Friday, October 12, 2012

~This Week's~ErMG!Moments~

She's Bacccccck.....

ErMG!..What an exciting Vacation week! So much to Show & Tell! I have an EPIC Blog in the making_Meantime...

ErMG!....Get on the train!!!!

I pretty much lost my mind as the train approached! What is it with me & trains??? I love trains & lighthouses so much_I'll be seeking "Train Therapy Sessions" from the Train Doctor somewhere in the Universe_soon,real soon.Earned enough Amtrak Guest Rewards for a roundtrip anywhere in the Central Time Zone!
Primed & Ready to start this 3,950 mile rail journey...

ErMG!...First things First...
I'd carefully packed one of my favs..."Les Barriques~Luc Pirlet~Pinot Noir 2010~Reserve~_Check the "crazy-eye look"(lol)!Got settled in my Roomette with my bottle of Wine_ready to ride the rails!

ErMG!...I'd often heard Train Food was GOOD! Did I say ERMG!...

My first Dinner_I had the "Herb Roasted Half Chicken"! Mind you it was not a tiny Cornish hen..this was a chicken,chicken..& I ate the whole thing + the veggies & salad/roll +a slice of "chocolate caramel peanut butter torte"!To say the least_I was miserable later that night! A Reminder_DID I say I ate half a chicken? I'm embarrassed...not really! So,I'm thinkin'.. is this what's in store for my tummy_I'm Gonna Need Food DETOX when I get back! Next day...this & so on,and so on...each day!

ErMG!...It took two days to get the Hell outta Texas on a fast moving train! WTH!!! I did a happy dance when we reached El Paso!

ErMG!..Then I saw it,"El Paso Train Station".I de-trained for a "Nanosecond"_because not to long ago "in the news" it was reported how BULLETS fly from Mexico into El Paso...So,since my name is NOT "Annie Oakley" as in "SharpShooter"_I got BACK on the train!

All along the roadside in little hideouts~BORDER PATROL~

            ~BORDER PATROL~ On THE Road Again~

                              Below,is the ~"FENCE"~
~Ciudad Juarez,Mexico~dubbed ~"The Murder Capital of the World"!!
This photo was taken from the train_but here's another to give you an idea of the area.
                               Ciudad Juarez,Mexico

ErMG!...after seeing the landscape of West Texas,New Mexico & Arizona...
I proclaimed_"I See Rattlesnakes"_as in the movie "The Sixth Sense" when Haley Joel Osment said_"I see dead people"! This photo was taken from my room as we go around one of the thousands of curved rails!

ErMG!..Arriving in LA's "Union Station" at 5:30 AM_that's correct 5:30 AM_this station is busy & beautiful..."The Era of Old Hollywood" in architectural style.
People watching at it's best_I saw many Creatures_some were holding conversations with themselves,etc... Time to board "The Coastal Starlight"...
That's my Classmate Violet(gold blouse)_who joined me on this adventure_boarding "The Coastal Starlight" around 10:30am...Get On The Train!

ErMG!...The landscape from LA to Paso Robles was AweSome!!!...I shall discuss/show photos_with you in my EPIC Blog to come.Meantime_

ErMG!...I knew we'd get First Class Service when we arrived in Paso Robles and I saw a young lady holding a sign...Tamara!

A Big Shout Out to Tamara(thanks for the Homemade Yogurt recipe),John,Tony,Coy & Sarah Barnes(the Owners)_Y'all ROCK!!!

Should you EVER find the need to participate in a "Wine Country Tour in Paso Robles"...these Folks will make your stay _shall I say "PERFECTION".Please visit their site/phone/join The Wine Club & tell them the Sage Book Whisperer sent you!!! I heart them all!

ErMG!...These two wines "Rocked my World" at the Wine Wrangler Tasting...
~Thanks for remembering my request for a good wine varietal from Spain~
Medium-bodied,nose of violet & floral aromatics w/a suggestion of Provencal herbs,long finish_Yea,Baby!

Pianetta 2010 Sangiovese_Cherry,Cinnamon and olive on the nose,light & creamy mouth feel w/flavors of buttery & tart fruit coating on the palate,crisp finish! Lost my Mind on this one...!

ErMG!...We made about five Wine Vineyard stops_with John as our Tour Guide hosting a Picnic at  Niner Wine Estates

..tasting about 5 to 6+ different wines at each stop_so,let's see that's 6 x 5 = 30 different Wines tasted_my Classmate made the mistake of "Drinking v Tasting"(enough said on that)..."What Happens in Paso Robles stays in Paso Robles"_sooooo,make no mistake this card I later found in an Antique store says it all..after all those tastings,you'll need a...Designated Driver!

ErMG!...A Shout-out to the folks at Hampton Inn Suites Paso Robles for signing for and safely storing my FedX delivery!A very unique wine that my friend Jilly P. & I have been trying to find for two years_& when we did,they couldn't ship to Texas because of Texas Laws.It will be for my upcoming "Christmas in Spain Party"_sticking to the tradition of all things from Spain,yea,Baby! Drum roll please...

The green bottles!!!!!!_
Txakoli de Getaria - Getariako Txakolina is a Spanish (DO) (Jatorrizko Deitura in Basque)for wines, located around the towns of Getaria and Zarautz,small fishing towns on the coast of the Bay of Biscay,in the province of Guipuzcoa,Basque Country,Spain.A small amount of grapes are also grown around the town of Aia.

Txacoli' is a thin white acidic wine that can be naturally fizzy and is traditionally served like cider,poured from a height into the glass.

Oh,that's my Wine Wrangler tasting glass & my Antique Porron from Spain in the photo also_ready & waiting to be filled....I shall NOT disappoint!

And_the middle bottle is a purchase from the Dunning Vineyards Paso Robles_a Petite Sirah 2010 Reserve!ErMG...Yummm!!! 

Three of the most EXPENSIVE Wines I've EVER purchased_3 bottles @$100+....Lost my mind!

ErMG!...What's a girl to many wineries,so many wines to taste...

Stay tuned for an Epic Blog to share from this "Rail Adventure"!

Until next time_As "The Wine Wrangler" logo says....

         ~Let's Go Rustle Up Some Wine!~


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