Friday, October 19, 2012

~This Week's ~ErMG!Moments~

ErMG!_A Moment of Silence,please....

Big Tex,an icon of The State Fair of Texas Burns :-(... I 'm gonna need therapy!

Big Tex was the 52 foot tall icon of the annual State Fair of Texas held at Fair Park in Dallas,Texas. He wore size 70 boots, a 75 gallon hat, a size 100 180/181 shirt and 284W/185L XXXXXL pair of Dickies jeans. The pants alone required 72 yards of denim and weighed in at 65 pounds.

Big Tex's beginnings were in 1949 as a 49 foot (15 m) tall Santa Claus constructed from iron drill casing and papier mache in Kerens,Texas to help encourage holiday sales in the town. In 1951, State Fair president R. L. Thornton purchased Santa's components for $750 and had Dallas artist Jack Bridges transform them into a "Cowboy" and Big Tex was born. Big Tex made his debut at the 1952 state fair. He was altered the following year to straighten his nose, correct a lascivious wink and allow him to talk. Former disc jockey Al Jones was the first voice of Big Tex, but would fill the role for only one season. His most familiar voice is that of radio announcer Jim Lowe,who boomed Big Tex's signature"Howdy" folks!" for a total of 39 years. Listen to him....

If you want to buy some souvenirs_go here:

ErMG!..."Binders Full of Women"!
Blew me away...Now if you've been under a "Rock" somewhere this pass week_let me Xplain!!During this week's Presidential Debate_there was a question about what would you do differently to help even the playing field for women in the workplace(paraphrased).The Red State Candidate referred to his time in Office as Govenator of Massasschuetts.When making decisions about his Cabinet_there were no women candidates_so he ordered his staff_(which were probably women)_to find women~Thusly(used by 19th Century Humorist),he was presented with "Binders Full Of Women"! The Internet went CrAzY!_immediate Memes were created,Twitter,Facebook Accounts,Websites,etc. I'm thinking here we go AGAIN!

I thought immediately of "The Era of Mad Men" with Peggy Olson _the brightest STAR in the WHOLE bunch_her rise from being Draper's secretary to being a Copywriter, begging for her own desk! Draper rarely acknowledges Peggy's abilities.She feels increasingly unappreciated and patronized by Draper. THAT WAS THE 60's PEOPLE! The Equal Protection Clause, part of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution is dated 1868. You really don't need "Binders Full Of Women"_they should have been on the LIST of qualified applicants at this point! Well_maybe NOT some women_or young women Honey Boo Boo_just sayin'...

ErMG!... Another History Lesson_"Manifest Destiny"_
Clothing giant the GAP has pulled a controversial T-Shirt from it's shelves after outraged consumers lashed out via social media. Adding fuel to the fire, the shirt's designer, Mark McNairy, tweeted "MANIFEST DESTINY. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" last Friday in response to customer complaints_which was deleted POST-HASTE!

Manifest Destiny was the belief widely held by Americans in the 19th century that the United States was destined to expand across the continent.It was the symbolic banner settlers  marched behind while waging genocidal wars against Indigenous Peoples! Anything in the way_got squashed_as in pressed or beaten into a pulp   _History at it's Best!

ErMG!...Please help me to understand?
The Honey Boo Boo Craze that has taken America by Storm.

8 Things The Show has taught us_WT?? is wrong with this programming_Reality Gone Bad!That is why I watch PBS!

ErMG!...And,the cousin to this show,a Documentary_

Shoot-outs, robberies, gas-huffing , drug dealing, pill popping, murders, and tap dancing - what do these all have in common? These are just a few of the parts of being a member of the Wild and Wonderful White Family. The legendary family is as known for their wild, excessive criminal ways as they are for their famous mountain dancing members, including Jesco White, the star of the cult classic documentary, Dancing Outlaw.

No,I'm NOT joking this is real_See for yourself~

ErMG!...Public Service Announcement_Check All the Specs before you BUY a Foreclosed Home because..

This family purchased a foreclosed house for sale with fresh paint and other fixes as a potential keeper.Unfortunately,they all became ill_something mysterious?Indeed!!They just purchased a "Former Meth Home" which leaves an invisible toxin throughout.

Seems this is a real National problem_estimates there are 2.5 million meth-contaminated homes in the U.S._The signs and indicators aren't always there,you don't always see the meth residue_it's there & extremely dangerous stuff. "Decontaminating" a former meth lab can run anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000, according to experts.Read about it here:

ErMG!..A "Zen or Zinfandel" Moment in N.Texas
                            Happy Fall To Me....YES!!!!

~That's All Folks~ See Y'all~I'm gonna go OUTSIDE for a Sittin' Spell ~

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