pets are even in on it)...

ErMG!...All because Adults & Children long to be someone Else for a Night!
Mmm,let's see...think I'll imagine myself in Venice at Carnival!
I shall be the "Masked Sage Book Whisperer"at the Ball!

                          Be very Afraid!

                 ~BE Safe & Have Fun~

                 "Happy All Hallows Eve"

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